Four Barrow’s, Figures, A Wolf Like Creature and Growls, and Giant Men

On Saturday 12th May 2012, a small group of The Twilight Shadows Paranormal Team decided that we would go on a three-location paranormal road trip. We wanted to visit three ancient sites here in the UK

Our first location brought us to some allegedly haunted woods in Wiltshire, known for dark figures and screams and howls it did seem the perfect “haunted” place to do an investigation.

The woodlands we were visiting lie on an ancient site and as soon as you enter them, it felt to me like an ethereal, atmospheric sensation, envelops you.  I felt off” but I’m not able to explain how or why?

Four Barrows, near Aldbourne, Wilts. Prehistoric round barrows. Photographed in February 2013.

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First a Wolf and then a Man, “Did you see him” Jan 2018 Yorkshire

I received a report over the weekend from a number of witnesses to the same “figure” during a journey back to Manchester from North Yorkshire, luckily one of the ladies on the Journey Kay knows of me and my interest in any unknown creatures or figures here in the UK, so she felt OK speaking with me about it.

The ladies were travelling in two vehicles in convoy. They must of taken a wrong turn on an unfamiliar road and sadly one of the cars needed petrol so they proceeded to search for a garage that could help. After finding a garage they set off again only for the lead car to suffer a blow out!! It seems fate was playing a hand for it was in that moment on a dark country road one of the ladies in the back said “can you see him” as she pointed at a dark running human figure on the hillside, a second lady along on the outing replied “that she could, and that it was a running man”

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Shared by a Friend, Something some of you will enjoy i think. “Conversations with Pan”, R. Ogilvie Crombie

One beautiful afternoon I was wandering about the rock garden and other favorite spots. Eventually I began walking along a path skirting the north side of Inverleith House, which is situated on rising ground in the centre of the gardens and is now Edinburgh’s Modern Art Gallery. Leaving the path I crossed an expanse of grass, dotted with trees and bushes, to a seat under a tall beech tree. When I sat down I could lean my shoulders and the back of my head against the tree. I became, in some way, identified with this tree, became aware of the movement of the sap in the trunk and even of the infinitely slow growth of the roots. There was a decided heightening of awareness and a sense of expectation. I felt completely awake and full of energy.

Suddenly I saw a figure dancing round a tree about twenty yards away from me – a beautiful little figure about three feet tall. I saw with astonishment that it was a faun, the Greek mythological being, half-human half-animal. He had a pointed chin and ears and two little horns on his forehead. His shaggy legs ended in cloven hooves and his skin was honey coloured. I watched him in astonishment, not believing my eyes. For a moment I wondered if perhaps he was a boy made up for a school show. Yet he could not be – something about him was decidedly not human. Was he an hallucination? There were one or two other people walking about in the gardens. I looked at them and then back at this beautiful little being. He was still there and seemed to be as solid and real as they were. I tried hard to analyse this experience and explain him away. Suddenly I was brought up sharp – what was I trying to do? Here was a strange and wonderful experience. Why should I not accept it, see what happened and analyse it later? I began to watch the little being with delight as he circled around another tree. He danced over to where I was sitting, stood looking at me for a moment and then sat crossed-legged in front of me. I looked at him. He was very real. I bent forward and said:

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The Niner’s Quarry “Thing” Knottingley 1989

Sometimes in out lives we come across people who have had similar life experiences to yourself, almost parallel lives in a way, when I talk with this witness I can really identify with how it feels to be able to see and hear things others say are impossible, because regardless of anybodies view, it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to the experiencer whether you believe them or not.  All you have are the things that happen unasked for throughout your life.  As I was chatting with Christian I asked if he had ever experienced anything other than the creature he saw with his dog Patch.  I asked because you tend to find with some witnesses the sighting is not the only thing that has happened to them if you dig a little and listen a lot.  Most people have a story to tell, you just have to sit with them and listen and the story dovetails into more.

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A Red Haired Yeti and a Young Girls Tale Autumns Words 1

Autumn is a lady that views things in a different way to many people out there, she likes to look around corners and outside the box,, she trusts her instincts and follows her gut, and after some eye opening experiences as a child, has accepted the world is not all it seems and in doing so has found her place in the world, and is willing to share her experiences for anyone going through the same or similar things, i was honoured when Autumn reached out to me, as i feel she has the same wants and ideas as myself, and many of the people who also chat to me most days, so for now i will bring you a small excerpt from Autumn’s world and over the coming winter months we can learn what shaped her as a child, and her journey through the years to where she is now, and hopefully we can walk a while along with her and learn from her wise and open mind.

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Use your own words, Bigfoot Evidence, get out and look.

Article   An article today, once again used without my permission appeared in the “Bigfoot Evidence Blog”  this blog is known for its unoriginal stories and is a trolls paradise, and once again the original article has been used without the original author’s knowledge.  I do not support or endorse Bigfoot Evidence (ironic name for armchair research and spreader of mis-information) and would like to distance myself from this “blog” which no doubt will continue to take what is not theirs, to pad out the gaps in their own work.  I suggest good boots, a warm coat and the ability to think for yourself, can be very handy tools.

Mike’s Werewolf Journal, prt 9, Wandering Wolves Jan 2018

Werewolf Log December 2017

Date 17.12.17

Area- Nuney Green, Zone 1

Weather- Light rain, overcast but with good visibility

Temp- 3c


Search time, 11.25 to 12.35 hours. Nothing much to report back on today, very much a no show, no sign of anything out or moving around, I think it is still worth making a note of today as in future years I may see a seasonal or monthly pattern emerge, but the M.I.B with the Mercedes Estate was back again. No contact between him or I but his absence was noted and once again just an empty car. 

I will continue to visit and note any changes and in the hopes of finding out who this chap is.  Any advise on possible ways of doing this would be very welcome, Deborah has my email and can send it over if you would prefer to speak in private.  

Not the actual car!!

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