Brazil’s Bigfoot Creatures. Many Witnesses Come Forward

The Brazilian Bigfoot known as the Curinquean reportedly caused many problems for locals in March and April 1937.  For three long weeks this “creature” was said to have caused havoc with tribes people and farmers alike.  The owners of the cattle explained that a great number of animals had been attacked or taken by some unknown ‘creature’ which showed great strength. In all over 100 heads of cattle were destroyed. According to reports the ‘creature’ or Curinquean is a true giant, described as “very tall and bulky, with a long shaggy hairy coat, a flat head and a large brow”   With long powerful arms and very human like hands and feet, the footprints although human in look, did show claws or talons within the track.  Some residents of the region report the ‘creature’ as the Mapinguari which is also an upright hairy and has a terrible howl.  Reports and Folklore go back hundreds of years in the region.

Whatever had killed their animals had superhuman strength as in some of the cases the tongues of the cattle were ripped out almost as if by hands said a local spokesperson.  Many people in the district claimed to have seen the strange ‘Ape’ like ‘creature’ and a number of footprints were also noted and measured. The footprints were human in nature and measured 18 inches in length.  Also noted were strange howls and wails from the jungle, not known to the people who have a vast knowledge of the local wildlife.  Generations of tribes people speak of a strange hairy ‘Creature’ that is spotted by people in the jungles and forests in the region. Now no one here is claiming the ‘creatures’ reported are responsible for the strange mutilations, we are merely reporting that some of the local farmers and tribesmen seem to think there is a connection between the two events.  Brazil is also known for Chupacabra reports and many UFO encounters.  Is it the magic of the place that makes this such a strange and unusual country with very weird phenomena or just a natural coincidence between events as the jungles and forests are so dense there could be an undiscovered human relative or new species of Ape the locals are reporting yet unfamiliar to man hiding out within the dark canopy? I will leave that for the experts to decide.  What peaked my interest was the description of a creature that hasn’t changed for over 350 years. And the people in the area have a vast knowledge of what is natural to their own areas, they know the noises and sounds that all the animals make, what they are hearing and seeing is something they can not recognise or identify in anyway.  Which to me indicates an unknown animal or creature of some kind, let’s take a look at the witness accounts and see what you think.


An Apelike Creature Is Reported In Angol 2006:

Mr. Luis B.T., a well-known jeweler and native artisan of the 9th Region, retold a strange experience that befell his son-in-law in the winter of 2006.

Luis’s son-in-law, who is a truck driver by trade with an erratic schedule, could not believe what he saw on one of his usual routes. As he was driving along the road at night almost midnight’ The truck was travelling on a stretch of road he had often travelled. On that day he wasn’t carrying an assistant or anyone along for the ride, so there are no other witnesses to back up his claims or add any further details. He does remember he was driving at an average speed without anything unusual happening and it was an ordinary journey until that point. There were no other cars present so he had an uninterrupted look at the strange thing up a head in the road.  There was a strange ‘animal’ on his right, on the blacktop. ‘It’ was very still and had the appearance of an Ape, with short arms and long legs. He managed to hit the brakes about 10 meters from this ‘animal’ but the ‘simian creature’ did not make a move other than slowly turning its head toward the truck. That’s when the driver noticed that ‘Its’ eyes were sparkling red, and that the configuration or fur on its body was very odd, covered by something similar to short whitish feathers.

The trucker felt a shudder of fear which is understandable faced with such an strange situation and a weird looking ‘creature’ impossible to explain away. He stopped the engine and allowed several seconds to elapse, all the while the ‘creature’ was just staring at him as he quaked with fear. The ‘animal’ walked slowly and crossed the road, never taking its eyes off the driver. As the witness recalls, the ‘simian entity’ was thickset and stood approximately over one meter tall, ‘It’ had a head proportioned to its body and a large muzzle. It made no sound whatsoever. At no time did its extremities touch the pavement and it maintained itself upright throughout, like a small man. The driver was able to get a good look at the creature and kept his headlights on at all time. He added that the creature’s attitude was defiant throughout the event, while passive.

Numerous tribes see Brazilian the ‘Bigfoot’ 2007

RIO BRANCO, Brazil, July 8  Members of various tribes in the Amazon have spoken throughout the years of seeing a giant creature that roams the rainforest. Even tribes that have no contact with each other claim to have seen the creature — known locally as “the roaring animal” or “the fetid beast.”

Accounts of the giant animal are widespread and consistent. Those who claim to have seen it describe it as a part human and part creature that is aggressive toward others and emits a powerfully unpleasant odor.

