Did I Have an Encounter with the Cannock Chase Werewolf? Oct 2017

Hello, A little background about myself before I get into my story, my name is Shylah, and I am a 23 Year old guy and from the West Midlands of England in the UK. Now, I don’t live far from a place called Cannock Chase, which is where my encounter took place.

It happened when I was 19 years of age. I had just completed a new album and, at that age and with any excuse, me and my friends, Peggy, Rosalind, my boyfriend James & his friends Francis & Aymon, took the opportunity to have a little private celebration in the Chase.

We went to our local Off-licence, bought some booze, and off we went for an all-nighter in the woods, as is the norm for teens.

We got to our usual spot around 10 pm and started drinking. About an hour had passed, we were getting tipsy and having a good time, playing my new tunes from James’s Bluetooth speaker, when all of a sudden Peggy screamed… I was shocked and asked: “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!”

She said: “I swear I have just seen a bear by that log!”

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The Pig Man Legend of Cannock Chase.

Original Source: It’s a chilling rhyme, with a veiled warning, that has been recited by children of a mining community for over 70 years.

“When night falls, enter the woods at your peril,

“For inside lurks something worse than the devil.

“Avoid at all costs the gathering place,

“Where at midnight the pig-man roams on Cannock Chase.”

Since the 1940s, the pig-man – half-man, half-swine – has allegedly been spotted trotting through the Staffordshire beauty spot, a haven for paranormal activity, his haunting squeals echoing across the heather at dusk.

And one man has dedicated a decade of his life to discovering if there’s substance to the Black Country myth – or if the pig-man’s just all pork, sorry, talk.

Lee Brickley, from Cannock, has gathered eye-witness accounts for his debut book, UFOs, Werewolves and The Pig-Man: a veritable A to Z of The Chase’s weird and wonderful. It’s a crackling read.

Lee, aged 27, is convinced the truth is sn-out there


Some say it resembles a prowling hyena, others a ferocious wolf.

While there are those who have seen the mysterious creature menacing Buckshaw Village and describe it as a terrifying cross between a wild boar and some kind of big cat.

Whatever it is, it has been blamed for mauling several deer to death, and one resident’s Alsatian dogs were left quivering with fear after a particularly close encounter.

Now one intrepid villager has taken a photograph of what locals have dubbed the Buckshaw Beast, sparking a feverish online debate about what exactly it might be.

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Norfolk Broads: Myths, Ghosts and Shucks spooky tales from the waterways

A dragon at Ludham, a huge dog at Bungay, ley lines passing through haunted churchyards and a screaming monk at St Benet’s Abbey.

Anyone who has felt the blackness of a dark night on the Broads, watched eerie wisps of fog swiftly wrapping whatever it can reach or noticed their neck prickling as they drive along Broadland country roads will know there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful tales about the Broads.

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