1. These Orang Bati type creatures are often reported to be aggressive and do attack without provocation. They are believed to carry people off which is scary. This poor man really did suffer horrendous injuries but survived to tell the tale.
    Interestingly I think they may be an undiscovered species of very large and carnivorous fruit bat. Something that conventional zoology does not yet accept but there has been good evidence for a long time is that fruit bats are not related to the smaller bats but are actually primates.
    Ivan T Sanderson had a close encounter with an Olitiau while on expedition in Africa.

    1. Why are you not writing articles on this Warren? I would happily add a section on here called Warrens World, or a name thats catchier 🙂 we need more opinion that the tight laced drip fed CFZ reports. Im sure you have a massive knowledge of so many subjects you really should blog yourself.

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