Bigfoot Sighting From a Train 30/11/17

It was a bright Friday morning in November, I was catching a train from Exeter to Bristol at approximately 11:30 AM. The rush hour had gone at this point and there was probably only 30 to 40 people on the platform when the train rolled in.
The train journey was smooth the sky was bright & sun was shining down, soon we had branched away from the motorway and were between the hills and fields and the forest line.

In my carriage way probably 10 to 12 people most of them with their head in either mobile phones or morning newspapers. I haven’t been on a train for years so I was keen to take in the scenery.  About 10 miles from Bristol we were travelling through an area and in the fields to my right I saw something large in the middle of the field walking, it was walking kind of hunched over, and all I could tell you was it was a black figure.

At a guess I would’ve said it was 70 to 100 metres away from the train
My eyes were glued on “it” at this point.  I was watching the way the “thing” was walking, almost towards the side of the field, it was edged right upto the hedgerow as if to walk alongside the hedge itself, almost like it was using the hedge for cover? To my eye whatever it was seemed to take massive strides, and “it” was covering the ground very quickly. As I spun my head to the left to see if anybody else on the train had seen what I was looking at, I was surprised to see that nobody was really looking out from the seats in my direction, or any direction other than down to be fair.

I would imagine five to ten seconds was all I saw it for. But it stood out to me as strange. To start off with, I didn’t think it was a Bigfoot or anything like that, until I watched how it walked and the way it hugged the hedgerow, I thought it was just somebody walking through a field, and if they were not acting in such a strange manner, with a strange gait, and hugging the bushes to stay hidden, surely a person wouldn’t do that? or would look like that?

Until about two minutes later, after viewing this figure I saw a couple walking a collie dog in a field, roughly the same distance that I’d seen the black figure, they were to the side of the hedge line, I was gobsmacked to see that I could hardly make them out, I mean, I knew they were humans walking with the dog but I couldn’t really see what they were wearing apart from the brightly coloured coats. And it dawned on me that they were probably of average size male and female, although what I had seen five minutes earlier twas clearly not, in that it was a all black figure in a field, “it” was Huge. I could see the black figured arms and legs and chest, compared to the two humans I had just seen walking the dog.

At the point of seeing the black figure I realise the tree line behind it was probably around 200 m away and had a thick dense forest behind it. I have no proof whatsoever to show you Only my word as a British Bigfoot researcher. So I have checked the map of the UK Bigfoot sightings and I’ve realised that this was probably 5 miles away from another sighting some years before. It wasn’t to far away from the Smitham hill Ape-man account and many others near Bristol.

I’m hundred% sure what I saw was the English Bigfoot.
And what makes me so confident is the way it walked, with slightly bent legs, long strides but a graceful fluid walking motion.


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