Another Consett Report, Geo Chasers Scared out of an Area. And the many NE Bigfoot Reports.

I would like to thank all of our new Members, Listeners and Readers that have subscribed to the Podcasts and Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Patreon. It is wonderful to see so many new people and I would like to offer this opportunity to not only thank you but to also offer the chance to have your questions answered in future uploads.  I understand the subject of British Cryptids is new to so many and I am sure here at BBR we can try and answer as many of those questions for you as possible, or you may be able to shed light on something I have not thought of, or I have not seen or learned yet. 

This week I would like to answer one of the regular questions I am always asked, “Are there areas here in the UK that have more than one account”  The simple answer is yes, and there are many, usually I answer by giving the person all of the accounts we have on file from the immediate area, but I also ask them to look at the Rivers systems, Streams and Brooks and gully’s which lead from one wooded area of cover to another. Does the area have natural caves or mine shafts? is it known for UFO phenomena or missing people? ghostly screams or running footsteps? Does the area have a special meaning in the old world, like a Standing Stone, Ancient Barrow or Hill Fort, Grass or Stone Henge, Cup and Rings or any megalithic site of special interest? There is a very good map called the Megalithic Portal that contains all of the sites here in the UK and it is updated as new finds come in.  

Also worth looking into are Lay lines, areas of high or low ground energy, old foraging or migration routes that our ancestors took, even to the point of ancient springs and natural wells, all could be an indicator of what kind of areas the accounts are happening in. I have chosen one place at random due to the number of recent reports that have come in over a 9 mnth period from a very small town in the North East of England and the surrounding Fields, Woods and Farmland. But in future uploads I will bring you the other areas where the accounts cluster together. We might as well learn together as we go. I am just as much in need of answers as you are and I think by sharing the information we each have will lead us to an understanding of not only our unanswered questions but will also bring light to a great number of companion subjects. After all this activity could all be entwined like Ivy left to run. By looking at every facet no matter how strange is the only way forward. As understanding is the key I feel. We may find some of the answers work well with your personal theory, or you may pick up on something no one has yet to notice. So lets have a look at the small towns between Consett and Stanley in the North East of England.

Hi Debbie, I hope you are well.

I’ve only recently discovered your YouTube channel and it has really caught my attention.
I’m from the Consett area so the encounters with the wildman/apeman near Stanley and Consett plus the Bigfoot type creature spotted in Hamsterley forest are of interest to me as they are right on my doorstep. I grew up very close to the Beamish woods and my parents also grew up in that area. There have always been legends and stories about creatures in those woods for as far back as I remember and the woods are also said to be haunted by The ghost of a grey lady. There have been many sightings of black Panthers and even a Werewolf on one occasion to my knowledge. Usually the story is spread  by dog walkers in the early hours of the morning who are reporting these strange creatures. (I would love to chat to some of those witnesses, if you are one of them, or know one of them please get in touch)
The church in the second encounter along the Coast to Coast road that you spoke of in your video earlier this years is one I know very well. I used to walk past it every day on the way to work and I’ve had that feeling of being watched many times, however I have not seen anything.  I did have one experience near Chopwell woods which was very strange. I used to have a hobby called geocaching. It’s kind of like a giant treasure trail with secret containers hidden by people where they give you coordinates of the location and you have to find the treasure left there. My friend and I decided to do a very unique one which was designed to be done only at night for reasons that will become clear. The little containers we had to find were hidden off the River Derwent Walk cycle track, which goes between Consett and Newcastle. The containers had a reflective coating on them so we had our torches and you would look for the tins by shining the torch and waiting for the container to reflect
As we were looking for one can in particular which was set about 100/150 yards off the track we both stopped dead in our tracks suddenly. We could both hear footsteps in the brush around us and the footsteps were quite close to  us. The noises stopped slightly after we stopped and stood still so we knew it wasn’t us making the noise but we still passed it off as just being a deer or a fox or something like that.   So we continued searching , but then it happened again only about a minute later. So again we stopped and a couple of seconds later it stopped also. We both then got a horrible feeling. I can only describe it as dread. Like something bad was going to happen.  We called out to see if anyone was there but there was no answer. It  all seemed too quiet and we were very uncomfortable staying in the area . After that we called it a night and stopped searching. Fear got the best of us and we headed back to the car and just got out of there. I still have no idea what it was that was moving around us, but it just really didn’t feel right. I’ve had the feeling of being watched before but this was completely different. It felt like a warning. Have you heard of many other encounters from the area? Or could you give me some details of a researcher from the area? I’m really interested in learning more and maybe helping in some way if I can.

