A Dark Morning Bigfoot. Alston Killhope and Researchers are chased from the woods.

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Up in the North East of England there are a number of small forests along the route between all of these sighting accounts.  You can walk between them quite easily, and its a quick 5 min drive if you use the roads there.  The area itself is beautiful and it is not too far to the Coast if your passing that way.  Weardale is as its name suggest is a dale, or valley, to the East side of the Pennines in County Durham, known to the locals as Killhope after the mine that used to be in use there. Large parts of Weardale fall within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty  – the second largest AONB in England and Wales. The upper valley is surrounded by high fells and heather grouse moors. The River Wear flows through Weardale before reaching Bishop Auckland and then Durham, meeting the sea at Sunderland. The most Southern part of Weardale is close to Hamsterley Forest which is the largest forest in County Durham.  Why there are so many reports here is something I can not answer.  But the North East as a whole has so many accounts now I have lost count of them all. The first account was sent in to one of the British Facebook groups and passed on to me by a well known British Researcher.

A Dark Morning Bigfoot. 2018

Spring 2018: Im making this report on behalf of my Husband who travels most days along this stretch of road going to and from work as he drives a bus on the route, He is used to being in the area in all weathers and has on occasion seen a large black Cat run out in front of him as he was driving.  Which to be fair is not that unusual up here now, even the Deer can run out into the road without any notice so you have to keep your eye on the sides of the roads when your driving here. The area is heavily wooded and has ample wildlife and habitat to enable anything to hide out if it wanted to, it always enables them invisibility until they are right there in front of you in the road.

This particular morning it was around 8.40 am so it was dark, your typical Northern Winter morning Feb/Mar 2018.  He was driving along the road as normal, keeping an eye out for Deer or any animal that would dash out in front of the car.  We live quite close to this area and we have both  heard strange noises ourselves at night from something we can not identify to be honest.  As my Husband was making his way down the road he was astonished to see what he would later describe to me when he got home later as a “Bigfoot” type ‘Creature’  He said he passed ‘It’ driving quite quickly, so he couldn’t give me any real in depth details about facial features or anything, When I pushed him for a description he just said ‘It was a large hairy Bigfoot type Creature on the edge of the forest and I saw ‘It’ as ‘It’ was picked out by the lights from the car. I didn’t really know what to say so we both just left it at that and I looked for somewhere I could report this too.

Less than a month later, My Husband has had another sighting on the way to Killhope this morning. He was driving the same route he drove last time, and as he got closer to Killhope, quite close to the same place as the last time he saw the ‘creature’ again, but this time the Bigfoot was further out from the trees and more towards the road, standing on the dirt track more in the open. Today was a bright sunny day even though we still had snow on the ground, perfect spring weather, so my husband said ‘It’ was stood out much closer than before and he got a better look at ‘It’, he was just startled to see ‘It;  there again not really doing anything to hide itself, just standing out in the open like that. Any one passing would also see it surely?.

As he was explaining what happend he said ‘It’ was bending down like ‘It’ had maybe caught something in the grass? it looked like ‘It’ was trying to pull something up to its face. My husband told the lad that sits in the front seat to look over to see what he thought it was, but he didn’t know what to call it, so my husband said it was a Bigfoot which the lad said he had heard about ‘them’ before? As they were driving past ‘It’ the ‘Bigfoot’ moved ‘It’s head sideways to look directly at them and my husband said ‘Its’ face had ape like features. He also said ‘It’ looked to be a over 8ft tall and was very broad across the shoulders and definitely wasn’t human.

‘It’ put whatever it had caught up to ‘Its’ mouth and starting eating. When they got to the their destination there is another man who works there and drives the other minibus that sets off in front of my husband, So my husband asked this guy if he’d seen the ‘creature’ he had just seen bent over at Killhope and wondered if anyone else had reported seeing ‘It’? The man said he had seen something like ‘It’ although he didn’t know what ‘It’ was as he’d never seen anything like ‘It’ before. My husband told him he thought ‘It’ was a Bigfoot and it was the second time he’d seen ‘one’ there. The other driver said he’d seen ‘one’ run in front of his minibus one night just last Summer, but he didn’t know what it was and he has never said anything as he didn’t believe Bigfoot existed and he didn’t think anyone would believe him. My husband thinks that ‘they’ might be using a route over the top of the fells from Hamsterley, Killhope and over to Kielder forest or down to Harwood.

