British Bigfoot Research HQ. Join Britain’s Leading Bigfoot Researchers.

Are you interested in becoming a British Researcher.  Here at BBR we are always looking for new members, whether out in the field researching or just helping out online.  Join the largest British Bigfoot Team and help us spread the word about our Cryptids here in the UK.


A life time membership will cost you the small sum of £3.99.  We also have Emblems, Hats, Caps and Badges.  BBR is the longest running and most successful team here in the UK.  With daily updates of accounts and sightings from all across the UK, meet the researchers and swap tips and evidence finds or join us on our meet ups and chat with old friends and new.

Each memberships comes with access to all of the evidence finds to date, foot prints, images and hair samples collected from all across the UK.

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Contact Deborah directly at

Over the coming months we will bring you new sightings as they come and access to all of the 500 UK accounts.

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