The diehards on the trail of China’s ‘Bigfoot’ Yeren Witness Reports

It was nearly 40 years ago, but Yuan Yuhao remembers his brush with “China’s answer to Bigfoot” like it was yesterday.

Yeren seen in China!!!!!!!!

“It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon,” the former soldier recalled of the day in 1981 when his expedition in northwest Hubei province was interrupted by the sight of a “black-red humanoid animal, walking upright” on a sunny mountain slope.

“Its speed was very fast, but it was walking, not running,” Yuan said. As the creature ranged across a mountain in Fang county, bordering the Shennongjia Forestry District, “it walked faster than a human ran”.

Yuan quickly loaded his rifle and took dead aim at the figure. But before he could pull the trigger, his colleague intervened.

“Don’t you dare shoot!” Yuan recalled his colleague saying. “If you do and it turns out to be a human you’ve wounded or killed, and not a yeren, then what will happen?”

The beast continued up the peak and disappeared behind a cliff, according to Yuan.

Like the fabled Sasquatch of North American folklore and the mythical yeti, or Abominable Snowman, of the Himalayas, the legend of the yeren – meaning Wild Man – is alive and well in Shennongjia.

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Strange Animal Attacks In Manipur: Monkeyoid OR Mutant Monkey ?

Monkeyoid has been reported in India.

Mystery or hysteria of animals’ attacks on livestock and sightings of an uncommon animal still prevails in Manipur state despite massive manual search is going on as and when such sightings happen. Now, also rigorous search has been started using CCTV cameras by the concerned dept and government. We have already discussed about two models earlier ( viz (i) migratory model of natural animals and (ii) alien model of unknown species. Attack on the small livestock animals like ducks can be explained by natural animals like wolves, foxes, dogs, bears, Keijenglang (wild leopard cat) etc.

However, the description of the features of the creatures as seen during close encounters by people mostly during night (darkness) and the one in the early foggy winter morning cannot be fitted to small animals like dogs, big wild leopard cats, foxes, wolves etc. So, the immediate question is where does it fit? There have been reports of the unknown creature attacking few human victims (women) and a dog, leaving deep scratch marks from its sharp claws. However, life threatening attacks to human beings haven’t been reported so far. In the last few weeks, many people have claimed to have sighted the mysterious creature and this has created panic situation in the minds of people across the state.

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Mikes werewolf journal. The Mother Wolf Was Watching!!

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Images mentioned in the article can be found here

Werewolf Journal

Note-This journal log covers two field trips done over the last two weeks.

Date- 18.5.2018

Weather- Clear and sunny

Temp- 4c

Start- 06.05 hrs

End 07.20 hrs


Some activity today, in what I used to call zone 2 (Training area). I think it might be Wildman and not the usual suspects. As there was a lot of tree sign  (I took some photos) and saw three Deer,  I also saw something else of which I’m not sure. Firstly I heard some sounds to my left, this is when I saw the deer, so I didn’t think anything else of it, but a few minutes later there was the sound of something moving to my left and it wasn’t Deer this sound was different, so I stopped.

I knelt down and about 50 meters to my front was a dark shape using the cover of the trees and shadows cast by the canopy of the tree, the shape was a lot darker than the actual  tree, but I couldn’t make it out clearly, so I decided to move toward it during which time it moved off to the right and disappeared back into the cover. I walked over to the area where it had been but I couldn’t see a trail of where it had retreated to or gone. During the whole time the birds kept singing which re-assured me, so maybe it was a Wildman and not the usual furry friend.

Date 24.5.2018

Weather- Overcast, warm (It had rained hard during the morning hours)

Temp- 13.5c

Start- 13.35 hrs

End- 15.15 hrs


Today I visited the rear section of Nuney Woods, zone 2; this is where I had seen the figure/shape that used the shadows to hide and moved off to the right from the 18.5.2018. Well today’s visit had a big surprise for me (Photos taken) trees just piled on top of one another almost like a balancing act; really quit a bizarre sight to see. I found two dens and at least one of these dens was in current use. I did my usual sit down and waited 15/20 minutes and the birds slowly went quiet, sure enough I started to have the feeling of being watched from my front and to my left. Normally I feel nervous or have a slight case of the jitters but today I felt safe, not a false sense of safety but really safe (Not sure why?). I stayed sat down for a good 40 minutes or so but after a while I decided it was time for home, overall a very good afternoon.