The area itself has many Bigfoot type Creature accounts as you can see from the map of accounts

The Killhope Wildman 2014 Researchers Chased from the Woods.

Myself and a small team decided to visit the old mining land at Weardale on a research outing and a wild camp as there are a number of Bigfoot accounts around the area. We arrived at Killhope about 4pm, I was interested to return here as the last time out here we heard what sounded like a woman screaming loudly in the woods. We parked the car and went into the tree line, we were about half way in and we came to trail that had been blocked by falling trees, it was hard work moving them but we did manage to pushed on through the blockade and as we entered the thicker part of the wood we heard a very loud sharp wood knock (I didn’t realise it at the time but that was probably a warning knock) We pushed on as it was really hard going and we went further and further into a small gorge and as we tried go through the only way in we realised  again the way was blocked and hidden by falling trees, at this point we turned around and left, as we skirted the area we heard another loud wood knock coming from the gorge side of the woods. We carried on up to the dam at top. It started to rain so we all headed back to the car to get our waterproofs on.

We decided as we couldn’t get into the gorge we would go for a walk around the perimeter, but as we got to the top of the hill we heard the unmistakable sound of a few branches snapping and breaking, at the time we shrugged it off and put it down to animals and carried on walking around. It took us ages and nothing more happened,  so we changed course and decided to go through the dense trees and try and get in to the gorge that way, it was very creepy and everything looked exactly the same, it would be really easy to get turned around in there but luckily I had my gps on otherwise I would of gotten us  lost.

We came onto a path walking back the way we had tried earlier, I dont know why but I shined the torch behind us quickly in a swooping motion and I saw a ‘dark figure’ shoot past, ‘It’ moved very fast across the path, again we just put it down to animals. It was getting late so went back for the tent, as we were getting hungry, so we wanted to get set up and I was going to get the bbq out and set up the tent and all the gear. It was at that point we heard a noise similar to before, so this time my mate shone his torch at the trees, and there in the light just standing there was a ‘dark figure’ that was about 7 ft tall, ‘It’ was half hiding behind the trees.  He turned the light off for a second and then turned it back on. ‘IT’ had crouched down low behind the fence this time, he quickly turned the light off again then on and ‘IT’ had gone. There was nothing to see and no noise of ‘It’ moving away?

The ‘figure’ was all black in colour, and massive in size, . The lads with me were spooked and so was I. They wouldn’t go back into woods and I agreed. We sat down around the fire and all was quiet for a while, but then it started getting really creepy, the atmosphere changed completely and we heard a strange chinking noise and we realised something was tossing stones at us, one or two every now and again. Then we heard footsteps, coming towards us but they stopped when I shone the light in their direction. Nothing was there, this went on and off for few hours over and over. So we finally decided we would have to get up and go and investigate what was throwing the stones at the camp, we looked with the torches on in the treeline and bushes but we couldn’t find or see anything. The noises and activity didn’t stop when we got up to look around, we could still hear the footsteps, and more pebbles and small stones were being thrown, at one point they hit me in my face with a stone, a few just missed my face a couple of times. But I couldn’t see what was throwing them at me.  We were spooked, by all this, it felt like we were being pushed back to the area we had parked and out of the forest by something we couldn’t see.

