Another Witness to the Salford Wildman. A sandy coloured Biped seen by Off Road Cyclist

Hi Deb

Hoping you’re well

I believe we share a couple of common denominators.

One is Dominic Campion who is a long time great friend and the other being the extraordinary and fascinating interest in the hairy man, Woodwose, Bigfoot etc.
I’m not one for shooting my mouth off, or to exploit or take advantage of a situation or even abuse artistic licence that no doubt we’ve both and many more have witnessed and seen over the years. But now after approx 6 years I think I’m confident enough to share my experience or should I say experiences without being judged or ridiculed which is the main reason I’ve kept quiet for so long. It was only by chance that I actually opened up to Dominic in the first place. This only came about after Dom had in April 2017 posted trail cam footage of a deer close to his home on Facebook. I left a comment referring to him searching for Sasquatch in that area and the rest is history as they say. To find out that one of my best mates was and is into the whole concept of the existence a large bipedal hominid roaming our earth was a major relief to me. I’ve always believed ever since watching the famous Patterson Gimlin footage way back when. But to actually think of the possibility of ‘some…..thing’ living on our shores is mind blowing and never ever really crossed my mind until my two encounters.

It was a Saturday morning in September 2012 and being an avid mountain bike rider or should I say off road cross country cyclist I would be out most weekends with at the time a good friend of mine who I’ll name Dave. We’d venture all over the North West to get our cycling kicks. On this occasion we stayed local. Not too far from where I live we have the Outwood trail, Philips park, Drinkwater & Clifton country parks which are all linked by trails and paths and offer good riding not extreme I might add, and walking and just general outdoor enjoyment is for everyone’s pleasure as I’m sure you know. We were traversing up and down the Outwood trail and eventually hit Waterdale where there are a number of trails and loops which come off the main track. It was on one of these loops I had my first encounter.

The RED dot signifies me
The very tip of the BLACK arrow signifies where the creature was

We were facing in the direction of the start of the Outwood trail with the thirteen arches and the River Irwell was to our left when we both bore right onto a single track loop which rises through fenced off forestry commissioned land, this land was overgrown with shrub and brush either side of the trail for about approx 40 yards before taking a sharp right angled left. After carrying on for no more than approx 10 yards or so Dave who was leading came to a standstill. I slowed down stopping just behind Dave and noticed something in the corner of my right eye. I immediately looked to my right and saw what I can best describe as a very large creature maybe 20 yards away. I’m not going to get into the realms of what it wasn’t, rather I will just say what I actually saw. It was brown in colour not dark but a light tan.  Although it wasn’t square onto me its head sat on a very broad set of shoulders with no neck. I couldn’t make out any facial expression or specifics due to its dark complexion. It was leaning forward on long arms not to dissimilar to that of the stance of a gorilla. I could just see the top of its legs and muscular thighs above the undergrowth. This all happened in the space of maybe four seconds before “it” rose slightly on its feet before bounding off in one movement to its right into thick tree cover. I estimate this thing was easily 7 to 8 feet maybe more in height. I turned to Dave who was fiddling with his bike and quickly asked did you just see that ? Dave shrugged and said see what ? I hesitated and thought if I actually told him what I had seen and with him being a bit of a joker I’d never hear the end of it and the ridicule would’ve been unbearable. That was something I wasn’t prepared to go through for anyone at any price. So I just answered “it must’ve been a deer” which he again just shrugged off and thought nothing of, as deer are regularly spotted in the area. We carried on our way and no more was said about it.  By the time I got home my mind was racing.  I know what I saw but didn’t know what to think, who to tell or anything for that matter. I decided to keep it locked down and not let it fester on my mind.

Then two weeks later as bizarre as it sounds it happened again. I was alone this time around and cycling in the same area but heading towards Dams Head lodge when I stopped to remove some annoying bits and pieces that had gotten caught up in the bikes chain set. I was immediately overcome with an uncomfortable heightened sense of being watched. Approximately 40 yards to my left was a very large bipedal creature, this “thing” was standing leaning to its left from behind a tree staring in my direction before disappearing after a few seconds behind the same tree and undergrowth. It was exactly the same colour and I estimate it’s dimensions were the same as the last encounter. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing again. I still can’t believe it. This time around I got straight back on my bike and sped out of there as quick as I could. It’s only now as a result of some heavy prompting from Dominic that I’ve decided to share my experiences. I’m not one for fictional storytelling as the last time I put pen to paper was a very long time ago donning a school uniform and I didn’t expect to be sharing my experiences in the public domain. However if some good can come out of this and prompt more people to come forward all the better in my opinion.

Take care and keep up the great work that you do

I only came across this picture while watching a recent episode on SnowWalkerPrime ‘Mom Bigfoot & baby Sasquatch seen’. The actual artist thumbnail used for the episode is exactly what I saw. Except in my first encounter the creature was facing in the opposite direction. Everything from the stance, to the size and colour match. I get Goose bumps just thinking about it now!

As you can imagine this account was validation of my own account of a similar creature back in 1982 which was followed by further sightings in 1984, 1995, this account in 2012, 2015, 2017 all within a few miles radius of each other.  From Buile Hill to the Ellesmere Golf club and then onto Drinkwater park and Phillips Park along the River Irwell Valley we have six accounts spanning almost 40 years.  And that is just the witnesses willing to be named there are a further four witnesses still unwilling to come forward. Hopefully in time we will be able to change that and the more people who put their hand up and say “I saw it too” the quicker we will do that. If you have witnessed something like this in the Salford area, along the Irwell Valley corridor or in the UK in general please get in touch and we can work out what, how and who? together.

Until Next Time Deborah

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