Bigfoot Seen In Grimsby. Bradley Bigfoot

According to Grimsby Live a Woman claims to have spotted a Bigfoot type Creature in Bradley Woods.

A Grimsby woman claims to have spotted Bigfoot in Bradley Woods after snapping a picture of a shadowy figure among the trees at the weekend.

Grimsby’s monster hunter said: “Does Grimsby have its own Bigfoot?

“Nicknamed the Bradley Bigfoot – we have seen a mysterious ape-like figure lurking in the shadows.

“A creepy thing to be sure, and no grainy picture. He wasn’t camera sky, we have the proof.

The monster hunter alleges to have come across an ape-like creature, otherwise known as Sasquatch, when walking through Bradley Woods and sent the image to Grimsby Live – though it may well be a man taking an afternoon stroll.

“Bradley Woods is known for its strange phenomena and this was no exception.

“Can you imagine loud thundering footsteps that shake the ground and the weird strange smell of rotten eggs?

“He was not happy.”

Bigfoot or no Bigfoot – probably the latter – according to Grimsby folklore, Bradley Woods is haunted with the ghost of the Black Lady.

The supernatural presence is said to be a young, pretty woman who is around 5’6 in height.

It has been said she wears a flowing black cloak and black hood that obscures her hair, but reveals her pale, tear-soaked face.

On Geocaching’s website, The Eder Ents says: “The story runs thus; during the War of the Roses, or alternatively the Barons’ Wars, a young woodsman and his wife lived with their young baby son in a cottage in Bradley Woods.

“The woodsman eventually left his family to fight for the army of the Earl of Yarborough, leaving his wife to bring up the baby alone.

“Many months passed and there was no news of the woodsman.

“Every day she would take her child and walk to the edge of the woods, awaiting the sight of her husband coming home from the wars, until one day, the enemy army crossed the Humber and marched through the area on the way to attack Lincoln.

“As she was leaving her cottage, the woman was set upon by three hobilars who brutally ravished her before snatching the baby boy and riding off laughing cruelly into the woods.

“Heartbroken and humiliated, she wandered the woods searching in vain for her child and husband, until one day her heart burst with sadness.

“After her death people began to see her wandering the woods, carrying on her never-ending search.”

So next time you’re walking through Bradley Woods, make sure to keep an eye out for Bradley Bigfoot and the Black Lady of Bradley Woods!

British Bigfoot Researcher Deborah Hatswell said “this seems to be a case of paradoilia and as you can see from this simple analysis the ‘figure’ is a fern or braken in the foreground which resembles a two legged figure’


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