A Naked Hairy Man Catching a Fox. 1970’s Witness Interview.

I was contacted by a gentleman who’s family have lived and worked in the Buile Hill area for generations.  This area has a number of reported sightings by people over the years who have each seen a very similar “figure” to the one being reported below.

One family member who had finished work around 8,30pm one night in the 70’s and was walking home with another gentleman when he was caught short, so he nipped into the park for a quick call of nature, as he did this he saw a strange “short hairy man, that was trying to catch a fox”  many years later this conversation was discussed and by strange coincidence another member of the same family had been researching the strange World Wide accounts of Sasquatch and Bigfoot for almost Four decades.  Can you imagine his surprised when he realised there were a number of strange hairy creatures sighted in his very own town.

Seen from the 1970’s all the way through to 2017 there are a wealth of reports similar to this one, ordinary people going about their own business who see something so impossible its hard to find someone to talk about it too, how do you start the conversation offers a whole host of problems before you even start to say “I think I may of seen one of those creatures, but it was here in a small town in the UK”  Luckily for us as more and more people come forward it gets easier and easier for other people to report their encounter also.

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