Bardney, Lincs. Shadowed, Watched and Figures in the Trees? Summer 2017

I would like some advice on an incident that happened earlier in the summer to me and my wife. I wanted to show you some of the photographs I took whilst we were there – I would really like to hear people’s opinions on what, if anything, they can see in them. It did not feel like we were alone that day and that’s why I took the photos. It was around 9.15 in the evening, it was a lovely summers night and I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I think it was late July, early August. We are lucky in that we have quite a lot of small woodlands in the area if you google Southrey, Lincolnshire you will see. My wife and I had been for a walk with the dog and we had parked the car just of road that heads to Bardney.

You can walk just inside the woods until you come to the farmland on the opposite side. We followed the perimeter of the woods for a while until we came to a small opening, then took the path to the left until it turned right, where it was slightly overgrown and hard to get into I would imagine, that lead almost in a straight line back to the Car. As we started back, we were just walking along chatting when we heard something to our left inside the tree line where the rough area is. It seemed to be walking with us, keeping pace with us – when we stopped it stopped. It sounded as if it was not that far in, so I started taking photos. I’m a keen photographer and I love wildlife so my camera is always with me. We carried on and by now my wife, who I must say is a non believer, picked the dog up and started walking back to the car. I walked slowly up the path and I know there was definitely something there. Although I couldn’t see it, I know it wasn’t a deer.

I took dozens of photos and looked through them on my computer when I got home. I deleted some of them as I went along, but kept the few I wasn’t sure about. This was the only one I found that seemed to show something, and this was about halfway back to the car.


A number of other faces have been reported by people who have seen the photograph.

6/11/17  I went back to the place we originally went, but I couldn’t find the exact spot as it had changed so much. I need to spend more time there and get to know the area really well. I couldn’t make anything out as it looked so different in the Autumn. A lot of stuff had died down and trying to match the trees was a nightmare. Even with two devices, I couldn’t replicate the exact shot – I suppose I will just have to keep returning as the seasons change. I will keep you updated on any finds or further strange experiences.


These two connecting mixed and diverse woodlands contain excellent examples of wildlife typical of the Bardney Limewoods National Nature Reserve.

Like many of the Limewoods, Southrey Wood is a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) because of the richness of the plant and animal life found there. It is particularly renowned for it’s butterflies.

There is an exceptional concentration of wildlife in the ancient woodlands, and a number of species can be found here that otherwise occur in Britain only much further south or west. The farmland surrounding the woods retains ancient streams, hedges and ditches, supporting scarce species of wildlife. Like the woods, the network of habitats were fragmented, limiting the opportunities for wildlife to expand their range and colonise new areas.

NB: It is advisable to return soon to take a comparison shot of any anomaly found in a photograph or video. Check things like the height of a branch or the width of a tree and hold something there for scale. Many a researcher has tried to get back in months later to find that a lot has changed. In a perfect world it would be easy to match light, season and time of day, but try to get the best shots you can. Two phones, a digital camera and phone, or a mixture of your tech items will help you with this. Hold one device with the original shot open, and try to line it up with the second… and take shots of the matched area a number of times with a slight movement between them. Eventually you should be able to see if the anomaly matches with something within the woods and trees.

HOW TO GET THERE  The majority of the woods are between 1 and 3 kilometres south of the A158 on either side of the B1202, between the towns of Bardney and Wragby. Access to the woods is via minor roads from the A158 and B1202. There is a car park in Chambers Farm Wood accessed from Hoop Lane via the B1202.  This area is suitable for the disabled, with walks mapped out for easier use.


D. L. Hatswell 22/11/17

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