The Moorland Creature. 1865 to 2017

The Woodwose and The Wildman have been reported here in the UK since the very first century, and we know new reports of strange hairy wild human type figures come in almost daily.  There are sparse newspaper reports even in modern times let alone 130 yrs ago. In 1865 there was a report made to the police by several villagers in the small villages within the Dales.

The earliest magazine report of a ‘wild man’ surfaced in October of 1904 an article written by  Joe Adam where he republished the account from an earlier gentleman’s magazine dated 1865. The article describes how many of the people who lived in one village in Derbyshire had to deal with a so called ‘wild man of the woods’ He was an extraordinary being as they put it who apparently wanted to live in a primitive way.

1)-The Wildman Of The Derbyshire Peaks – “Travelling by train to Bakewell is a delight when emerging  from the station you come upon a small bridge which crosses the railway line and there are some extensive grassy slopes, these are the golf-links skirting the length of the railway and stretching for miles to Matlock. Alongside these links are many rocky outcrops which are inaccessible unless you stick to the path that runs through the wood. But when trying to walk off this path the undergrowth of Bracken is so thick that it is impossible to penetrate.  There are also several old stone quarries in the woods and where the ground is comparatively clear it is much broken up with boulders. On the outskirts of the wood is a reservoir which supplies the village with water.

One Friday in spring, some certain young ladies were enjoying the delights of a round of golf on the Bakewell links. There have been hints overtime that the ladies were from Chatsworth House. Although this is mere speculation as the name of the estate was removed from the report. As the ladies were playing golf a wild hairy man like creature came from the woods and chased them down hill.  He was making loud grunting noises, this happened on two more occasions so the police and the men from the village set out to capture the creature. When they were searching a young boy ran into the station and explained he had seen the ‘wild man’ bathing in the local reservoir. 

The police and 60 men set off in pursuit and even though they saw the creature and his light moving within the woods and along the peaks they could not keep up with him, they did find his ‘hut’ with the remains of a cold fire within it.  

Some of the young men said he moved over the obstacles and up the peaks with ease and far outpaced them.  He was also seen by many other villagers around the area.

The Original Image

These structures which seem to match are found by members and researchers.

2) –  Lady-bower Reservoir “a large, hair-covered biped” 1991 – It was in 1991 that one terrified family believed they had a close encounter with a British Bigfoot type creature, near the Lady-bower Reservoir, The Johnson’s were among a number of motorists who had to stop in the road as there was a creature up on the hill side distracting other drivers. Described as a ‘large, hair-covered biped’ on the hillside. The biped stood a whopping 8 foot tall. They described it as having human like eyes and a human shape but the whole body was covered in dark brown hair. Behind them another car stopped, wondering what all the fuss was about.  Seeing the strange creature they honked their horn. This sound startled the figure and it bolted down the hill, over the road and jumped over the edge of a bridge. There was a ten foot drop over the other side. The Johnson’s drove closer and stopped, watching closely as the ‘Bigfoot’ ran up the hillside opposite, running among the trees. They said the shape of the face, eyes and body was normal, no different to ours. However it did walk differently, like it was crouching as it ran.”

We have heard the habits displayed by the Bigfoot Creatures in this account over and over again in others, running off when confronted, shying away from humans, using its strength and prowess to maneuver at will over some very harsh terrain. The crouched hunched posture.

3)  Reported by The London Daily Express, Oct.14 1925 – the district of Edale, Derbyshire. Something “black in colour and of enormous size” was slaughtering sheep at night and “leaving the carcasses strewn about with legs, shoulders and heads torn off, broken backs and pieces of flesh ripped off the bodies.” Many hunting parties had gone out in search of the beast but they had been unable to track the animal. “People in many places across the dale refuse to leave their homes after dark, and families are keeping their children safe in the house at all times.”The locals believed it was a Werewolf.  There are many accounts still to this day of livestock being killed or taken, animal mutilations are rife with many of the farmers reporting the problem to local authorities. Many of the deaths are put down to poachers or local dogs, but some of these kills have ‘peeled faces’ ‘bellies sliced down the middle with only the liver taken’ This is one of the images, the sheep and livestock kills have become so prevalent they now call the mystery creature,

The Derbyshire Moorland Beast.

4) – Alexis an avid outdoors man and wild camper who spends a lot of time in the area and knows it well.  Here is his encounter, in his own words, I visit the area often as I collect Deer antlers, I was up in my normal spot when I heard wood knocking coming from below me in the area I had just been. Distinct clear knocking, I had bino’s so I scanned the area but saw nothing. I clapped and received a mirrored reply. I revisited over a number of occasions and the same thing happened each time. The area is hard to access. You have to walk into the vegetation, go down a ravine across the river and up a steep bank to reach the logging road, walking along that road gives a good vantage point for viewing the valley below.

5) – “I encountered a Bigfoot type creature last Summer, it’s the only thing I can think of to call it as that’s exactly what it looked like. I was walking on top of a hill near the local golf course and I spotted a ‘dark hairy figure’ that was all one colour move across the side of the hill, it moved through the long grass on the hill side and disappeared quickly out of sight.

It wasn’t a cat or a dog or a badger. It happened during the afternoon in good light. There was no one else around other than myself at the time and I had not seen anyone on my walk. I also heard some strange grunt sounds coming from trees and bushes nearby to where I lost sight of it so I walked away and haven’t been to the area since. I can’t give you much info because I only saw it for about a matter of seconds. The way it moved was strange. It wasn’t very big, it seems to be crouching down as it moved, it looked about the size of a human, its fur was black, it moved very fluently. 

6) –  The River Dove CreatureSomewhere between the years of 2006 to 2008, I was returning from Dovedale in Derbyshire, walking along the fields at the side of the river Dove. It was broad daylight, but I had no binoculars on me and was just walking along.  One field away from me, on the other side of a 5-6ft hedge I saw an unmistakable large grey creature, which was approximately 7-9 ft tall, I could clearly see half of it visible above the hedge, leading me to believe it was bipedal, as it seemed to be upright and walking on two legs . At the time I tried to think of a logical explanation for what it could be thinking of the normal animals seen around here, and the only thing I could come up with was’ one Cow on two legs standing on top of another cows shoulders on the other side of the hedge? However, when I reached the location, there were no cows. I watched it vanish into the ditch and the old stream culvert. 

Earlier we spoke about the strange animal remains blamed on the ‘Moorland Beast’ this account came in from a wild camper who is a regular visitor to the area.

7) – Dovedale to Beresford Animal Remains – We were camped in between Beresford and Dovedale and upon waking up in the morning we packed up and started walking back to the roadway and about 100 yards from where we were camping we found the newly killed carcass of a sheep with its spine ripped out,  We noticed it looked fresh and there was no smell but we never heard a thing at night and it wasn’t there the evening before? There was no sign of a vehicle or an animal. No tractor tracks or dog prints, just the carcass missing it’s entire spine.

The accounts we have just heard are only a few from this immediate There are also multiple audio accounts to our left and right positions which includes. Wood Knocks at Night 2016, Knocks and Whoops at Linacre Woods, The Howler of Barlow Woods 1989,Bi-pedal Figures and Snarls 1984, A Quick Moving Bi-ped 2017, Walkerswood Wildman 1980’s, Four Black Figures, Walk off into the Treeline 2003. And many many more…………………..


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