Woodknocks and Two Thick Hairy Black Legs 2019 

I live a mile from the town of Stanley and I like to walk the cycle route as it’s peaceful and full of wildlife. Something happened that was strange and I wanted to tell you about it, On this particularly day I walked into town using my normal route as it was a lovely sunny day . On my way back I was reluctant to walk that way for some unknown reason but I decided to go against my gut feeling and headed up the line to home regardless. My music was quite loud through my headphones to where I couldn’t hear if anyone was behind me. There is a part of the line where I always feel uncomfortable and I tend to walk really fast through that section. As I was approaching that section of line I heard a very loud knock, I stopped in my tracks and took my headphones out, turned around and this man was behind me, he also heard this knock as he was looking around to see where this noise was coming from. I noticed there was no birds on my left only on the right side of me, so I crouched down to scan the tree line up the embankment to my left as it is all just wild bushes and trees. I think the guy behind me thought I was a nutter as when he passed me he shook his head.

I took a few steps forward, looked again and I saw two thick hairy black legs (I knew it wasn’t human legs) standing at the top of the embankment in the tree line. I thought it was a horse at first glance so I took a few steps further and couldn’t see anything, there was nothing there for me to determine what animal this was. I back tracked a few steps and the legs were still noticeable, at this point I became uneasy and a robin flew in my path and I knew by that robin I needed to get going. I walked as fast as I could, I couldn’t say whether this “thing” followed me as the bushes and trees are quite dense in certain parts along the railway line. The robin was in front of me all the way along the line until I came to an open area then it flew off, and all the way along I never passed another person which is quite unusual as it was half term and parents and children are always about. I can’t categorically say what this was but it was very unnerving. I haven’t been back along the line since this happened as I’ve just been so busy, but I will be going soon hopefully.

I will explain the robin …… a few months ago we were down in Filey for a weeks holiday. Whilst there I wanted to go to Danes dyke and a few other places where the reported strange anomalies are happening. So whilst in the area I went on a walk around the nature reserve in Filey.  A robin, was in my path all the way. When we went to Danes Dyke, again, a robin was in my path all the way around. It was very noticeable and I took this to mean maybe protection or a warning sign. Then a few weeks later just before the line incident I took the walk up Weardale way, and again a robin seemed to guide us through the walk. Strange, I can’t explain it but I’m assuming there is a reason for it.

Many of our members report strange bird activity or noises, many people are followed by Crows and Jackdaws, some see recurring white feather or stones stacked on top of one another.  One of the things I thought of when I heard the story was “who was the hero” the man who was between her and the ‘legs’ giving her a chance to walk away without knowing, or the hairy legs that could of knocked to make her take the headphones out and listen?  What do you think?

A Witness to a Wild Man. The Stanley, 1974

Witness Account: Karen

I’m hoping you can help me as I had a strange experience as a child that I’d like to share. Im hoping to shed some light on what happened to me that day and some help in working out what “he” was. I was somewhere between 5- 7 years old and I was in the local woods in Stanley co. Durham I was with some older children just playing out as children do. There was a group of us playing in the woods and climbing trees and making all kinds of noise. The girls I was with were about 13 years old and nice sensible girls so my parents allowed me to tag along with them whenever I got the chance. Where I lived back then was an ordinary house in an ordinary town in the North East of England. there were lots of fields and woods to explore, but it wasn’t remote or dense in any sense of the world. It was an average town really with surrounding countryside and green belt land, lots of small woods and streams scattered about.

From what I can remember we were in playing in a clearing and I think there may have been a rope swing attached to the tree, we were all playing and for some reason I looked up into a tree, and high in the branches I could see a really strange ‘Man’ he was crouched down and he was holding a knife in one of his hands. He wasn’t like a normal man who was just out of place, not a tramp or a boy playing tricks, of course all this I reasoned afterwards. The “Man” I was looking up at I called an Ape Man or a Monkey Man as there are no other words to describe him. He reminded me of a caveman or Wildman who had lived out in the wilds his whole life. I have included a picture I found online that resembles what I saw that day.

