A Very British Wildman. Is this an image of the UK Bigfoot? and the NE Accounts

Many people world wide are used to seeing strange images from across America or Bigfoot faces and Sasquatch images posted in every facebook group or forum, but what most people dont realise is, behind the scenes away from all the hoo haa there are hundreds of people putting time in on their own pocket, spending hours if not years out there, week in week out, sometimes in the worst weathers. Trying everything and anything to get the job done, To find the evidence mainstream science demands.

Some of them have many scary encounters, some never go back in after the experience or hours of unappreciated time and effort, but there is a small core of die hards who go back time and time again, they get objects thrown at them, they become surrounded in the dark, followed back to the car and sometimes even home, bluff charges and out right shows of aggression are shown to them, and they do this because for them it’s not about facebook or youtube, its about gathering evidence to prove what’s out there.  Sometimes if we are really lucky they share their evidence and finds with us.  And today Im pleased to be able to share some images sent to me by one of Britain’s Leading researchers and who also happens to be one of my long time research partners and someone im honoured to call my friend.

Im not going to name the research area, other than to say, it’s not too far from Harwood.  The area itself is abundant and has a number of historical reports as well as up to date sightings and encounters by members of the public and  researchers in general.  Next to the Highlands of Scotlands in numbers of encounters this is one of the last vestiges of Long term Wildman habitat here in the UK.  Thanks to J for sharing his images and research with me.

“I’m a researcher from North East of the UK. Iv been researching along time now, in the field and by collecting accounts from people who live up in the North of England and Iv shared many a witness with Deborah so she can write their story and add it too the map. There have been a couple of reports of sightings near the railway line up here and Im usually out most weekends looking for sign or visiting my own research area. So I decided to check the sighting areas in this neck of the woods out.  Earlier in the year I did an area check of the Stanley Wildman account as there were two accounts along the same trail. I was encouraged by the signs there and realised there was a workable green corridor between Harwood Forest and the Stanley Area.  This encouraged me to see how many of the sighting areas I could cover along that corridor.  Harwood is only an hours drive give or take from the Scottish Border.   

The area I checked had everything we usually look for, a water source, good cover and animal sign or trails.  I usually look for Deer sign as thats a good indication of how an area is for wildlife, If you have Deer in an area its a good indicator that there will be other wildlife and edibles around.  I found a few signs in the area and took a few photos while I was there and after I got home I decided to look over my photos and found this in one of them. I decided to go back and get a comparison photo and it wasn’t there.  I have provided both the image and the comparison.

I will be revisiting the area over the next 12 months so I can see how the woodland changes as the seasons roll in.

Thanks J

I wanted to add some of the reports from around the area to give you an idea what people are reporting and there are a number of them I haven’t spoken about before.   Most of these witnesses are just ordinary people going about their daily business.

A Dark Morning Bigfoot 2018

Im making this report on behalf of my husband, he travels most days along this stretch of road, to and from work, He is used to being in the area in all weathers and has on occasion seen a large black cat run out in front of him as he was driving.  Which to be fair is not that unusual up here. The area is heavily wooded and has ample wildlife and habitat to enable anything to hide out if it wanted to.

This particular morning it was around 8.40am on a dark Winter morning Feb/Mar 2018.  He was driving along the road as normal keeping an eye out for Deer or any animal that would dash out in front of the car.  We live quite close to this area and have heard strange noises ourselves at night.  As my Husband was making his way down the road he was astonished to see what he would describe as a “bigfoot” type creature.  He passed it quickly so couldn’t give me any details, just a large hairy Bigfoot type creature on the edge of the forest picked out by the lights from the car.