Two Athletes See Strange Biped 2001

Two men training for the biathlon were running along the forested trails of Cerro Termal and also a gaucho passing through the area on horseback, are among many of the witnesses to the strange creature who locals report to have seen some 6 km east of Rosario de la Frontera, many have claimed running into the strange hairy beast which has been the cause of over twenty reports since cattleman Rogelio Martinez made a detailed report to the authorities in 2001.

According to the established facts, the gaucho, Senior Posadas, whilst in charge of a farm owned by agribusinessman Oscar Férez, was crossing the sector –which is a high and densely forested area –in the early hours when he ran into a strange ‘being’ standing over two meters tall, covered in hair from head to foot, with long arms ending in sharp claws, an oval-shaped head and an enormous mouth with menacing fangs. Posadas got off his mount and reached for the shotgun on the saddle, but the hominid had vanished by the time he looked up again.

However, biathlete Humberto Sosa, 52, who has won over 100 trophies in national, regional and provincial competitions, did not hesitate to make known his extraordinary experience. “We were training with Susana Romano that day and had been out on the trails for most of the day. At around 17:00 hours, we had run down the track and upon reaching a curve, we felt and heard the loud crushing of branches from the hill. We stopped to see what it could be making the noise and amid the foliage we saw ‘It’ briefly. We both saw a large ‘animal’ which looked like some kind of Ape moving with great agility.” “Susana and I exchanged glances as though to confirm if what we’d just seen was a product of our imaginations or real. We remained still with our eyes riveted to the place where we’d seen ‘It’ jump and become lost in the vegetation. We tried to listen, but everything remained silent. Suddenly, all of the birds flew away, as though fleeing from something. And once again, with the same speed as before, ‘It’ jumped“ ‘It’ was like a giant Ape. We were scared and decided to run as quickly as possible toward the unforested area. However, that “thing” seemed to follow us, running parallel to us some 10 meters down the slope, through the wilderness, which is impossible for a human to do given the thickness of the vegetation. Through the leaves and branches we could see its enormous silhouette and every so often could hear how timber was violently shattered and broken, which led us to believe that the creature’s weight must be tremendous.”

Sosa, an electrician by trade, is a well-respected man in this city by virtue of his career, both as an individual and a sportsman. “I had heard and read people’s stories about this ‘beast’ before. I would laugh about it and I’ll admit to not believing anything that was said. What’s more, I ascribed all of those tales to some sort of collective hysteria or psychosis. However, now I have no doubt that what people said was true, since I have also now experienced that terror in person. “It was evident that this ‘critter’ was following us and I therefore feared ‘It’ would attack us. I felt fear for my companion and asked her to run as fast as she could. I told myself that if the situation reached the brink, I’d give my life for her. That’s how serious the situation was I felt. We ran and ran, always feeling that the animal was running beside us, shadowing us among the dense woods. In a given area where the vegetation isn’t quite so dense and the possibility of observing ‘It’ was greater we stopped to look around us. But the noise stopped and the jumping shadow that had followed us had vanished each time we stopped. In the distance we could see that the birds had all flocked together as if frightened by something.” Sosa added that he customarily trains at Cerro Termal in the company of a group of sportsmen. “This time there was only two of us, and sadly it was our turn to undergo a traumatic experience. In my 30 years of covering these trails, I’d never seen anything like it.”

Argentinian Police Hunt For Mysterious Creature With Big Feet 2016

A dairy farmer stepped out on the patio to take a leak and got more than he bargained for. As he stood there he saw to his astonishment off in the distance a ‘figure’ around 6′ tall that was covered in black hair. Whatever ‘It’ was the ‘figure’ easily jumped two wire fences without touching them. The dairy farmer compared the leaps to that worthy of an Olympic athlete. The next evening another farmer in the same area witnessed a similar black ‘figure’. The farmer noted the way ‘It’ walked as ‘It’ moved along, ‘It’ walked calmly, and kept stopping and starting again as ‘he’ headed towards the mountains. Argentina’s Environmental Police commissar and head of Unit Number 5, Marcelo Diaz has quite the hunt on his hands. At first, he assumed ‘It’ was no more than a gorilla or a monkey and he would clear up this mystery quickly. Though how a gorilla would’ve made it to the area without being noticed is a puzzle even to Diaz. None of the monkeys anyone can think of match the footprints found in the area ‘he’ was walking. In fact, no animals come close – except humans. The differing characteristics between these footprints and human footprints is the size. Díaz explained that they found tracks in a smooth area and others in the bush. “They are similar to those of a human foot but we discard that they are of a person by the great size”, which has intrigued the policeman in charge of the operation. On the 22nd of March, ten officers and five experts looked for the strange ‘figure’ towards the mountains. One of the farmers who first saw the ‘figure’ joined them for the day and as they were walking along he heard a noise behind them after exploring for a number of hours. When they investigated the area the ‘noise’ came from they discovered the tracks. Five policemen and three experts plan to follow the footprints found towards Banda Este, a suburban area. The commissioner explained that they will search at night. The reports were all during the evening hours. They will be using night vision devices that will also record. No one can agree on what has been seen, but rumors suggest a Bigfoot, Yeti or a Sasquatch. While some residents of the area ridicule and tease the witnesses of the strange ‘creature’ some can’t rule out that it might be some other kind of ‘primate’ Residents worry that if the reports are true, a gorilla or something of similar size could present a danger to the community and it’s children.