I can’t remember a lot of detail about his appearance after 30 yrs or so. He had long bushy dark hair and wore no clothes at all. In panic I pointed him out to the girls that were with me and they looked up but they said no one was there? I ran from the woods crying in fear with the girls chasing after me trying to catch up to me and calm me down. They always insisted no one was there, which you think would explain the whole thing away but the fact only I could see him in a way was worse, I was hoping they would say it was just someone dressed up or playing a prank to explain why he was there but they never did. That really worried me over the years and on occasion you question yourself harder than any skeptic. Constantly trying to explain all this away, hoping all of a sudden some tiny thought would give way to “ahh now I understand” but that never came. And even to this day my Husband and Family buy me monkey gifts or toys, I have never hidden this from anyone, this experience is part of me, part of my story, and one of the reasons I’m myself, it is my story, of a terrifying sighting of a hairy man, who looked like monkey with a knife gripped tightly in his hand.

I could see him just as clearly as he could see me. He wasn’t like a Bigfoot or what Id imagine they would look like, but he wasn’t like a normal human man either. I know for sure I definitely saw him that day and it frightened me to think the girls I was with couldn’t see him and that there is no explanation of who or what he was.

Something Was Hiding In The Church Yard. Stanley, 2006

Hi Deborah I contacted you when I saw in the  (British Bigfoot Facebook Group a post by a lady in an area close to where I had a strange experience in 2006. This also happened in Stanley NE short walk away from where the lady saw her apeman creature up in a tree whilst playing as a child.  And I wonder if it was the same thing I saw many years later. I think K described it as “an apeman/monkeyman” I was hoping to chat with you as there is another location along that same road where I used to ride my bicycle along between my girlfriends house and where I used to live back then.  It was on this certain part of the road that I always felt like I was being watched by something,  a feeling I had a few times along that road it always felt like something I couldn’t see was watching me from the shadows.  I knew something was there but I could never see anything or make it out in the shadows. As it would often be late at night when I would be returning home it was usually dark and on one occasion I saw something big standing behind a large tree near the graveyard next to the church.  I believe whatever “it” was “it” had followed me as I rode along the whole of that road until I got to the main road and the feeling was gone?  I didn’t have the feeling I was being watched as long as I was on the main part of the road to my house. But when you left the main road the feeling would return?

The night in question I was on the way too my girlfriends house so the time would of been around 8pm. We both lived in Co Durham but in different Towns so I rode this route a lot. I used to cycle to my girlfriends house and she lived in the Stanley area. I would bike it from my house to hers and then back later in the evening. The area itself is on the Coast to Coast path in between Consett and Stanley. Its mostly fields with woods along the main road and it runs along side farmland with a few dense patches of woodland here and there. At the Consett side of that route the is a church with a graveyard and a dense row of trees at the other side of the path behind the church.

As soon as I got onto that path that night I got the feeling that I was being watched again, so I looked around everywhere but again I couldn’t see anything, so I just continued on with my journey. When I was on my way home it only took me about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the church and I heard a noise behind the trees where earlier I had felt something was watching me, it was coming from exactly that area.  So I slowed down to get a good look, I waited while my eyes adjusted and I saw the shape of a a Large Dark Figure which was standing behind a tree, it was really tall roughly about 7 to 71/2 feet in heights.  I couldn’t make out any facial features or fine detail as it was so dark and the only light I had to see by was on the front of my bike.  I didn’t want to stick around and had no thoughts of approaching it to see it what it was or to get a closer look so I quickly left. Now it would usually take about 10 minutes for me to get to the end of that path and that night I did it in about 4 minutes flat!

This area has a lot of open land and trees, and close to the end of one section there is a series about 6 short hairpin type turns,  there is a small narrow track for bikes to use and its sided with 10 foot high embankments on either side of the bike trail. These turns go around and they are big and go deep enough back that something or someone could hide in just around the next corner or up on the banks and not be seen until it was to late.

A Young Boy Sees a Peeping Gorilla and Years later hears Screams in the night.

