Black Weir Pond Epping Forest 1974. Two Boys Have a Terrifying Experience


One of the Witnesses to the British Bigfoot/Wildman has today made a video of his account in Epping Forest in 1974.  NE Wildman Research had an experience back then with a friend when they were fishing in the Blackweir pond area. Known to locals as The Lost Pond or even The Suicide Pond it is an eerie place to be in the daytime, let alone at night with only a pocket knife for protection.

NE Wildman Research: The Lost Ponds is a strange place at the best of times, I have been to that area so many times as a boy with my friends, we would fish late or just play as boys do coming home when we were hungry, there was a weird feeling to this place even in the day but this night it got weirder still.  The lost pond is in the area of Loughton Camp within Epping Forest, one of the old Hill forts from ancient times.

The proper name for the water source was the  Blackweir Pond, but it was known to us locals as the Lost Pond because it is hidden away in the middle of the forest in a hard location to get into and it is not visible to any passers by, there are large trees and bushes all around it, so that’s how it got its name but not its reputation.  Even the pond itself has an eerie feel  It was strange circular-ish pond where we used to fish at night for carp.  I say strange because it had a local and well told reputation at school as the suicide pond,  it always feel dark and solemn when your there to be honest, and its said normal sane individuals would inexplicably be overcome with grief or sadness and throw themselves into the waters and drown themselves for no reason, well that was the local story at least, but we were not deterred from fishing as it was a good little spot, quiet and out of the way. Not many people fished it other than us so it was always a place we would head too, there and “the gravels” were our two favourite spots.

.On one of these fishing trips we had headed to the pond and fished for a while and it had gotten to late in the evening, it would have been back in the mid 1970s, and we had encamped on the bank of the pond, in an area of clear gravel and a little away from the forest (as its much easier to cast off), we placed  the fishing umbrellas behind us to form a wind break and preserve some warmth as it was getting cold.  So we bait and then cast off, the floats are in the water and we were sat with our torches shining on them in the hopes of a bob or two.  We fished for a couple of hours chatting away about this and that, feeling fine and enjoying ourselves.  Not much was happening except for the odd small nibble from crucian carp that the pond held.

We were sitting there in the quiet with just the gentle bob that could be heard and the woods were quiet when from behind us there was a noise and it was coming out of the forest, there came a loud shuffle in the leaves, like a loud Thump or a heavy Thud!, and then Thump Thud again, as we listened we heard a really loud extremely heavy thud!  Then after a second there was another another Thump! and then one after another they seemed to be getting closer to us each time.  The next Thud was the scariest of all as this time it wasn’t leaves we heard but you could hear the sound of gravel being crunched, so whatever  “It” was had it come out of the forest and was heading to us getting closer all the time. The steps were about a second and a half apart. Thud! Thump! Thud!

As strange as this may sound, it sounded to me at the time as though a very heavy man had “hopped” out of the forest and was hopping towards us. Or something very heavy on two legs unseen was coming our way? We were looking at each other dumbfounded with a mix of fear and annoyance at first that this might be one of the Epping Forest “Perves” that so many tales circulated about and this place is known for old murders and strange ghostly tales, so we grabbed the torches and rod rest as that’s all we had really to defend ourselves with except some tiny sheaf knives for cutting the line, so they would have to do as “weapons” and we both stepped out from the umbrellas at the same time in a show of strength to do battle in best Schoolboy tradition. After the count of Three 1,, 2,, 3 we both Jump from behind the umbrellas ready to attack.  But there was nobody there. Nobody running back to the trees trying to hide, no sign of anyone just empty space where ever we looked?  There was no sign that anybody had been there and no sound from the surrounding forest to indicate that someone was running back that way escaping from us. What could be that heavy and yet vanish that quickly and silently.

We’d had enough at this point, and in absolute terror we packed up quickly (faster than I have ever done so before or since)  and ran for it…..well… fast walked through the dark forest carrying all our gear. Our torches pointing everywhere – just in case, bank sticks and sheath knives at the ready. It was so dark in there you couldn’t see what was just up ahead or behind it was terrifying.

I still have no idea what could have made the noise we heard, what would Thud, Thump like that, you could feel it on the ground and it was so loud  Suffice to say that although this occurred some 30 years ago it remains vivid in my memory even now- because of the complete terror that I felt at the time.  I will never get over that night and I no doubt will always remember it and even to this day I cant work out what could have been that heavy to make that much noise, you could feel those thumps on the ground?

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