Bourtonwood Woman Finds Footprints, Was the British Bigfoot in the Cotswolds?

A SPOOKY set of huge footprints found at Mill Dene Garden in Blockley have baffled people in the Cotswolds. Melanie Aston, who teaches swimming at Mill Dene and often takes her dog for a walk in Bourton Wood on Saturday mornings, found some large unshod footprints near the toilets by the car park earlier this month. They look like large Human type prints but bare foot and in soft mud

Ms Aston was quick thinking enough to put her ladies size seven wellies next to the print and they were dwarfed by the huge prints, which she said seemed very fresh. She did look around upon finding the prints, however she could not see anyone else around. “They prints were clearly bare feet and they went over some really rough ground and through some really hard to get into areas? And Ms Aston noted that the stride of the prints was unusual in that there was quite a distance between each print almost as if they where avoiding the really wet mud, trying to step over it” she said. “The Footprints themselves went right down to where the path goes over the small brook then divides into three directions, which is where I lost track of them. It’s really quite spooky and I’m not such a frequent visitor since.” I cant image why anyone would want to walk around in this weather with bare feet, let alone all that rough ground?

Mill Dene owner Wendy Dare said: “I honestly have no idea what it is. The footprints are very large.” Melanie was in contact with British Bigfoot Research Team founder Adam Bird who was able to ask Ms Aston to take photograph’s of the footprints, which she thank fully did. In Charlbury and Chadbury in Oxfordshire which is a short walk from Mill Dent The locals have reported large wild black canines in the area going back decades.  We also have a number of reports of other creatures, audio and strange experiences to name but a few this county is home to the Bellajwu Goblin, The Mickleton Howler, The Golden Dog Like Creature, Pebworth 91 and  The Tiny Weeping Figure Evesham 80’s. They can all be accessed her on the MAP OF UK Accounts

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