I was contacted by a gentleman who said something happened to him when he was much younger that up until now he had no explanation for, a hairy gorilla like creature in an English garden is not something this gentleman thought other people would have seen too, I advised him there are many witnesses and I would happily share his account in the hopes somebody in the area saw something similar back then, before this event or after.

Deborah do you have any accounts in the Springwell Area in the North East of England? The reason I ask is when I was younger around 12 or 13 I would sleep over at my grandparents a lot during the weekends and school holidays and one night when I was staying over and I saw what looked like a gorilla’s head peeking out from behind a tree in the garden and looking through the trees outside my window, I think it was watching me in bed and I remember being so scared I hid under the covers for the rest of the night worried this “gorilla” would climb in the window and get me. If I had to describe it I would say, “The face kind of just looked like a gorilla, with not much hair on the face, this “thing” had a short stubby nose, with massive eyes that looked black but it was dark so I’m not sure if there was any colour to them in a different light? The hair around the face and head looked dark brown/black. I only really saw the head peeping round the tree” before I quickly made sense of what was happening and hid. I used to spend every free moment at my Grandparents home in Springwell village, Washington before this happened.

And I can remember that night well although I was fairly young at the time. I had stayed up late watching TV with my grandparents and when I finally did go to bed I was lying in bed and I did not have the curtains closed, there were no houses at the back of us and the house looked out onto greenbelt land. I never had the curtains closed ever that I can remember, I would just watch the sky and the stars till I nodded off. This night I was just lying there in my bed and I moved around a little to get comfy and I lay down on my back with my head to one side looking out of the window. I was just daydreaming and looking outside thinking and all I could see was the conifer trees my Grandfather had planted a few years before. As I lay looking out the window I noticed two eyes looking at me, right away I was scared then as my eyes adjusted to the surrounding trees I noticed what looked like a Gorilla’s face peeking through the trees watching me.

Being gripped by Fear I hid under my blanket until I fell asleep, as I said the face kinda just looked like a Gorilla with not much hair on the face at all, it had a short stubby nose, two massive eyes that looked black. The hair around the face and head looked dark brown/black. I only really saw the head of this thing clearly not the body before I hid. But this wasn’t the only strange thing that happened.

The second account happened about 10 years after I had seen the Gorilla face and now I was about 22 yrs old. My grandparents had moved not to far away a couple of years before but they were still in the same area just a different house. They moved to Windy Nook in Felling Washington NE. I was sleeping over to look after my Nana due to my Grandfather being in hospital and she didn’t want to stay in the house alone. I had a fold out bed to sleep on which was in the sitting room and I would set up the bed in the middle of the floor when I was going to sleep there for the night and that’s what I did on this particular night. I always sleep with the window open because I have trouble sleeping with out background sound and I still never shut the curtains, II was fast asleep and I awoke in the middle of the night at around 2 or 3 am to what I can only describe as a woman screaming like she was being murdered. I mean it made the hair on my neck stand up it was so bad, and then it stopped just like that and I never heard it again. Nobody reported an attack and non of the neighbours mentioned anything. I looked up different animal calls and sounds like foxes, deer and badgers trying to explain the sound and could not find anything similar. It doesn’t match any native sounds I can think of. So I don’t know what made this noise or if it’s connected to the “Gorilla” from 10 yrs before?

If we look just to the South West of these reports a short jog away we have the River Wear, if we surmise these creatures (if indeed they are flesh and blood) would need water, food and cover, the River Wear would be not only a smorgasbord but a natural motorway of sorts, thus making easy access to the coast. Or is there something about this area that is attracting the phenomena due to the large amount of reports in just this one part of England?  For now we should just follow the rivers course East and West and see what reports that brings to us.

The Durham Upright Dog Like Figure 

I live  in Durham City and I often go walking with the dog in the early hours of the morning and I have seen a couple of scary but interesting creatures on my travels. The first incident happened when I was walking in a passage way leading up to the cathedral. The dog stopped short in her tracks and started growling so I got my torch from my coat pocket and put it on when I did  I saw a dark furry upright dog like figure running at a fast speed away from me, and it was headed towards the River banks. I followed it down the passage on to the River banks and I saw it run towards Prebends Bridge. Whatever it was it then ran up to the road where I heard car skid and stop. I ran up to the road but there was no sign of the creature . The car driver who had to stop was shaken as she said it ran at the car and jumped over it with ease and ran up towards Potters Bank area.

