The Mermaids of the Peak District. And Upright Black Hairy Beasts

I know you guys are used to me bringing you stories and experiences that some would say are completely bonkers but for me can become a little run of the mill so to speak and these days im seldom shocked by the stories and experiences that ordinary people like you or I have experienced, but even I was surprised to come across a very strange tale while looking to see what else is happening in the areas that I receive reports of British Bigfoots and Canine type creatures. Believe me or not, but our central and beautiful land-locked and windswept Peak District is said to be home to not one, but two mermaids!

The first water nymph is rumoured to live in the appropriately named Mermaid’s Pool, situated just below Kinder Scout in the High Peaks. This site was thought to be popular for ancient water rituals for two reasons; firstly, the water is salty, which is very strange for an inland lake with no access to coast or tide. Secondly the nearby waterfall of Kinder Downfall often appears to have the mythical quality of water flowing upwards on a blustery day. Many a hiker have been taken aback to see what appears to be a waterfall flowing backwards and defying gravity.

The waters of the Mermaid’s Pool are believed to offer healing qualities to those brave enough to bathe within them.  For those looking for eternal life, the best time to visit is at midnight at Easter, which is the only time of the year when the Mermaid is said to appear. If she looks upon you fondly then she will grant you the gift of immortality. Make sure you catch her on a good day though, otherwise you can expect to be pulled into the pool to your death!

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‘Alien’ or ‘demon’ caught on camera by Cornwall ghost hunter at Kennall Vale Wood

Cornwall Live Reported this week that a witness seems to have captured a strange figure on video.  ‘Alien’ or ‘demon’ caught on camera by Cornwall ghost hunter at Kennall Vale wood.  The witness stated  ‘I just think it’s evil. It’s not from this world, it was definitely there and it was a solid form’

A ghost hunter from Cornwall has spoken out about his encounter with a mysterious creature which he described as an ‘alien’ or a ‘demon’. Mark Davies, of Falmouth, investigates evidence of paranormal phenomena in different places in the county.  He and three friends visited eerie wood Kennall Vale, at Ponsanooth, at about 9.30pm on Saturday (January 5) when they made the incredible discovery.

A video which he shared on YouTube showed a very strange silhouette appearing across a small bridge which leads to one of the derelict mills which stand on the site. It then seemed to move and stand in different places.

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Upright Canine in Finland

Phantom and Monsters  is a popular blog both here in the UK and Worldwide.  A recent article on the sighting of a “doglike” creature was reported in Finland, as more and more European Accounts come along it seems these strange Canine Creatures are being reported worldwide.

I recently came across the following account:

So about 2 years ago, I had an encounter with something I can’t explain and the reason I’m writing this is because I saw some strange footprints yesterday where I encountered it 2 years ago. (I live in Finland, near the coast)

Two years ago, I was out hunting and it was getting late and dark so I decided to head back home. I had about 2-3 km walk through the forest to get to my car. It had gotten pitch black outside at this point so I had an LED headlamp for light as I walked.

As I walked I kept hearing unusually loud sounds. I knew something big was moving. I was 100% sure it was a moose as I’ve encountered lots of them in the forest and they do make lots of noise/vibrations when they walk.

I couldn’t see anything though and it was getting closer to me. All of a sudden this super awful smell hits me, it smells like feces and something really rotten. My hair stands up and I raise my shotgun, as my whole body instinctively tells me to run.

I just stand still and listen. As the sounds get closer I see what looks like a humanoid figure standing on two feet, really tall, it had to be easily over 2 meters, but slender and muscular at the same time and kind of crouched down posture. It looked almost like a werewolf from movies, but at the same time not. It was quite far away, so my light barely went so far, but I could see it. Its eyes shined red from my LED headlamp as well.

It looked at me for about 3 seconds, made no sounds, it was breathing weirdly. (I think it could smell the two ducks I had in my backpack) It slowly walked away. I even filmed a bit as it started walking with my phone, but it’s poor quality as my phone at the time was old (Samsung S2) and it was dark, so you can’t really see it, just hear lots of noise.

Anyway, I told some friends and fellow hunters. A couple have heard or seen strange things as well, but nothing like this. Bos

The story of the Gwyllgi or Blach Hound of Wales. Hell Shucks, Darkness Dogs

Gwyllgi or wolf hound is one of the Welsh Shucks.   The Gwyligi or Gwyllgi is a Black Dog of Wales that stalks travellers scaring them and sometimes attacking them. Its name means ‘the Dog of Darkness’ or ‘Dog of Twilight’ the Gwyligi had fiery eyes and could be heard howling in the night. Whoever encountered the Gwyllgi and caught sight of its fiery gaze would be instantly paralysed. Some say that even its howl had the power to paralyse people with fear. It would trot alongside lonely travellers at night, stalking them slowly and silently before pouncing and attacking them.

The Gwyllgi was first mentioned in a rare book called ‘The Vale of Glamorgan’ in 1839 and there have also been reports of the Gwyllgi seen at Anglesey in Wales. Like other Black Dogs of Wales the Gwyllgi looked like a mastiff, very large, black in colour with a shaggy pelt.His description of this creature, seen on a lane leading into the Wrexham village, echoes those of the Gwyllgi, the mysterious dog-like apparitions of Welsh folklore. These commonly reported yet inexplicable spectres have their counterparts in England, where they go by a variety of regional names, including Padfoot, Skriker, Trash and Black Shuck. In the literature, they are usually simply referred to as Black Dogs.