A Young Girl Come Face to Face With A Snouted Creature, Werewolf of Bowland.

This next account came in through my page on Facebook, after an article I had released earlier on the Forest of Dean creature.  A young lady got in touch with me and these are her own words about her experience that day.

I run a paranormal team in Bolton Lancashire and we investigate hauntings across the North West of England.  I saw your post on the Forest of Dean and as I had posted not long ago about an experience that happened to me in the Trough of Bowland Forest, I thought you might find it of interest. This is my own personal account written by myself about something strange that I remembered, something that happened, when I was a kid.  I have never forgotten that day and what happened and this is why I wrote it down. I wanted to know if anyone else had ever seen or experienced anything close to my encounter. I live in the North West England still and as kids back then we always went to the Trough of Bowland.

Forest of Bowland Animal mutilations and kills.

I remember my Dad would take all us kids to one of the huge forests there and let us run riot.  It was a large forest and even though the sun was blazing hot, it failed to penetrate the darkness in the trees, it was much cooler and darker within the trees. I wandered off on my own and I hadn’t realised just how far I had gone. Stopping to get my bearings, I noticed ‘something’ crouching behind a tree, it was hard to make out at first, and I saw ‘it’s’ arms were wrapped around the trunk of the tree as ‘it’s’ head was tilted to watch me.  ‘It’ watched my every move.  I moved closer and saw ‘it’ was covered in long fur!!!

I still remember the fear I felt swelling inside of me.  Eventually I ran as fast as I could towards the light. THUMP! I ran face first into a tree as I turned to look back at the ‘thing’  and to see if it was following me, as I turned back I hit the tree full on and really hurt my face. Dazed I carried on until I found my Dad again. My face was cut and blood poured down my cheek, it took weeks to heal. There wasn’t another soul there. So what did I see? 

I remember the ‘creature’ or whatever ‘it’ was had pointy ears, brown and black fur and the face had a snout. Back then my Dad used to let me watch “strange but true” so I knew all the weird and wonderful things out there and I immediately thought Werewolf. ‘Its’ arms were really big and ‘it’ had matted fur. ‘It’ just watched me as I walked around, “it” never moved,  even when I got pretty close to “it” I think it was the fear of the whole event that made me run off looking back at “it” hence why I legged it head first into a bloody tree!!

As I mentioned earlier in the report there a number of reports across the Forest of Bowland and leading to and from the area.  As you can see from the image below, you can access all of these accounts on The Map of Strange Experiences.  

The Bigfoots of Longridge Fell 2002

Witness Account from Francois de Sarre

I’m from the States. We have been living  over here since 2000.  Myself and my family live just outside Blackburn in the Ribble Valley. I’ve always had a fascination for these Hominid ‘creatures’ I have had visuals of ‘them’ but only ever in the United States. Every State and province has them, except Wash. D.C. They’re known by many names in the US, but the most common two names are Bigfoot and Sasquatch. So for me to find them here in the UK was a huge surprise to say the least. I made this report to the BRFO  in 2002 and I thought you may be interested to read it.

The area it happened in is private land with lots of public paths meandering through dense forest. The path that we took started at a car park I believe at the north end. There was only one car park that I could find in the whole area. It was cut out of the dense forest. There is another car park way down south off the same road, but it overlooks the whole valley below.

I wasn’t on my own that day as I had my two young children with me, they were aged 5 and 7 and I had my friend along with us.  We were all walking on the path and decided to walk into the most dense part of the woods off the path. It was purely happenstance and not something we had planned to do. No sooner did we walk in, we stopped and had a look around.

There was this funny looking tree with moss hanging off of it and it stood out as clearly out of sync with the rest of the forest and trees around it. Actually, my words to the BFRO was it looked like a giant haystack. Only I quickly rationalized ‘it’ away as being what ‘it’ was, ‘it’ was a Bigfoot. After doing considerable research on the subject and understanding ‘their’ habits I knew ‘it’ was standing still and trying to mask ‘itself from us’  ‘It’ was stood sideways, about 20 feet away from us.

‘It’ was 7-8 feet tall with matted, dirty tan colored hair all over ‘its’ body.   I was enthralled with ‘it’ to be honest. I couldn’t take my eyes from ‘it’  My 5 yr old saw ‘it’ too but She thought ‘it’ was just a tree. She later told me that she had seen a funny looking tree but didn’t realize what she was looking at.  However, she did see a ‘baby’ leaning over, pretending to be a tree stump. She told me ‘it’ had little, black, furry legs with ‘its’ butt showing towards her.  My friend saw the same thing. This little one would coincide with the crying we had heard earlier from the same area as we were walking up the path.

I guess we behaved inappropriately by walking off the path and catching this ‘Mom’ off guard. Also, we heard chattering further up the path across from a clearing.  I did a whoop vocalizations and I got a reply. Then dead silence. We decided to head back to the car, as darkness was approaching . We nearly got back to the car when I heard a loud bang on the tree next to me. It’s was as if a stone had hit the tree. Then my friend went to pick up something that hit her, she was hit on the back shoulder with a stone. She later told me that she had seen a big black hairy BF running away.

The next time they visited the same clearing on November 23 2002 they heard something growling at them and left apples for the creatures on the paths.

My kids and I went back to the same area to see if the haystack had moved. Upon entering that 6-7 foot opening, ‘something’ we could not see growled at us. It was a deep guttural low tone growl.  A warning perhaps? I told the kids “lets go, we found the haystack.” It sounded as if ‘it’ was less than 5 feet from me. This time we threw apples on the ground on different paths that I thought it may have used.I’ve been back many times since. I have my own name for them now and I have been leaving food when it growls at me as a peace offering. Last week there was one time when I had an apple in hand. I whooped to let it know I was there.  It laughed at me!  It went “HEEEEHEEEEHEEE” or something to that effect.  I guess it had recognized that I’d left apples on a previous occasion. I heard heavy breathing at times, heavy footsteps that would make the hair on your back stand on end and then nothing. It would seem they can project as heavy a footstep as they see fit for a given situation. At other times they’re unobtrusive and stealthy.

This is all I have at the moment.

Crow Wood Lancs Footsteps and Moving Trees

Located a short walk away an area in Blackburn, Billinge Wood known to locals as Crow Wood.  The woods themselves are said to be haunted due to the mystery wails and howls that some locals report.

I did find it interesting that some of the claims made by locals were the sounds of heavy footsteps that can be heard in the wood, even when no one is immediately visible. The trees are also said to dramatically change appearance.

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