Bigfoot Tony outs Teddyboy Bigfoot’s “SCAR”. WARNING – GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!

One of the UK’s biggest hoaxers and a man who has been lying to and decieving American and Canadians subscribers for many months now is finally outed for what he is,, Watch the video yourself and see how you feel.  It would seem that The Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome is affecting many people on youtube and social media these day and I am sure people will continue to enable and help these hoaxers in a need to fit it..

Known as the “ketchup bandit” and the “cheeseburger head” and also for his vile trolling and constant drama posts this man is embarrassing Honest Researchers everywhere.  When will his hoaxing stop, his channel appeared in mid Dec 17 and by March 18 he has had 88 consistent “evidence” videos. Egged on by the armchair researchers who support him and of course the well known analysis friend most people know as “the skunk” due to his excessive drunken posts, endless fake empty profiles trolling anyone who points out this Emperor’s new clothes are simply fake.

This man makes constant comments on your channel until you respond then he does the usual jobless no skilled benefit work dodgers default setting of “im being bullied” how low will the man lower himself.  His claims of “service to his country are ludacris. No soldier worth his salt would stoop below the bar as consistently as this man.  Woman are his main target.  For men are far above him.  As he visits a busy noisy wood and pretends its the wilds of Ireland.  I wonder if the benefit office know about his constant trips to the woods????????


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