British Woman Tells ‘Bigfoot’ Close Encounter. The Salford Wild Man Accounts

Michael Bachman 2016

England — A 48-year-old woman claims she saw a Bigfoot-like creature at a public park with a golf course and a tennis court in the north west of England. Retired cook Deborah Hatswell told Cryptozoology News that she was truanting school in 1982 when she and a friend had the face to face encounter with the beast at around 2 p.m.. “We decided to skip the afternoon lessons and go and hide out in the park till the 3.30 p.m. bell. There is an old mansion house in the North of the park, a golf course and lots of trees and bushes and places to hide,” she said. Mrs Hatswell states they had been playing around the Buile Hill Park area for about two hours when they decided to lay on the ground to take a break. “We were just being silly giggling and playing around, it was warm and sunny and a really nice day.”

Suddenly, she said, she noticed a “slight movement” on the bushes to her right. Thinking it was a teacher about to put an end to their truancy, she became worried. “Or maybe a local lad messing about. In the split seconds it took the bushes to part, I went from being worried to terrified. In my town, there was no talk of bigfoot or monsters, although we do have the famous haunted Ordsall hall, but that’s about as strange as it gets, or so I thought.” The young girl’s worst nightmares reportedly materialized when she caught a glimpse of the “thing” peeking at the pair through the green vegetation. “A huge ape-man type thing leant forward and just looked at me, from about mid-chest I could see him and he was in my mind a monster,” Hatswell recalls.

Deborah Hatswell Using the Disabled Facilities now on the Irwell Valley Route

According to the woman, there were only about 8 feet between them and the unidentified animal. She described it as a big-headed primate-like creature without hair on its face. “My father is a big strong man and he made my dad look tiny,” she explained. “He looked like an ape version of us, his head was huge, large jaw muscles, hair was very dark brown and reddish when the sun caught it, he had eyes like ours but in proportion to his face, a similar nose but flatter and lips and teeth like ours, his eyes were dark and amber at the same time. He had very tanned leathery skin, no hair on his face, except for his jaw and chin. I could see his shoulders, top of his arms and a small amount of chest, no neck really, he was completely covered in hair, I didn’t see ears as I was still looking up at this point.” As the purported beast curiously scanned the girls, Hatswell decided it was time to get out of there. And she ran, as fast as she could, until reaching her house. “I reacted with fear and I’m ashamed to say I pushed my friend over and took off running. As I looked back, she was up and running too, and he just leant back into the greenery and within two steps, he was gone.”

For a while, Hatswell says she didn’t tell anyone about the incident . She also blamed her friend for “talking her into skipping school”. “We never really ever talked again after that,” she said. But when she decided to come forward, Hatswell’s story wasn’t well received. “I told my mum and she thought I’d just seen a homeless person, everybody thought I was just being dramatic.” So, she says she began doing her own research. She read paranormal books and studied similar cases from the United States. Then, she came across the Patterson-Gimlin film.“‘Patty’ looked very similar, but just not the same.” Years went by and her experience still remained a mystery. And when it looked as though Hatswell had finally given up, a TV show dug up the cryptid memories. ” The Sykesville monster appears, it was so close to what I had seen it took me right back,” she explains. “I was crying and shaking, and I was 15 again, looking at him. At that point I decided I needed to put this to bed once and for all.”

She figures contacting a British Bigfoot website would most likely help her decipher the decades-old encounter. “But they didn’t want to know. They said it was ‘too close to town’. I got out the maps and started to work out how he got there. I’m finding green corridors in the country parks and off to the moors. I started looking at old Woodwoose articles and finding people in the comments who had had experiences,” says the retired cook.