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Bigfoot In Omaha. “Lets get home. I just saw a real big one run across road!”

Thomas Sewid Reports.

As we know I refer to all of North America as Sasquatch Island. Team member Lucas White on Omaha Indian Reservation just spoke to me and gave his field report from last few nights and days of investigating with gear we sent him home with from Seattle.

Night before last he and his 16 year old son he’s training up went out all night. Right by town they were set up on a road. His boy came back to where Lucas was and said, “Lets get home. I just saw a real big one run across road!”

Lucas went over and heard something and then saw eye shine in FLIR. At daylight he found some tracks and his knife is 10″ 1/2 inches long. See pic.

He played some audio on his cell phone external speaker of Sierra Sounds and got some answering calls. He’s finding they are coming into a certain area of town after 12:00 at night. Remember, many people leave scrap foods out for the Ci’tonga.

The picture of trailer freezer lock shows how probable Ci’tonga trying to open door where game meat is stored during hunting season shows how strong they possibly can be? I saw this trailer and took photos as well when I was on Reservation last year in June.

Lucas is finding lots of activity, but it can be expected on his Indian Reservation. If anyone is interested in driving there and getting him to guide you day and night he’s permitted by his Tribe to conduct his Omaha Sasquatch Adventures. Contact me to arrange your expedition.

I have lots of confidence that Lucas and his boy will be getting us more pics and video. I attached video from last week when the two came across this Ci’tonga walking along edge of field from left to right just right of big tree.

SIGHTINGS/EXPERIENCES MAP. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Dogman, Werewolf and Other Strange Creature Map.

The Sightings Map Goes Global. I am very pleased to announce that the Map has gone international. From now on I will be bringing all of the reports I saved over the years as I have researched.  I will be adding old and new reports and sightings from every country and continent. When I originally started this map back in 2003 I only added UK accounts. As the years have gone by and the lack of reporting facilities available I have been lucky enough to speak to witnesses and collect their accounts and experiences from all over the world, in the coming weeks I will also be adding these to the map as they come in. The map will continue to update as new accounts come in.  [wpedon id=”2944″]

Would you be willing to make a small donation to help fund researchers with equipment (the donation amount is your choice as all donation amounts are very welcome) It is a one off secure payment through PayPal and you will not be charged at any other point.  The map will then always be accessible to you for as long as you need it. Please bookmark or save the map if possible, and if there are any problems at all, just contact me at

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin ‘sights a Yeti family’ in remote Siberian mountains

Russian president discovers ‘proof’ that fabled creature exists while on short vacation in the Kemerovo region. Environmental rangers and hunters in remote mountain terrain  say the Kremlin leader ‘personally witnessed’ three Yetis while on a recent helicopter trip to a remote location famous for claimed sightings of the Russian Almasty or Wildman as he is known.

The rangers went on to explain ‘He and his entourage saw an adult male yeti and a female and one smaller child Yeti, at a distance of about 150 metres,’ said Dmitry Ivanov, a national park wildlife expert who was with the group at the time.

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Here is the link for Elusive British Cryptid Documentary – With accounts from British Cryptid witnesses and exclusive interviews with renowned Cryptozoologists and Researchers from across the UK, NOW AVAILABLE to watch today on Vimeo.  The DVD will be released on the 7th December. Thank you to all involved.

Elusive the long awaited British Documentary has been released on Vimeo.  With upto date witness accounts this long awaited project has taken 2yrs to put together.  Chris visited many witnesses across the UK and shares their stories with us and the places these events took place.

From john o Groats to Lands end, this documentary gives a real upto date look at the Cryptid Creatures found here in the British Isles. And the people who encounter them.


Mike’s Werewolf Journal. Journal of Images.

Dec 18 Image of the upturned tree.


Nov 18

A close up photo of a furry friend hiding behind a garage five doors away from me and a photo of the den, you can the muzzle, part of the nose and the left eye, you can almost see the pupil. There are two of them in there, these creatures are coming into my back garden and just sit there right at the back watching the goings on.
The second image is a close up of the creature in the den..

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