The ancient site of Stonehenge in Wiltshire has long been a focus of paranormal phenomena, and I have read some intriguing cases concerning this famous spot on the bleak Salisbury Plain. I will leave out the case of the disappearing hippies from the summer of 1973, who all apparently disappeared in a flash of blue light one night whilst camping out at the stones, as frankly I think it’s an old wives tale. Though if you do an Internet search for UFOs around Stonehenge, it is often the one that will come up. In spite of a lot of searching I have yet to find anything about this startling event other than as a sort of Stonehenge Urban Myth on paranormal forums. That Stonehenge is quite a magnet for UFO phenomena cannot be doubted though.

In March 2011 9000 secret UFO documents were released by the British government, which confirmed that Stonehenge has a long history of UFO sightings behind it. As far back as 1670 there were reports that somebody had seen a “strange ghost” near the stones. When the witness asked if it was there for good or evil, it declined to comment. The story goes that it disappeared, leaving behind an unusual smell (strange aroma’s are often to be found in UFO-related incidents).

In July 1877 locals reported seeing strange lights in the sky over the stones. Fast-forwarding to the 20th century there is a case from August 1957, when the military were enacting war strategies on Salisbury Plain. As they were getting ready a crew in one of the tanks reported seeing a large, silver cigar-shaped object, which the tank opened fire on. A few years later, in 1968, Arthur Shuttlewood, a local journalist and prominent figure in the Warminster Thing phenomenon, said he saw a UFO close to a ring of fire that emerged from the stones.

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New “””””BIGFOOT””””” Image presented by Todd Standing.

Im lost for words on this one, so im going to go with Thomas Marcums very honest and in my opinion truthful comments on the photograph in question. (you may need popcorn and a beer for this one folks)

Thomas has a very informative blog covering Cryptid reports World wide for the original post click Here 

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Stop posting Bushcraft as “bigfoot Structure or Birthing Dens”

PLEASE NOTE: These are examples of wood craft/ bushcraft shelter, used by humans to camp in the woods. I will no longer be accepting these as “bigfoot” structure here or in any of my sites.

What self respecting hidden creature would use a saw to cut limbs and build a place of safety on a well trodden path, in view of passing humans for all to see.  Carry a tool bag around with him, when indigenous tribe will show you how to build a shelter with your hands with windfall logs and branches.  Where are these tool kits stored?  Why are they empty day after day, week after week, never changing?

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3-year-old boy lost in NC woods tells his family he ‘hung out with a bear for 2 days’

The 3-year-old boy who spent two days lost in the woods of eastern North Carolina tells his family he “hung out with a bear” for companionship while hundreds of people searched frantically in cold and rainy weather to find him.

His aunt, Breanna Hathaway, shared that revelation on Facebook Friday morning, adding that Casey “is healthy, smiling, and talking” after being found late Thursday night. The post has gotten more than 500 comments and 2,100 shares through the day.

“He said he hung out with a bear for two days,” she posted. “God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is (a) good God. Miracles do happen.”

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Crossing with Giants.

Could the evidence of the Bering Land Bridge be a reasonable explanation supporting migration routes of a species of hominid commonly referred to as Bigfoot.

Did these giants migrate from the mountains and deep forests of Russia and Asia across a now buried beneath the ocean land bridge that once provided a passage to the country masses we know as Canada and America.
Does the Bigfoot of North America, the Yeti of the Himalayas, Alma of Russia and the Yeren of China all share a formidable group of ancestors who travelled along a habitable green corridor stretching hundreds of miles into the neighbouring continent over 20,000 years ago?

This land bridge, known as Beringia, emerged towards the end of the last Ice Age, as glaciers once blocking the way, melted. This channel would eventually be buried beneath the sea some 12,000 years before the legend of Bigfoot would spread worldwide.

DNA profiling of the indigenous peoples of Canada and America have shown clear evidence that their origins stem from a population some 23,000 years ago crossing Beringia into new lands from continent to continent.
Could another ancient being have used this long-forgotten route to find their own ‘new world’? Would they, like their human counterparts, be migrating. Possibly seeking refuge from an ever-growing human population steadily spreading around the world.