A Wildman Eating – Leigh Woods, Somerset, August 17th, 2015

BRISTOL, United Kingdom — A Bristol resident says he witnessed an ape-like creature as it ate a piece of food with what he believes may have been improvised eating utensils.  58-year-old Harry, a retired man from Somerset said that he was walking through the Leigh Woods Nature Reserve on August 17 2015 when the strange event took place. “I usually take my dog, but lately I have avoided taking her there because she has been getting very skittish for some unknown reason,”  As I was walking along I suddenly began hearing noises as if someone was “snapping twigs” and “making squeaky sounds”. “I thought it may have been a deer off in the brush, so I went off the path to look,”. “This is when I saw this strange “ape creature”  It was sitting in the brambles, digging in the earth with a twig.”  It did this for about 5 minutes, then picked something up and began eating it. Harry believes this was a piece of raw meat.

“Then it took another twig and used it to pick pieces of meat from between it’s teeth.” But Harry was also aware that the strange-looking being appeared to be “communicating with something”. “It kept looking left and was talking to something off in the trees, that I couldn’t see, and I thought I heard movement from where it kept looking. When I say talk, it more grunted and squeaked,” “at one point it started doing something with the twigs, crossing them over on top of each other, like it was weaving something. All in all I watched this thing for 25 minutes. It was only when it stood up and walked off that I got up and also left.  When it stood, it grabbed a large tree branch and snapped it off quite easily, and then leaned it against another tree. Then it walked off and I never saw it again.”
Harry says he was about 200 yards away and managed to discern the physical features of the creature. “When it stood up I’d say it was about 6 feet tall. It was old looking and it had a grey skin. I could see that it had human features, but it’s face looked more ape-like with a broader nose and cheeks, and a jaw that jutted out and looked like it was curved. It looked like a prehistoric man from “Land That Time Forgot”, the old Doug McClure film. It was covered in grey hair, which had black streaks in it. “Mostly grey though,” said Harry, also adding that it also had what appeared to be “small breasts” but that it looked like a male because there was “something” in the crotch area.
The man explains that even though he was confused about what he was witnessing, he is sure that it wasn’t an animal. “It wasn’t a horse or dog or anything like this. It was like an ape man. It was like a man living wild – like a Neanderthal or something similar. I have heard of Bigfoot, but it wasn’t like one of those, like the giant wrestler type of thing. I searched for Bigfoots in the UK and came across your articles on these sightings so I thought I would share this with you.”  Harry claims he was not “scared or worried” because the creature “seemed friendly”, although, he adds, it didn’t get a chance to see him.
Quote from the Bristol Post: ‘Leigh Woods has had a reputation for being haunted for some time. Years ago, tramps lived in the woods favouring the Abbots Leigh end and avoiding the Leigh Woods part because of it’s evil reputation. It was said that loud screams could be heard in the night’
This Account Prompted another person to contact me:
Red eyes and a feeling of being lost

I came across your story of the Leigh Woods witness accounts and I have had some strange occurrences happen to me there. I used to visit the woods a lot as a young girl, and when I was much older. My last venture there was so strange I haven’t been back since.



In my youth we spent some nights in those woods but there were lots of us – 20+ cars.  We would park in a circle with lights on so the middle was lit. One night when I walked towards my car to get something, I saw red glowing eyes watching us – they were about the height of the bumper. I’ve never even told anyone about that before. Then about 10 years ago, I was out in Leigh Woods, a place I know like the back of my hand, and yet I got lost. I was wandering around trying to get my bearings and I came across this weird stick house made of branches and vines that were woven together. It was open to the elements and you could see inside. I have no idea who or what made it, but the experience of being lost in a place you know well has stopped me going back – I haven’t returned in the last 10 years.


The Leigh Woods Whistles

While on a camping excursion in Leigh Woods, Kate Channon and Lola Swan were terrorized at night, while in their tent, by something that whistled back and could be heard trampling around their campsite area. They quit camping and left the woods in the middle of the night after hearing a child’s voice among the noises they heard. The pair were camping at Leigh Woods on the outskirts of their home city of Bristol on when the photo was taken.

