A Researcher and his boy helper were Murdered looking for the Barmanou Creature 2002

The Barmanou, often called The Hindu Kush Bigfoot, caused one investigator to lose his life or so the story goes!

The Barmanou creature “smells like rotting garbage” according to locals, it makes inhuman, guttural sounds, and sometimes it wears skins. The people who have come across this strange humanoid hairy bipedal creature say this cryptid is an ape-man creature residing in the mountainous region between western Pakistan and Afghanistan. One man collected over 50 reports before he was sadly murdered along with a young boy employed to work for him.  A Spanish zoologist named Jordi Magraner. Tragically, Magraner and the boy were murdered while searching for the creature in 2002.

Their deaths remain semi-mysterious, but it’s often said that violent political changes of the time were a major factor others say he was murdered by an one of his own party. Whatever the case, Jordi Magraner was definitely interested in the researching the creature, collecting accounts of those who claimed to have seen it and some Cryptozoologists wonder if it was his searching or his finds that cost him his life?

There was “something marvellous” about this story of renowned Spanish zoologist Jordi Magraner, who, one morning in August 2002, was found with his throat cut in Pakistan’s Chitral region, where he’d lived for 15 years. Magraner had been searching for the mythical barmanu – as locals call the cryptid of the Hindu Kush. The morning after his death, the newspaper headlines all said the same thing: “Yeti hunter found murdered.”

Seven years later, no one had been convicted for his killing – nor has anyone since – and rumours still swirled around the 44-year-old Spaniard’s slaying, with some newspapers hinting at the involvement of secret government agents, others that it was a crime of passion. Even the few reported facts of his life seemed to have mythical dimensions; revered by the Kalash, an ancient pagan people of the Hindu Kush who had buried his body with honour, Magraner had also been involved in humanitarian convoys in Afghanistan as well as with Alliance Française in Peshawar.

Magraner collected 50 accounts of first-hand sightings, personally documented large humanoid footprints and was known for being the first to do so in the Hindu Kush.   Between 1992 and 1994, Magraner pursued the evidence along with Dr. Anne Mallasseand. During an expedition through the Shishi Kuh valley, the investigators chronicled not only eyewitness accounts, but discovered primate-like footprints. The European team also heard what has been described as guttural sounds which only could have been made by a “primitive primate voice box.”

When members of the expedition asked eyewitnesses to choose among various images of HAIRY HOMINIDS which most resembled the Barmanu, the image most often selected was that of the legendary MINNESOTA ICEMAN. This entity was also said to be much more human-like than the typical mystery ape or relic hominid.

If the Barmanou (or the homo pongoides, or whatever they are calling it now) could be found, wouldn’t it be a historic moment? If it exists (or still exists), there are ways it could be recorded or captured outright. Some accounts mention it’s known to attack women and attempt to “mate” with them. A little like the Woodwose of Old and the North American Sasquatch.

Thought to be related to early humanoids, such as the Neanderthal, Barmanu are said to dwell in the Hindukush and Karakoram ranges, between the Pamirs and the Himalaya as well as Shishi Kuh valley, which is located in the Chitral region of Northern Pakistan. This region places the Barmanu squarely in between the ranges of two more famous cryptids, the Himalayan YETI and the ALMAS of central Asia, with whom it is said to share Neanderthal-like traits.

In fact, the Neanderthal connection runs so deep that the Barmanu is often described as a cross between a man and an ape, It is also reported to wear animal skins on its back and skull.

This means they supposedly interact with people on occasion. Why not capture one then say the “know it alls”, if this creature is a match for the British Bigfoot or the Huge Sasquatches in the US then I doubt they could be caught?  But I know whats on my wish list, Id love to see those 50 accounts of Magraner’s and have a rummage in his footprint finds.

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