Jungle Guide Tells Of An Unearthly Beast

Samuel is a Jungle guide who has worked on many of the Discovery Channels Mysteries and Monsters TV show. When meeting with some crew members who were filming an episode on the Brazilian Bigfoot Samuel explained that his father could clearly recount what he had been told by his own father, Samuel’s grandfather, about a terrifying encounter with the Mapinguari in the remote border region of Brazil & Venezuela many decades ago. The Grandfather said that he came face to face with an unearthly beast when he was staying in the jungle one night. He was convinced it was a ‘beast’ known locally as the Mapinguari. This strange ‘beast’ had entered his remote cabin at night. ‘It’ was so large that when ‘It’ stood upright roaring at him, ‘It’ lifted the wooden ceiling. Apparently the ‘creature’ knocked the man to the ground with one powerful lunge of ‘Its’ arm, breaking his jaw. He believes he was only able to save himself having had a gun which he used to fire a round directly into the shaggy haired monster that fled leaving a trail of blood.

Geovaldo Karitiana, a 27-year-old Indian, says there is no doubt that the mapinguari is real. He claims to have seen one about three years ago, as he was hunting in the jungle near an area that his tribe calls the cave of the mapinguari. “It’ was coming towards the village making a big noise,” he said in a recent interview on the tribe’s reservation in the western Amazon. “It’ stopped when ‘It’ got near me. That’s when the bad smell made me dizzy and tired. I fainted, and when I came to, the mapinguari was gone.” Karitiana’s father, Lucas, confirmed the account. He said that when his son took him back to the site of the encounter, he saw a cleared pathway where the ‘creature’ had departed, “as if a boulder had rolled through and knocked down all the trees and vines.”

Another, 70-year old Joao Batista Azevedo, says he saw a Mapinguari 20 years ago after a 45-day canoe ride from the nearest village. “I was working by the river when I heard a scream, a horrible scream. Suddenly ‘something’ looking like a man came out of the forest, all covered in hair. He was walking on two legs and thank God he did not come toward us. I will always remember that day.” Descriptions of the beast vary wildly. The body of a giant bear; the face appears monkey or even human-like; trailing a cloud of flying beetles; and a roar like endless thunder.  Some legends even attribute it the powers of the supernatural, and even speech. To see it is to come face-to-face with the devil himself!

But all accounts agree that the creature is tall – two meters, or about seven feet, its upright bulk disconcertingly human-like when it stands on two legs; that it emits a strong, extremely nauseating and disabling smell, like garlic and fetid peccary; and that is has thick, matted red or black fur covering a hard exoskeleton that makes it all but impervious to bullets and arrows.

The word Curinquean was first written about in 1664 in an explorers journal by a Jesuit Priest where he briefly mentions ‘the Curinquean’ to be a “nation of gigantic men who are sixteen feet tall, much adorned with gold on their heads and noses, to which all others pay their respects.”The name is more commonly used today to describe regional crypto-hominids that are accused of slaughtering local ranchers’ cattle, wrenching the tongues out but abandoning the remainder of the carcass. As already mentioned close to a 1000 reports of strange animal mutilations featuring cattle and wild animals have been happening across the country for decades.  Each village blaming either a Cryptid, Alien, or Unknown Creature as the culprit.

As we know the stories of Hominids of unknown name and origin are found in all the Countries the world holds. And as we share the stories across the globe we not only save those accounts and experiences from disappearing over the years, but it also shows us how regardless of culture or faith, hairy upright hominids are reported every day by ordinary people. For centuries before people could tap a button for the latest news these stories were still told, people who could never have met, have the same hairy upright ‘figure’ that lives out in nature and is a mystery to us humans on one continent or another within their history.  Maybe one day ‘they’ will be spoken about in every country as we unravel some of the threads woven within that mystery.  Until then all we can do is collate them for future reference in the hopes of one day solving the puzzle.

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