Bigfoot Accounts from Angus Scotland 81 – 2016

Charmaine Fraser’s Account: These experiences happened at my Grandparents property out in the Carmyllie Forest area and we spent a lot of our childhood there, at the farm house, it was very heavily wooded back then and there is a quarry and steams, my brother currently lives there. The area has changed in the last 30 yrs but it is still quite remote.

The first incident took place during the day when I was sent out to get the newspapers that got delivered to the neighbours at the bottom of the road. I was with the dog and we were coming down the long path that leads to the track running past the bottom of the property and out on to the farm road. Just before I got onto the track the dog stopped suddenly and started to growl, whine and bare her teeth.

I remember seeing the hair rising on her back, but I carried on past her for a few paces ending up on the track. I just thought she had heard a fox or something and that had her spooked.  I carried on to get the newspapers and I looked up at that moment and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,  I saw a large black figure further along the track standing with its back to me.  I dont think it knew I was there or just it wasn’t bothered by me being there, It was reaching up to a branch on a tree, and just carried on as if I wasn’t watching.

It was at the side of the track and was very tall, and it had a thick build with no neck and wide shoulders, it was hairy all over.  I remember standing in shock for a second or two before screaming and turning to run back to the house, as I screamed it slowly started to turn around but I didn’t hang about to see its face. Needless to say my reports of seeing a monster were not taken seriously and dismissed as it probably being a neighbour. I can’t give an exact year but I was around 8/9 years old (This is an estimation as I remember drawing a picture of it in primary 5 at school) so that puts it around 1980/81 and I don’t have an exact time of year but the leaves were out on the trees so it would have been sometime between early summer and Autumn.

There were two further incidents around that time but they are more tenuous I feel but I will share them in the hopes somebody remembers another account like mine. Late one night when we were driving along the empty road, we were coming up the road in the car and just as we were turning right onto the track there was a figure, further along the road just standing in the dark in the middle of an huge forest?  he was up the road facing us, his face and body were inline with the car and he was looking towards the headlights.  You couldn’t see him clearly but I briefly made out a humanoid shape and there was orange eye shine reflecting from the lights, “it” was just standing in the middle of the road looking at us. At the time I told myself it was probably a person.

The final incident was when we were out picking wild raspberries and we heard something way back in the woods, a long, deep wail. The adults in the group looked at each other and commented on the howl, wondering what it was but then they dismissed it and carried on with what they were doing.

Many strange things happen at Carmyllie, the quarry has been a place many locals avoid. With finds of bones and den like structures. Other people in the area have reported accounts of “the big ginger raaar” in the heavily wooded forest, one of the places here in the UK that is ideal habitat for anyone wanting to remain unseen.

Charmaine has found many witnesses all across Scotland who saw something similar to herself and on the 31st July 2016 she made this report in the British Bigfoot Research Group of which Charmaine is a member: This is a report I was sent regarding a possible sighting. I consequently went and investigated the area, a structure was found around the same spot this happened in. This report happened less than 25 klm from Charmaine’s childhood account.

Witness Account: 2016: I just wanted to contact you to tell you about a sighting my wife had last Sunday evening at 7.30pm whilst driving along a wooded section of A926 near Alyth towards Kirriemuir. I was driving and didn’t see anything, but my wife in the back suddenly said “Did you see that?”. She said she saw something standing a small distance ahead on the verge of the road within the dense woodland that she initially thought was a man walking, but then it leapt further back into the wood line and the tree cover, wha ever it was, it was moving very quickly and then stopped. My Wife at the time said “it looked black like the colour of a shadow and it was tall and wide.” She said “I got the impression it was about to cross the road and then leapt deeper into the wood upon hearing the car, as if it was going to cross and we came along and it had to hide again until we passed? She was a bit shaken up and said her hair was standing up on end.

I probably would have turned the car around and had a look myself if it was just me and the wife, but my Aunt was in the car and had been woken by the commotion and was not impressed.

She has considered other logical normal reasons such as deer or a hiker, but she didn’t believe they could look like the thing that she saw. Anyway it may just have been an optical illusion that made something normal seemed unusual, but I thought I would tell you about it as I understand you are researching the phenomenon.

I will bring you some of Charmaine’s other accounts over the coming months, there are many across Scotland and Charmaine is also an active out doors researcher and is collecting evidence of the Kilted Wildman.  Please get in touch with myself or Charmaine if you have a similar account in the area or anywhere in the UK.

Until Next Time. Deborah @)—‘–,—-.

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