Bigfoot In Italy. 1960’s Locals talk of the Man Beast who lived in the Marsh

It was 1960 and the inhabitants of a small fishing town just outside Naples Italy spoke of howls and sightings of a man beast that lived in the marsh and a young American man encountered the “Manar” creature.  Original Source

The squasc (pronounced [ˈskwaʃ]) is a mythological being of the Eastern Lombardy region folklore.

It is said to be small, hairy, tawny, similar to a squirrel without tail, but with an anthropomorphic face.

Its nature is somehow between that of a bad spirit (assimilable to the boogeyman or Blackman) and that of an elf or imp. Like the former, the squasc is summoned to frighten children, but like the latter it loves playing jokes on people, particularly young girls.

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