A Large Hunched Figures and Red Eyes in the night 1980’s The Romford Red Eyed Creature

SGE/FBM  Witness Account: Hi Deborah,

These accounts came in to me through my facebook page Deborah Hatswell UK Wildman Reports and the lady who reported them has seen some of the Youtube videos of other peoples experiences, which then led her to the MAP OF UK ACCOUNTS and it was on looking at the areas close to home she was able to re-evaluate some of her earlier unexplained experiences in Essex when she was younger and out with her friends in the countryside around her home.  

Hello Deborah I just stumbled across your fabulous YouTube channel and I have been listening to some of the accounts you have shared and it made me realise I too have experienced what I think my be some of the cryptid creatures we have here in the UK. I live in Essex and I love being out in nature, infact my whole life to date has been entwined with mother earth and the greenman and our early beliefs here in the UK.  I have seen some strange stuff out there over the years when out in the woods or fields.

The govt tells us that there are no large cats out there and yet people report then constantly which tells me the cats are definitely out there.  When you witness something your not supposed to be seeing and your still told “they do not exist” it opens your mind up to what else may be roaming around out there. I’ve seen one of the large cats near to the M11 motorway in daylight, and I have had a couple of unusual nighttime experiences by the river in Harlow but I will explain those at another time for now I just want to share some things that happened to me in the hope you or your friends can shed some light on what happened to me and my friends back then.

There is an area around Lambourne End and Abridge and it’s still very rural, but it even quieter 30+ years ago, back when I was a teen-ager. There wasn’t a lot to do at night and on the weekends so we would meet up and go out for drives on whatever vehicle you could get hold of parents permitting.  We used to go out for a drive round looking for your friends or just wasting hours around the lanes and back again and we would do this quite a bit. One night I was on the back of my mate’s motorbike, we were coming back down Hoe lane from Abridge toward Lambourne End. He was a safe rider and was taking his time, especially with me on pillion. He leaned back at one point and said to me “did you see that?” I replied “no I haven’t seen anything”, and I asked what he’d spotted. I was expecting him to say some usual animal as we’d often see foxes and suchlike when we were out, and I expected him to just have seen some wildlife. Instead of answering, he said “hang on” and opened the bike up. . Really speeding down the lane. Which totally unusual for him. We didn’t slow down until we got to my house. I was a bit surprised, and asked him what on earth was going on. He said he’d seen something big and very black, just a huge dark lump with bright eyes that reflected in the headlight, it was on the field edge to our left. As we got close “it” changed stance and dropped down kind of to the road edge, but kept itself hidden behind the hedge – he could still see it’s eyes that and the size of this “thing” are what stood out to him the most. He said it was huge, and what bothered him more than anything was it moved toward us and not away from us, thats why he sped off on the bike, we never did find out what it was that he had seen but I still remember everything about that night and how worried and shook up my friend was.

A few years later that night came up in conversation with another friend and he told me about a night he was out in his mini, which was fitted with rally spotlights on the front, the car was kitted out headlights and the whole lot, He was driving up the same lane toward Abridge. He explained something huge and darker than the night crossed the road ahead of him. He couldn’t make it out clearly and his lights didn’t quite reach the figure to illuminate it, but as he drove passed the spot it was standing he saw eyes looking at him in the hedge.

Strangely and to add to the mystery this “thing” was seen again, it was around the same time, and another group of friends were staying in a nearby field they had camped in a few buses just off of Hook Lane. They said one night when it was dark and they were getting ready to turn in for the night they all heard a massive skidding of brakes and thought a car had crashed in the lane. So they rushed out and went down to the lane to look, they reached the area just as a car screeched off. In the car lights and silhouetted standing by the field gate was what they described as”a huge black shape that was as wide as ‘two big blokes put together’ and about 7 feet tall.

I found it interesting that three local folk that I knew had experiences down there – I wonder how many others have too. Funnily enough, I’m 50 now, and I still don’t like driving down Hoe Lane. I go the long way round everytime!!

A local paper also reported in 2008 that Irene Dainty encountered a four foot, hairy creature with large feet and animal-like eyes close to her home. The creature ran off and jumped over the wall of the nearby Three Jolly Wheelers public house.  Irene said ““I had just come out of my flat and just as I had turned the corner I saw this hairy thing come out of nowhere. I really don’t want to see it again. It was about four feet tall and with really big feet and looked straight at me with animal eyes. Then it leaped straight over the wall with no trouble at all and went off into the garden of the Three Jolly Wheelers pub. I was so terrified that I went to my neighbour’s house and told her what had happened. She couldn’t believe it and asked me if I had been drinking, but I said of course I hadn’t – it was only about 3.00 p.m.”

This area is very close to numerous Bear accounts made by people who claim to have witnessed Bear like creatures walking upright on two legs. Could these Bear accounts be mistaken Bigfoot accounts or vise versa. Or are there a number of cryptid type creature running around and being reported by the public to the authorities?    

Until Next Time, Deborah

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