‘Bigfoot’ Sighting in Offton Woods England, Vocals heard clearly

A man in England was surprised by a monkey-like animal he says came out of the woods in the county of Suffolk. Bury St Edmunds resident Geoff Knights says he was looking for “big cat signs” in the Offton woods, near Stowmarket, when the creature showed up on Aug. 14. “I have seen one big cat and several pug marks (name used for animal footprints) too,” Reportedly, he began hearing primate vocalisations and “crashing” sounds coming from the thick vegetation. “I heard it as clear as day. A monkey going woow woow. over and over Then I turned and saw it.”


Knights reports that he saw an animal matching the physical features of a gorilla mixed with the “general shape of a man”.  “It was a similar colour to a chimp,” he explained. “It walked fast with its legs like ours and not like a chimp would walk. It knocked branches aside as it went along with its arms. They looked to be at least a third longer. It was probably 5′ 8″ tall.”

The creature, he says, then disappeared back into the woods. “I became very panicky.  Now I am 20 stone and pretty fearless but I just needed to go. Knights says “he is very confused with what he saw but that he is sure about what it looked like, although he is reluctant to call it a “shug monkey”. (an old English name that covers anything from a black shuck to a monkey faced bear)

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“I keep running things through my head… this is England, not the Pacific Northwest. The only other answer would be an escaped bipedal, an ape, monkey or gibbon, but it didn’t look like any of them,” he explains,  Mr Knights added that he also wondered if it could be a “man-made hybrid ape”?

Deborah Hatswell took Geoff’s Report, at this time in the UK there was nowhere to report this kind of thing too says Mr Knight.  But it seems D. L. Hatswell has mapped and collected around 460 reports of similar type of whoops, ape like, creatures and walking bi-pedal creatures, this is Geoff’s account as it was given to Deborah: I have worked in those woods as a woods man for many years, though not now sadly, anyway back then I was working as usual, it was a  Friday and the job that day was to cut a ride, or path and coppice the trees. I had gone up through the woods just working as normal, and a feeling came over me very strongly that I wasn’t alone.  Now I am 20 stone and pretty fearless but I just lost it, and I cant explain why?  Something came over me and I just totally lost my nerves, I decided to head out of the woods and headed for the clearing, as I went along I heard as plain as day a monkey go whoop whoop. I turned to look in the direction the noise came from and as I did I heard an almighty crashing and saw clearly a two legged thing hurtling along really fast.

What I saw was something about 80 feet away go across a trail at speed, it used it’s long arms to knock aside the trees, and was just barging through making a hell of a racket?  All I can say is it was just like a chimp in colour but more like a gorilla in build, but the general shape of man, I just couldn’t work out, what it could be? I would estimate it to be somewhere in the range of  5’7″ 5’8″ in height, broad across the chest and shoulders, and with arms at least a third longer than mine.   This thing moved like we move, fluid, not bow legged like a chimp.  I still have no idea what i saw.  No clue, just a dark upright cross between a monkey and a human moving at speed across the path.

Even now after this time I still feel very confused, I believe in Bigfoot and the Woodwose and Shug monkeys’ of myth, but seeing one is very surreal, its like I was watching it play out in front of me as if I was watching it on a film,  but it was real right in front, well to my right of me. I cant describe the feeling of seeing one i am very confused….

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Original source http://cryptozoologynews.com/bigfoot-sighting-in-england-says-local/ 


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