“BLACK SHUCK: HELLHOUND OF ENGLAND” and 3 More True Paranormal Stories!

Weird Darkness Podcast

IN THIS EPISODE: For centuries people in Britain have been reporting a large black beast terrorizing the countryside, killing the innocent – even now in the 21st century. Is the Black Shuck legend a ghost-hound, a huge stray dog – or perhaps an escaped panther? Maybe a werewolf? Or could it be a true-to-life hound from the fires of hell?

(The Hellhound of England) *** A camping trip for young boys turns dark after a night of ghost stories that somehow come to life.

(Shadows On The Cliff) *** A man goes hunting for hares in Australia – and encounters a large hairy beast instead.

(The Gorillas of Eden) *** A young boy lovingly takes care of his grandmother every day – and strange happenings in her house don’t stop him.

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