Some say it resembles a prowling hyena, others a ferocious wolf.

While there are those who have seen the mysterious creature menacing Buckshaw Village and describe it as a terrifying cross between a wild boar and some kind of big cat.

Whatever it is, it has been blamed for mauling several deer to death, and one resident’s Alsatian dogs were left quivering with fear after a particularly close encounter.

Now one intrepid villager has taken a photograph of what locals have dubbed the Buckshaw Beast, sparking a feverish online debate about what exactly it might be.

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Norfolk Broads: Myths, Ghosts and Shucks spooky tales from the waterways

A dragon at Ludham, a huge dog at Bungay, ley lines passing through haunted churchyards and a screaming monk at St Benet’s Abbey.

Anyone who has felt the blackness of a dark night on the Broads, watched eerie wisps of fog swiftly wrapping whatever it can reach or noticed their neck prickling as they drive along Broadland country roads will know there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful tales about the Broads.

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Marie and I visited Salt Fork State Park 15/05 – 20/05 in 2018. We were there because it’s a known Ohio Bigfoot hotspot.

In this film we visit Morgans Knob, Bigfoot Ridge, Hosak’s Cave and Stone House Nature Trail.

Spolier alert – we didn’t see Bigfoot in Salt Fork but we did hear tree knocking off the Stone House Nature Trail. The knocking was nearby and very loud. It was hard to explain.

The film does not include audio of the knocking.

Music by Bangford:…

Bigfoot Sightings from BFRO:…

Government Employees’ Bigfoot Encounter Bigfoot Lying In the Road

Kentucky Bigfoot Reports

Witnesses: Robert & Rick (full names on file)

State: Florida (Panhandle)

Location: Blackwater WMA

Date: Spring 1970

Time: Approximately 10:00am

Encounter report via phone on 5-1-2018:
Robert is a retired level four engineer. He worked for Honeywell Aeronautical Division. He is now 74 years old.

The two men were hunting wild hogs. As they entered a field a Bigfoot was standing approximately 30 yards from them. It was a bright, sunny day and the creature stood upright and was facing them. No expression on its face. It was about 6-7 feet tall, very wide at the shoulders, muscular, nasty-looking reddish-brown hair with Spanish moss hanging in the hair, conical shaped head, large black eyes, flat nose and a grey face.

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MY ENCOUNTER WITH THE “GREEN MAN” reported Nov 2015 A Hairy Creature in the wood

My name is mark Thompson and I now live in New Zealand, but originally I lived in England near London, in a town called High Wycombe. My encounter involves the legendary Green Man. The Green Man is a legend of old, and dates back thousands of years just like the native American stories of sasquatch. In my case I grew up next to the Chiltern hills, which span across the southwest to the northwest of London. It is a very dense wooded area and has many legends of the Green Man, Herne the hunter, jack ‘o’ lantern. Willo the wisp, Jack ‘o’ the Green etc. Some parts of the UK were not inhabited until the late 1800’s so forestry was quite big in England.

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