A large dark Ape like flat face and with black/brown hair on its head and big dark eyes was watching me.

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Iam Tracker Late October 1992 Honeymoon Lake Alberta

Late in the afternoon after a day at Banff with friends I was heading back up to Jasper on hwy #93. I decided to take in a spontaneous solo hike and turned onto a service road with a large 10′ high mound of dirt at the end. I parked on the road and preceded over the mound and began hiking counter clock wise around the lake shore.

Everything was going well until I reached the opposite side of the lake and the furthest point from my Honda. At that point I started hearing twig snaps and leaf foot fall crunches that paralleled my position just inside the tree line 20′ away or so.

The sounds continued to followed me and stopped when I stopped. The trees were so thick I couldn’t see my shadower but I could hear it. So I continued on my way while resisting the strong urge to run and kept up a steady pace which was easily matched.

Finally I was back at mound and up and over I went and down to my car. I unlocked my door and got in closed the door and bent down to look up to the top of mound through the front windshield.
What I seen was incredible. A large dark Ape like flat face and with black/brown hair on its head and big dark eyes was watching me. After eye contact that lasted only a second or two but seemed like an eternity the creature turn and disappeared behind the mound.

I started my car and drove back to the JPL resort. I don’t remember much after that head disappeared because I was in a daze.

Side note:
Apparently almost the exact same encounter happened to another female hiker. In the same area the same year except it followed her right into the parking lot and she seen it in her mirrors and was horrified at it size. 9-10′ tall (bigger then Patty) This report is on Alberta Sasquatch Research web site.
I always knew they existed from a previous encounter in Ont and all the reports. However before I was just casually searching for them as most do. After this I started to hunt them like a soldier not like a researcher or tourist. And I’ve gotten pretty close to some with my recon methods. I never really tried to film them before because the challenge was enough reward. But I have posted a few vids on my channel recently that some may find interesting?
Regards, Tracker

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