Bigfoot Seen In German Swamp 2018. Hairy Dark Neanderthal like Creature

I am sure most of you will know Kelly Shaw from RMSO Blogspot and his work on the American Sasquatch. Not only is Kelly an avid outdoors researcher he also collects sightings and witness accounts from across the globe, I was very lucky that Kelly allowed me to share his latest case that came into him from a man named Tom who lives in the North of Germany.  The original article is Here.  

Kelly says (Apologies for the choppy sentences. Tom lives in and was reporting from Germany. I was having to translate his native language to English and this may cause a little confusion in the report.)

Help, help !! In the East Holstein region in Germany, I was just in a bog that I think may be the home of a big foot I have pursued for a long time now. I was in the bogland and after a while I heard a whistle. I went in search of the whistle and this thing came running out and it ran up to me. I do not know where to report this incident or who to tell. Yes the thing here I saw for about two seconds!! This thing had long black matted fur like a dead animal and big eyes and huge hands and was around 1.90 meters to 2.10 meters tall with its own features and the face was without fur and it had a disgusting stink.
I do not like the stench it was a bad animal smell. It smelled like a rotting carcass or something dead. The creature as a whole looked somewhat like that of a Neanderthal man. I dont know how to describe it really . I ran up to my dirt bike and got away as fast as he could. A terrible noise followed me as I left there. After asking if he has been back to find foot prints of the creature Tom responds.
No “I trust not that area and dont want to go again” said Tom “there was even a 2 × 2 meter large nest made ​​of reeds that looked like a large animal had made a bed there.”
Tom is an avid outdoors man. He does a lot of fishing. This encounter has scared him and it sounds like he does not want to return to that part of the bog where this creature came up to him. If we get any more information on this sighting in Germany we will make sure to post these updates.
Now this is not the only Bigfoot or Wildman account to come out of Germany and this strange photo above showed up around March of 2012, there is also the case of four mountain bikers who saw an upright walking bear in Germany in Flekenberg in 2012 and an account of an American tourist who gave a “wildman” in Germany a candy bar and was reported to have said, “we presumed it was a Bigfoot like the ones back home).  So do you know of any reports in Germany or anywhere else in Europe? We would love to hear from you if you do.


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