The women set up camp during the day but as night fell they say they began hearing strange noises they couldn’t identify and both felt like they were being watched from the trees. At one point Miss Channon, 24, whistled out – and was horrified when something in the dark treeline replied to her whistle and whistled back. They say their hammer went missing during the trip and they heard a child’s voice at 1am, which was ‘the final straw’. ‘After midnight it all got too scary and, in our panic and fear, we packed up our tent and got the hell out of there,’ said Ms Swan. They have likened their experiences to the Blair Witch Project, the 1999 horror film which tells the fictional story of three students who disappear in woodland which legend claims is haunted.

 Now the first account we discussed where the “wild man” is observed for a number of minutes rather than a very quick view is not the only account we have in the UK.  One man in Suffolk gave an account which is very similar to Harry’s

Bury St Edmunds resident Geoff Knights says he was looking for “big cat signs” in the Offton woods, near Stowmarket, when the creature showed up on Aug. 14. “I have seen one big cat and several pug marks (name used for animal footprints) too,” when he began hearing primate vocalisations and “crashing” sounds coming from the thick vegetation. “I heard it as clear as day. A monkey going woow woow. over and over Then I turned and saw it.”


Mr Knights reports that he saw an animal matching the physical features of a gorilla mixed with the “general shape of a man”. “It was a similar colour to a chimp,” he explained. “It walked fast with its legs like ours and not like a chimp would walk. It knocked branches aside as it went along with its arms. They looked to be at least a third longer. It was probably 5′ 8″ tall.”

The creature, he says, then disappeared back into the woods. “I became very panicky. Now I am 20 stone and pretty fearless but I just needed to go. Knights says “he is very confused with what he saw but that he is sure about what it looked like, although he is reluctant to call it a “shug monkey”. (an old English name that covers anything from a black shuck to a monkey faced bear)

“I keep running things through my head… this is England, not the Pacific Northwest. The only other answer would be an escaped bipedal, an ape, monkey or gibbon, but it didn’t look like any of them,” he explains, Mr Knights added that he also wondered if it could be a “man-made hybrid ape”?

And one of my Favourite accounts comes from the Clava Cairns region of Scotland where the “big ginger raah” who is 7ft tall and hairy all over, emptied the poachers nets on a regular basis.  In fact it happened so much the poacher found other fishing waters.  One of the people who lives there stated “he had seen ‘the big hairy man’ walking along the railway line in a southerly direction from the forestry behind his croft towards the viaduct/cairns on quite a few occasions, but couldn’t be pinned down to an exact number of times! He also said his dogs were going nuts each time.

Also with the witness was another man a male from the area of Nairn valley and Clava cairns who is  out in the fields late at night and early morning . He says he has seen something moving he could not explain about 3 – 4 times now. The first time he was out in the fields, and heard ‘someone’ coming along the river bank, so he dived for cover. As it passed him “it” appeared to be enormous both in height and width, and stank to high heaven!

His best view was one night when he had his nets out on the river and had walked away downstream.  When he came back about half an hour later, he said “The bloody great “hairy thing” was taking the fish from my net” unquote. He yelled at it, and it stood up, turned – complete with fish – and walked off into the trees. It wasn’t in any hurry! our researcher asked the witness for a height estimate and as he is 6″3 he thinks the “thing” was around 7ft and broader than himself.  He has also seen the creature on other occasions on the opposite bank of the river, but not within 30 feet, and it tried to hide in the tree/bush line.He also mentioned in the passing that his brother xxxxxxxxx has seen the same figure cross the actual battlefield at Culloden.  Another report from a person living along the river that the “big ginger raaah” walks past the cottage door to get onto the railway line, we are so used to it now, we just close the door at Dawn and Dusk and “leave them to it”





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