A Hissing Cat or a British Bigfoot? 2012 Addington Area Surrey (do bigfoots hiss?)


Witness Report C.L. : Do bigfoots hiss? I ask because of a strange experience a friend and I had one night back in 2012. We were eating a Chinese takeaway while watching the stars, on Addington Golf course which is on the outskirts of South London and borders the Kent and Surrey countryside.

So there we were, eating egg foo yung from a plastic container, chatting away enjoying the night, when suddenly we heard the most terrifying hiss! It was the worst noise I’ve ever heard in all my life, and an image instantly came to mind – you know, when a beast bares its teeth and hisses? That’s what it reminded me of, but this noise was made by something far bigger and louder than any cat.

My friend is a bodybuilder and is huge to say the least, but we both had an instant fear and got up and left straight away. Even though I have roamed the woods around there all my life, I’ve never had a reason to be scared, even on dark nights – this noise was primal.

So I decided to research which animals hiss, and I came across an interesting fact. In the 70s it became law in the UK that you needed a licence to possess a big cat – people who owned big cats such as panthers etc. let them loose rather than putting them down. My grandfather who is an avid jogger told me he was once out running and saw a black panther which stopped and looked at him; he just carried on running. So with all that, plus other accounts in London, I thought the hissing noise must have been a black panther. One night as I was driving next to the same golf course, when I thought I saw a panther crossing the road so I think that could be what I heard, but I’m really unsure.

I’ve researched Bigfoot for years now, but I never made a connection to the hiss I heard in 2012. After hearing the Dorking Dene and Box Hill accounts, I look back to that night when that image came into my head… it was like King Kong or when the gorillas from the Planet of the Apes opened their mouths and roared. That’s the image I saw in my head when I heard that hiss.

It makes me wonder how many people have probably seen or heard these Bigfoots and could have easily thought it was a weird man in the bush, a paranormal ghost or even, as in my case, some sort of animal or cat?

I would also like to add that I saw something else when I was driving along the small country lane by the golf course, the same lane I was on when I saw what I thought was a panther. Some distance away from the car, I spotted two eyes glowing in the dark and when my car lights hit the area, I saw what I thought was a long, black tail which was curled at the end, disappearing into the bushes up the bank on the side of the lane. That’s why I thought the hiss was probably a panther, but who knows what the noise really was – I can’t seem to find matching animal sounds on YouTube videos etc.

D. L. Hatswell https://youtu.be/4EeDuBYNwoE

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