When the second incident happened I was in a small wooded area known locally as Maiden Castle, When out there I have noticed on numerous occasions, things like broken trees that couldn’t be broken by a human being, I found a Camp like structures and sticks randomly placed in and on the ground. I was walking around the part of the wood that looks over the River with a good view of Pelaw Woods, Old Durham Farm and over towards Sherburn Beck and Sherburn House. As I walked I checked my watch and it was about 3:35 am in June 2019 and it was fairly light out. The dog was the first to alert again as she started barking and jumping about. At first I couldn’t see anything as I looked around and then I heard a deep grunt and some heavy footsteps. I then saw a large tree shaking as though it was very windy, but it was the only tree moving like this as the weather was mild and not windy at all. I couldn’t see what was making the tree shake or was making the grunts and footsteps even though they were getting closer all the time. So I ran and the dog followed me towards the old Whinny Hill school and back into the built up area. These events haven’t put me off walking early in the morning like this. I am just more curious to what they are.

A Possible Bigfoot? The Creature of low Shipley 2017

We were contacted by a gentleman named Ross who reported a strange ‘creature’ he saw in an area within Hamsterley forest whilst he was out hiking off trail.  Ross was happy for me to share his experience as he at this point had no knowledge of the other encounters and presumed he was the only person in the area to see one, he was hoping someone  in the area may have witnessed the same ‘creature’. I always ask a witness to write out or record their account in their own words before I share the map or any details or similar accounts to their own, so I dont influence them in anyway.

Ross said “I was walking in the woods up in the Black Banks area close to Low Shipley and very near Wolsingham. I was out hiking and was just walking along as I usually do and I saw something that I could not really begin to describe and I thought it could maybe have been one of those Bigfoot type creatures – I once watched a documentary about them years ago and this ‘thing’ that I saw looked exactly the same.  ‘It’ was upright, and all hair covered from head to its feet and ‘It’ was all one colour. I’m positive there is ‘one’ lurking in the woods around Hamsterley Forest and I know people will not believe me but what I saw looked like a Bigfoot that you would see on TV.

Now these are not the only accounts along the Wear, as there are many others sightings and accounts of strange activity a short walk away from the Wear, I did not add them here as I have brought them to you before, accounts from Harwood, Keilder, Hamsterley, Weardale, Simonside, Cleadon to name just some of them.

There are reports from paranormal teams that have been chased from the woods, one team so scared they left behind valuable equipment and returned home 2 days early. After experiencing wood knocks, surrounding them in ever decreasing circles, strange bird sounds and a chattering speech, the leading member who was out front, was seen to turn white faced and said he had just seen a ‘tall, wide, dark hairy human shape walking off into the woods away from them’ The knocks continued as they packed up and left.

Or what about the research team who repeatedly went into an area over and over again, while trees where shaken, howls and whoops followed them along the trails, sticks and stones thrown at them in camp and walking in and out, to the point they were chased out of the area and back to the car. Before being pushed from the area earlier in the night whilst sitting in the camp one of the men shone a torch into the darkness after small stones were landing in camp standing there was a ‘dark figure’ that was about 7 ft tall, ‘It’ was half hiding behind the trees. He turned the light off for a second and then turned it back on. ‘IT’ had crouched down low behind the fence this time, he quickly turned the light off again then on and ‘IT’ had gone.  There was nothing to see and no noise of ‘It’ moving away from them? The ‘figure’ was all black in colour, and was described as massive in size. They no longer research in those woods.

An early morning special bus driver who’s route takes him along the dark roads close to these areas witnessed “a large hairy Bigfoot type Creature on the edge of the forest on two occasions. He reported the encounter to his wife and told her his experience she said “my Husband was making his way down the road he was astonished to see what he would later describe to me as a “Bigfoot” type ‘Creature’  He said he passed ‘It’ driving quite quickly, so he couldn’t give me any real in depth details about facial features or anything, When I pushed him for a description he just said ‘It was a large hairy Bigfoot type Creature on the edge of the forest  and he saw ‘It’ as ‘It’ was picked out by the lights from the car, it seemed to be catching and eating something” “It’ looked to be a over 8ft tall and was very broad cross the shoulders and definitely wasn’t human. ‘It’ put whatever it had caught up to ‘Its’ mouth and starting eating” My Husband has had another sighting on the way to Killhope this very morning. He was driving the same route he drove last time, and as he got closer to Killhope, close to the same place as the last time he saw the ‘creature’ again, but this time the Bigfoot was further out from the trees and more towards the road, standing on the dirt track more in the open.

