‘Bigfoot’ Sighting in England, Claims Local Man

A man in England was surprised by a monkey-like animal he says came out of the woods in the county of Suffolk.

Bury St Edmunds resident Geoff Knights says he was looking for “big cat signs” in the Offton woods, near Stowmarket, when the creature showed up on Aug. 14. “I have seen one big cat and several pug marks too,” Knights, also known as Crabtree, said. “Then I heard it as clear as day.”

Reportedly, he began hearing primate vocalizations and “crashing” sounds coming from the thick vegetation. “I heard as clear as day. A monkey goes woow woow. Then I turned and saw it.” Knights reports that he saw an animal matching the physical features of a gorilla mixed with the “general shape of a man”. “It was a similar colour to a chimp,” he explained. “It walked fast with its legs like ours and not like a chimp would. It knocked branches aside as it went along with its arms. They looked to be at least a third longer. It was probably 5′ 8″ tall.”

The creature, he says, then disappeared back into the woods. “I became very panicky. Now I am 20 stone and pretty fearless but I just needed to go.” Knights says he is very confused with what he saw but that he is sure about what it looked like, although he is reluctant to call it a “shug monkey”. “I keep running things through my head… this is England, not the Pacific Northwest. The only other answer would be an escaped bipedal, an ape, monkey or gibbon, but it didn’t look like anyone on their own,” he explains, adding that he also wondered if it could be a “man-made hybrid ape”.

48-year-old retired cook Deborah Hatswell knows what that feels like. “It’s always hard at first just coming to terms with what you saw. It does get easier tho over time, but it leaves you with a need to know more,” she told Knights. In 1982, she and a classmate had decided to skip high school when they came across a similar creature in Salford. “A huge ape-man type thing leant forward and just looked at me, from about mid-chest I could see him and he was in my mind a monster,” Hatswell told Cryptozoology News. Crabtree, who has worked in those woods before, says this area has been “left alone” for about 30 years. And, as the man continues to try to process what he saw that summer day, he says he hopes he doesn’t get ridiculed for sharing this sighting. “I plan on going back soon to get measurements,” he said.

There were no pictures or videos taken of the incident. Adam Bird, founder of the British Bigfoot Research organization, told Cryptozoology News on Saturday that Knight’s sighting is “very impressive” and that he will be carrying out a field investigation soon. Cryptozoology News

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