So without thinking about it we went back to the car.  At which point the footsteps started again coming right up to us but you couldn’t see what was making them and then  something shook the car violently. The back end of the car was being shaken up and down as if ‘something we couldn’t see had hold of it and was hefting it up and down and pushing it from side to side. We couldn’t doing anything other than look at each other then look all about to see what was happening. It was utter confusion, but nothing was there that we could see. when the shaking stopped we had all had enough and we jumped in the car and got the hell outta there. I will go back to the area at some point in the day time but not at night. “Its” not a place people should go to alone or at night

I remember the night I took this report, it was the day after the event, back then I didn’t really understand that sometimes we really push the boundaries when we are out in the field, now I realise there were a fair number of warnings before the group were ‘moved off’.  They pushed into an area clearly blocked off and hard to get into, attempting numerous times from differing directions regardless of all the warnings. Five years on and the researcher has only just made it back after a number of failed attempts, each time he was met with a feeling of dread before he got a hundreds yards into the treeline in the day time, I know now he has a much more relaxed approach and listens to his gut when that feeling of ‘get out’ happens and its usually the best bet. If you look at all the other accounts here the ‘creature’ virtually ignored the humans until we pushed a boundary or in the case a certain the paranormal team went round the wood at night  with lights and torches knocking on trees.

A Possible Bigfoot? The Creature of low Shipley 2017

We were contacted by a gentleman named Ross who reported a strange ‘creature’ he in an area in  Hamsterley forest whilst out hiking off trail there.  Ross was happy for me to share his experience as he at this point had no knowledge of the other encounters and presumed he was the only person in the area to see one, he was hoping someone  in the area may have witnessed the same ‘creature’. I always ask a witness to write out or record their account in their own words before I share the map or any details or similar accounts to their own, so I dont influence them in anyway. Ross said “I was walking in the woods up in the Black Banks area close to Low Shipley and very near Wolsingham. I was out hiking and was just walking along as I usually do and I saw something that I could not really begin to describe and I thought it could maybe have been one of those Bigfoot type creatures – I once watched a documentary about them years ago and this ‘thing’ that I saw looked exactly the same.  ‘It’ was upright, and all hair covered from head to its feet and ‘It’ was all one colour. I’m positive there is ‘one’ lurking in the woods around Hamsterley Forest and I know people will not believe me but what I saw looked like a Bigfoot that you would see on TV.

The Hamsterley Hairy Wildman. 2008

Many years ago now Myself and two of my mates were camping at Hamsterley Forest which is situated in the North East of England, its something we did often and with permission of the ranger, we camped in a field just a ways off from the rangers hut there, We had set up our camp got the beers out and went about enjoying the day. We had a few beers and by about 11 pm we decided to go for a walk to get some air before beds, we all went off together and had walked for no more than about twenty minutes when things started to get weird.  We were spooked by the noise of branches being broken as we walked along the trail, and off to the side of us in the bushes we could hear ‘something’ moving along and the sound of breaking branches and limbs, to be honest we all ran back to tent, we zipped up and spent a very nervous night, but thankfully nothing else happened.

The next two nights were completely silent thankfully, apart from one strange experience of something being rubbed on our tent from outside.  While it was happening we stayed put in the tent and none of us went to investigate, we were all still thinking about the branches snapping on the trail on the first night and wondering if this was the same ‘animal’  On the fourth night we were all sleeping when bang!! ‘something’ whacked our tent hard! without thinking clearly as I was sound asleep I jumped up on auto pilot and went outside as fast as I could. I was a bit annoyed to be honest and ready to have a go at whoever was out there messing about.  It was a moonlit night so I could see about twenty yards all around me quite clearly and there walking away from us, in front of me was this huge almost Human ‘Figure’, this “thing” was about 7/8 feet tall and as ‘it’ wasnt running away from us but ‘It’ was walking away from me at a natural pace?  I could see it was wider and much taller than anyone or anything I had ever seen in my life before, thick and bulky across the shoulders and covered in hair. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, whatever “It” was ‘It’ was walking off from me and I could see it was a very dark brown almost black silhouette.

I went back into the tent quickly and my mates tried to ask me what I saw but I was speechless for about ten minutes, my mind was reeling, then all I could say was, “we need to get out of here”, they just ribbed me and tried to explain it away.  So I just left it at that and kept quiet. We stayed in the tent until morning, which was not easy for me and I was shaking with fear for what was left of the night , my mates said “it could just be a ranger” but I knew it wasn’t. The next morning we went to see the ranger on duty that day and he said he had not been back there or knew of anyone else who was camping and no one else was on duty at night. That was one of the scariest nights of my life. And It took me over 10yrs to go back into the woods again and even now after what I have seen Im reluctant to stay out overnight in the woods.

