Bigfoot In Omaha. “Lets get home. I just saw a real big one run across road!”

Thomas Sewid Reports.

As we know I refer to all of North America as Sasquatch Island. Team member Lucas White on Omaha Indian Reservation just spoke to me and gave his field report from last few nights and days of investigating with gear we sent him home with from Seattle.

Night before last he and his 16 year old son he’s training up went out all night. Right by town they were set up on a road. His boy came back to where Lucas was and said, “Lets get home. I just saw a real big one run across road!”

Lucas went over and heard something and then saw eye shine in FLIR. At daylight he found some tracks and his knife is 10″ 1/2 inches long. See pic.

He played some audio on his cell phone external speaker of Sierra Sounds and got some answering calls. He’s finding they are coming into a certain area of town after 12:00 at night. Remember, many people leave scrap foods out for the Ci’tonga.

The picture of trailer freezer lock shows how probable Ci’tonga trying to open door where game meat is stored during hunting season shows how strong they possibly can be? I saw this trailer and took photos as well when I was on Reservation last year in June.

Lucas is finding lots of activity, but it can be expected on his Indian Reservation. If anyone is interested in driving there and getting him to guide you day and night he’s permitted by his Tribe to conduct his Omaha Sasquatch Adventures. Contact me to arrange your expedition.

I have lots of confidence that Lucas and his boy will be getting us more pics and video. I attached video from last week when the two came across this Ci’tonga walking along edge of field from left to right just right of big tree.

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