A possible Bigfoot? Low Shipley 2017

We were contacted by Ross Hodgson who saw something strange in Hamsterley forest whilst out hiking.  He said “I was walking in the woods up in the Black Banks area close to Low Shipley and very near Wolsingham. I was out hiking and just walking along the other day and I saw something that I could not really describe and I thought could of been a Bigfoot type creature – I once watched a documentary about them and this thing I saw looked exactly the same.  It was upright, hair covered and all one colour. I’m positive there is one lurking in the woods around Hamsterley Forest and I know people will not believe me but what I saw looked like a Bigfoot that you would see on TV.

Cold Hesledon Glowing Eyed Mothman Creature 2009

On the outskirts of Seaham on the northeast coast of England there is a pub called the Pemberton Arms, known to everybody as the `White House.

A married couple in their early 40s visited the pub on Saturday evening in October 2009 to watch a live band.  Now, I don’t if the band they had wanted to see had not turned up or what, but they had decided to leave early just after 10pm, and because it was unusually warm for that time of year, decided to walk back into town for a few jars to finish off the night. They left the pub, turned right and walked down the lane that would lead them to the well-lit main road into town.

As they got to the end of the lane something caught their eye in the field next to the fence. At first they thought it was a Shire horse because of its size but it was definitely not a Shire horse.  Phil and Kate both described the “thing” as Man-shaped and at least 7 feet tall,  the colour was jet black with piercing red eyes, and whatever “it” was “it” just stood there, motionless.

Phil and Kate looked at it in disbelief for about 15 seconds, then it let out a scream like a fox before “disappearing straight down like it had fell down a well or trap door!” That did it!  Phil and Kate then ran like Hell onto the main road until they stopped near the recently built water treatment plant, exhausted and out of breath. Phil tried to phone a taxi but found his mobile phone was dead, although it was working fine back at the pub. So half running, half walking and both of them constantly looking about they got back home, terrified out of their wits, and unable to understand what they had just witnessed.

It was Three weeks later when they felt able to explain in some way what had happend. They are very upset that this has happened to them and did not want to talk about it to anyone for fear of ridicule. They are angry and confused, “Why us?” They said. They want to put it all behind them.

Motor Cross Rider See “Man like Figure” Cross in front of him 2012 

Im a keen Motorcyclist and I like Motorcross as Its my Hobby, I try to get out whenever I can and I had a really strange experience back in September 2012 that I was hoping you could help me with.  I had decided to get in an early morning ride and I headed off to Harwood Forest as I love to ride there and they have a trail set out for MotorCross.

So after I arrive and had been riding for a short while I saw something,  It was at 8am on a Sunday morning and what I was seeing was impossible but it was right in front of me and I couldn’t confuse it with anything, as nothing else looks like this.  I was on a Motorcross bike so I wasn’t quiet or anything. By this time I was on the main track going through Harwood Forest itself. I noticed something coming towards me, all one solid colour. I thought it was someone in a burka or a Ghillie suit at first as there was just one overall colour, no clothes at all.

As I thought it was a person it didn’t bother me and I just planned to go around them when we crossed on the track, so I dropped the bike into second gear and sped towards “them”  By this point they were about about 250 yards in front of me and it turned and went into the trees. I stopped where I had seen it. Put the bike against a tree and looked for what it was or where it had gone? No tracks, no flattened grass or anything. I still don’t know “what” or “who” it was to this day.

I used to go to Harwood every Sunday for a ride around. This morning I was going up to the main track from the village. I was in in high gear to keep the noise of the bike to a minimum. When I got just past half way up the main track I looked up and something human looking that walked from the right to the left of the trail. As I said earlier I honestly thought it was a person in a burka or Ghillie suit? I thought how strange to be out here dressed like that?

I included this map for you the Red line is the route I took with the bike to keep the noise down from the houses. The Blue mark is where “it” crossed the track in front of me, the Yellow is where I noticed it crossing.  I’m still unsure as to what it was as it was, all “it” was the same colour everywhere, a dark brown colour. I didn’t see a face or anything I couldn’t make any detail out. It moved and looked like a person, but it wasn’t human I could see that.
You can access all of the accounts here Sightings Map
Until Next Time, Deborah

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