Mike’s Werewolf Journal, prt 9, Wandering Wolves Jan 2018

Werewolf Log December 2017

Date 17.12.17

Area- Nuney Green, Zone 1

Weather- Light rain, overcast but with good visibility

Temp- 3c


Search time, 11.25 to 12.35 hours. Nothing much to report back on today, very much a no show, no sign of anything out or moving around, I think it is still worth making a note of today as in future years I may see a seasonal or monthly pattern emerge, but the M.I.B with the Mercedes Estate was back again. No contact between him or I but his absence was noted and once again just an empty car. 

I will continue to visit and note any changes and in the hopes of finding out who this chap is.  Any advise on possible ways of doing this would be very welcome, Deborah has my email and can send it over if you would prefer to speak in private.  

Not the actual car!!

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Govilon Wharf Mud Balls and Structures

Hi Deborah. I found your site after talking to a friend and telling him about some things I’ve witnessed whilst out dog walking in the countryside where I live.  I like to take my dogs to secluded areas out of the way tracks and trails where they can roam, and not your normal quick dog walking route, and I started walking a wood off the Govilon Wharf Canal in Wales.

Once you get into the woods and leave the paths behind it’s just natural land for miles. Well we were out this day and while we were walking along, me and my girlfriend had a few stones landing by us, tone after another they would come whizzing out of the trees and land nearby, They just came whizzing out of the trees!  I really dont know how to explain that? nobody was around? we checked and couldn’t see anybody else? we didn’t see anyone on the way in or out? but this stone throwing kept happening, and then a little later a ball of mud the size of a football came crashing through the tops of the trees past us, it landed with a thud close to us, so we decided to head off.  We just walked out as quickly as we could, we didn’t see anyone behind us or anyone at all anywhere?

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New Moon, New Year, New Challenges. 2018



The breath of life And the light of my mind,

Creates an enchantment Of protection and comfort,

As the air I breathe is purified I surround myself with an orb of gold,

This golden haze Is constantly purified,

And separated from any negativity,

May my space be protected


Man in Ireland claims Bigfoot Attack. Teddy Boy Bigfoot Irish Hoaxer

A Youtuber from Ireland claimed last month to not only having found Bigfoot in a very busy and well used forest in the UK, also that he was attacked and sustained a head injury in the process, as regular visitors will know, I do believe that Bigfoot is in the UK but I doubt the claims being made here.  The man who’s youtube channel is Teddyboybigfoot said on the video description “He got me when I was thinking about going close by his property! # sore feckin head” This video has been removed along with a member of comments pointing out his hoaxes by members of the public in his area and fellow Irish researcher who are outraged at this man’s behaviour.

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A Nottingham Werewolf, Bilborough 1994

I wanted to contact you Deborah as I have carried this with me for decades and whenever I have tried to share it, im never believed. It happened close to Harvey Hadden stadium, Bilborough Nottingham it’s all been built on now but at the time it was all open fields and a nice place to be.

Well it happened about 24 years ago now,  I live in Nottingham and I am a very open minded Person, back then I was going out with a girl and I always walked her home at night going the same way every time, through a path and then we always walked down a long cut through. Same walk every time and we never had any problems, until one night I had walked her home and was returning to my home when it happened.  Im not the sort of person who scares easily, but this changed my perspective on things after it happened and I have never been able to forget it.

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How To Cast Footprints by Dave Davies

This is a very basic how to guide for casting a model up from a print. It’s very easy to follow and works well with a variety of prints. All of the materials are easily obtainable from any high street, and at the very worst, a quick click away from a website.

It’s a very good idea to try this method out a few times at home so you can see how easy it is, and to familiarise yourself with how the plaster behaves. The main fear or worry with working with plaster is it suddenly setting on you, so if you know what to expect, it will become easier with each casting.

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