The Banchory Gorilla or UK Bigfoot? mid 2000s Multiple Reports

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Torphins Aberdeen – A Huge Hairy Figure Chases Car, July 1994

(Posted in The Fortean Times 2006) Local men, Pete and George, were walking through a forestry track in woods near their home in Torphins, Aberdeen.  When they were nearing the end of the track, Pete saw a dark figure run from the trees on the left across the track, before disappearing into the trees on the right. At first Pete thought it was a man but the figure left a strange foreboding in him.  George did not see the figure and was busy telling Pete he was imagining things when a face appeared from the trees behind Pete’s back and looked right at George. George was chilled to the bone as the face “looked human, but was not human”. It darted away just as quickly,  and for some reason George threw a large stone in it’s direction. The two friends then left the area feeling somewhat unnerved, but as it was a walk they had to do on a regular basis, they knew they would have to return.

A few weeks later, approximately two miles away from their first encounter, the two friends along with a third man, again saw the ‘creature’ as they were driving along the road into Torphins. In their own words: “Suddenly there came this great muscular, hairy figure bounding out from the side of the road and it started to run behind the car. At one point it caught up and ran easily alongside us, as we approached speeds of 35mph. ”

Pete describes the creature as, “strong and muscular, with red glowing eyes, a thick body covered in hair, and about 6ft to 6ft five inches in height, it was jet black in colour”. The figure ran after them for several minutes, then stopped abruptly in the middle of the road, leaving the terrified car occupants to continue their journey into Torphins.

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A similar ‘creature’ was also reported by a lady who lives in an isolated cottage on the edge of the same forest where Pete and George first saw the figure. The lady stated she had seen it on two occasions watching her house from the woods. She too stated that creature she saw had red glowing eyes. The only other report that I am aware of from this area, is from a man who claims to have caught a fleeting glimpse of a creature through high-powered binoculars as it darted through a forest clearing.

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The Banchory Gorilla or The Uk Bigfoot 2006

A friend of mine told me a story recently. Whilst she was out with friends at the back-end of midnight, driving through the back roads near Banchory (a small town near Aberdeen) she and another person saw something cross the road in front of their car, and the only description she could give me was that it was ‘a gorilla’. This is the most level headed person I know (some would say she is overly skeptical, and usually rubbishes any ideas of a Fortean bent that I try to persuade her with. She sticks to her story to this day.

Banchory could very well be an ideal home for our wild man, with many pine forests. Where the River Feugh and the River Dee meet, there are miles and miles of wilderness he could call his own, from Kincardineshire on the North-East coast back across the mountains of Grampian.

The Running Man Legend 

Locals tell stories of a Running Man, a hairy creature that runs alongside cars. This is an extremely sasquatch-like creature and not to be confused with the grey man, which has been a part of Scottish folklore and tradition for centuries. One sighting describes a creature whose face was “inhuman”.  It is known for its preference for running, as opposed to walking, and has a tendency to run alongside cars and look through the windows.

Torphins is a village in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and lies about 23 miles west of Aberdeen. It is situated on the A980, about 7 miles north-west of Banchory, and was once served by the Great North of Scotland Railway. There are many wooded areas and the river Dee flows through here. I will be bringing you updates from this area from time to time as we do have a researcher monitoring the situation from close by.

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