It was many years ago now when I took that report and it took me about 18 mnths to convince this gentleman he could trust me with his experience. We are very good friends now all these years later, but I often say getting his account was like pulling teeth, he was so reluctant to tell me anything he would give me a short couple of sentences at a time, luckily over the years as we have chatted about that night I have been able to get a much better picture of the event and what happened over those four days. 

A Weardale Forest Wildman 2011

I received this sighting from a lady name Kate. C she is a founding member of a paranormal group in the North of England and it was on chatting with her about what I do that she suddenly looked at me and said ‘ahh that might explain a few things’ then she proceeded to tell me this next encounter.

Sept 2011 The group were planning a 4 night stay in the Weardale Forest, commonly known as Killhope Woods, due to the nearby Killhope mine. These areas are both classed as haunted and many local tales tell of a screaming woman and tall dark figures that haunt the woodlands there, so they set off with tech and equipment on a paranormal ghost hunt which would last for a couple of nights, the usual set up was one person left at ‘base camp’ and the others would stay together in a group. On the first night the group heard one single loud knock off to the west of them, hoping for ghostly interaction they asked the usual questions but received no more knocks or any unusual activity for the rest of the night. So they settled into bed, and after about an hour they heard a ‘blood freezing scream’ coming from deep in the woods, they all got up and had a look around but didn’t see anything unusual.

The next night they went out and started the evp session and again received nothing, they decided to investigate the area where the knock had come from on the first night of the investigation. And after a bit of a walk they reached the area and they once again knocked on a nearby stump loudly,a to their shock and delight they heard a reply in the distance off to the North of their position, they were all happy about this and so they knocked again and received a knock to the South, this continued from all corners, each knock being answered by further knocking coming closer and closer to them. It was at that point one gentleman pointed out they were being surrounded and really should move off. Realising they were then encircled by knocking coming from all around them, on all sides  which got closer and closer as they huddled together in one group, they then remembered there was one man back at ‘base camp’ alone so they hurried back to camp as quickly as they could.  They were all  terrified and by 2am they were ready to leave.  In agreement they all packed up and got ready to leave.  But the knocking did not stop, they were plagued by it, the knocking was coming from around them in the trees, at this point the lead guy who was out front, turned white faced and said he had just seen a ‘tall, wide, dark hairy human shape walking off into the wood’ in front of the group. The knocks continued as they packed up and left.

I asked if i could speak to the team leader but he was reluctant to share any details.  He said only that what he saw resembled a man but was far to large and much to quick, so it must of been a spirit of some kind.?  Since then I have spoken to a number of paranormal groups or investigators who have shared with me their experiences of dark running figures, or shadow figures using the trees to hide themselves, camp disturbed or tent smashed up, running feet close behind them in the dark, stone and pine cones being thrown from within the trees, one man on the mendips had entire logs thrown at him from outside the fire light.  Whistles and screams, howls and whoops all filed away as ghosts and spirits, I know some rewilders and pagans who drum within the woods or hold ceremonies to be joined by something moving around outside the fire light of camp, or scurrying around in the bushes low to the ground, many of them also report strange eyeshine?

This area is very close to the Harwood forest area and of course the Bolam Lake area where the first North East reports came from.  I have a number of new reports from the Harwood area and I will be bringing them to you in my next UK video.

Please share this or give us a thumbs up and if you fancy sharing your encounter or joining me to chat about Bigfoot here in the UK let me know and comment below.  We are now looking for researchers in all areas of the country, to check areas of sightings and chase up any reports in that area.  Or if you would like to join BBR just for the chatter and the community spirit you are more than welcome.  As the Summer rolls around we will be organising meets for all abilities regardless of experience around the country, in the hopes each of you will meet up with like minded people in your area who have a shared interest and like to walk the woods.  You can become an official member for a small donation and we will send you an official membership Doc.

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