Then there is Liam and Carl, and their strange encounter during a drive after a night out. It happened in Ebchester, County Durham, in October 2009. The men were driving the country lanes at night in the area when one man of the men pointed out a strange dark figure hiding in one of the old ruined farm buildings. “I was with my friends on night driving the lanes when my buddy (Carl) shouts to me to stop and all he does is just gaze at this old doorway in one of the old abandoned farm cottages down there, I did stop and look and standing in the doorway was somthing around 7 feet off the ground and you could just make out 2 eyes, it was watching use from the darkness, I turned the car slightly so the beams hit the building and lit up the door and this figure that was standing there just shot off like nothing I have ever known, its reaction was so fast. We looked inside the empty ruin, but there was a sheep splayed out on the ground and we just got out of there. My mate was screaming and stuttering ”there’s half a f^%%$£g sheep Liam!!! there’s something on the field running at the house!!! GO!!!!” Wasting no time I started reversing like there was nothing stopping me, I turned the car around and he was NOT kidding, something was after us. I own an imported Celica GT and I didn’t care if I damaged it, I was mounting 3 feet up the banks and verges trying to turn it round and get away.

There are two accounts from a small town just to the North of Stanley called Cleadon, one is a gent going home from a night with his girlfriend, as he walks the lanes to the bus stop and is caught a little short, he nips into the bushes to relieve a call of nature, but to his disbelief he peed on the wrong bush, “this massive, skinny, hairy “thing” came lunging out at me. I jumped back, and remember screaming in shock because it was so tall and hairy. I can only describe it as looking like Chewbacca from Star Wars but thinner. It scared me witless, I turned and ran quicker than I’d ever ran before, and I could hear its thuds behind me for maybe 10 metres. It clearly did not want me there, I didn’t stop to look back.  On the same stretch of road another gent walking to the local shop one evening saw what he described as “what seemed to be a large bipedal creature.  The night was dark so it is hard to tell exactly the description of this “creature” however “It” appeared to have a thick fur coat. I estimate that I was around 50 yards from the “creature” as “It” walked along the edge of a tree line, before “It” was startled and ran back into the trees. It was solidly built, with what looked like a thick fur coat on.

Another person out with the dog in the Dene area of Durham made this report. I just thought I would tell you of an incident that happened while I was out walking with my dog last week. I tend to walk the same route every night. We walked along the stream. The terrain on either side of the stream banks and rises steeply on both sides, on one side leads to a road and on the other leads to open fields. My Westie dog is 6 1/2 years old and has walked these paths for nearly all her life without any problems at all. However, on this particular night, as we approached the Dene she started to stay very close to me, so close that at times I nearly tripped over her. This is not her usual demeanor at all. And that’s why I started to take note of her behaviour. She kept doing this, which is very unlike her and I didnt know what to think? So I just kept trying to get her to walk the way we usually went, I kept trying to steer her that way. When we got to the Dene entrance, which is an old car park that is no longer accessible to cars, she flatly refused to go any further. The dog would not move? She was pulling back and trying to go back the way we had come and when I got hold of her and managed to get her closer to me she cowered and growled, I think she was really scared of something I couldn’t see? In the end I had to give up and turn back the way we had come. As we left the area and crossed the main road I heard what I would describe as a very loud, sharp wood knock. Only the one knock and apart from the area being unusually quiet there was nothing else out of the ordinary.

So as you now know, there are far more encounters then people realise. Each town or city having a cluster of reports that follow out from the busy places to our suburbs, and wilder places.  Who knows maybe you are a future witness, or have witnessed or experienced something similar yourself and would like to report it, or share it with the others.  I have added my email address in the description if you would like to contact me.

You can find them all on the Sightings and Experience map just put your area in the search box top left and the sightings in that area will be visible, click the icon and the account opens up to your left so you can access every account.

If you would like to join the growing number of people in the BBR members group please let me know using the same email address and I can pass it on to the admin team. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Until Next Time, Deborah.



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