The Woodwoose, also known as the Wodewose or the Wild Man, is a mythical creature present in European literature from the Middle Ages. Critics believe that inaccurate accounts of possible apes written by explorers and travelers in that time period may have been responsible for the creation of the myth. And Hatswell, who was forced to quit her job due to an accident she had nine years ago, has now become an investigator and, indirectly, a paramount source of Bigfoot stories coming out of the United Kingdom. She has collected hundreds of eyewitness accounts. “I met most of my fellow team member this way too, most of whom have had their own sighting and a need to understand like myself. We set up blogs and Facebook pages, expanding the net and finding more and more witnesses.” And it appears that the hard work has finally paid off.

Another Sighting From Lancashire England

By Thomas Marcum 2014

Name: Brenda  ****
Email Address: on file
State: Lancashire
Date of Sighting: JAN 1984
Time of Day: Early evening about 5pm
Nearest Town: Salford
Length of Sighting: 30 seconds
How many Witnesses: just myself
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
I recently read your article with a lady named Deborah, who saw the yeti bigfoot in Buile park in Salford and I wanted to get in touch because I saw the same thing in 1984 when I was 30 years old. I was walking my dog there and it was freezing cold and I was having a cigarette. It was dark at that time of year at 5pm and I thought I was alone in the park as it is usually shut then but this particular night it was open. I was smoking when movement to my left caught my eye.

There was nearby light and I saw this tall thing there. It looked about 6 foot tall and was quite podgy. It had a bit of a belly on it. What got me right away was that it was bare feet. It was then that I noticed it was nude. It had no clothing but it had hair all over the body. That’s when I thought it must have been someone playing silly beggars but this thing just stood there. I saw it had male genitalia and that was when I became worried. I thought it might attack me.
It stood there staring for about 20 seconds and then it turned very quickly and ran off into the trees. I quickly left the park and returned home and told my then boyfriend and his brother but he laughed and said I must have seen the local perv trying to pick up a prostitute.

I will never forget that thing. I did not know anything about Bigfoot and stuff but thats’ what it must have been, and to learn someone else saw it in the same trees was startling. I would never forget it. It looked like a chimp but with the body shape of a man. It couldn’t have been a monkey because it was too tall and it was like a caveman from the dinosaur days. It had a piggy type of nose and large black eyes. It was full of brown hair and it had a human’s face but it was also like a chimps. Hard to explain. I would like my email kept secret from the public as I don’t want hate mail (Deborah is constantly ridiculed and abused, I dont want that to happen to me) but I thought I would get in touch because that lady saw the same thing in the park as me. Thanks from Brenda.

– End Report –   

(Thomas Marcum stated) Notice in Brenda’s report, at the end, she states she don’t want her email public because of hate mail. I can totally understand that and that is part of the reason why people do not come forward. Once you report a sighting, it seems you are quickly labeled a nut or crazy. People ridicule you over Bigfoot sightings and it takes strong and brave people like Deborah and Brenda to step out and tell about their sightings. I get it sometime myself and often times as soon as I have any differences with anyone on any subject they quick point out I’m crazy and believe in Bigfoot or have a PHD in Bigfoot. I guess it just goes with the territory.

Thanks again goes to Brenda for sharing her sighting. Thomas Marcum 2014

Has the Salford Wildman Returned July 2016

Witness Account: I came across your blog while looking for the Finding Bigfoot website or somewhere i could report this too, and thought you would want to hear about the strange beast my husband saw last month, on the 16th July 2016. He was golfing at the Ellesmere golf course in Worsley.  While doing the round he was on the side of the course where the trees separate the course from the east Lancashire road.  While he and his friend were playing, they noticed something walking along the edge of the treeline. They thought it was another golfer but after about ten minutes they became aware that this thing was walking with them, and they got the impression that it was stalking them. They looked closer and saw that it was very tall, about 7 feet. It was hairy all over the body and was human shaped. They said it had a barrelled chest and was very large with a odd shaped head. It looked like a human but wider and with hair covering it. The way it leaned forward they felt that it was either very old or in some sort of pain and had an affliction. As they looked at it, they heard it making a muttering sound like something chattering, like an ape. My husband stepped forward and it took a step back. When it did the muttering stopped. My husband’s friend walked towards it and it started to sway from side to side, and they got the impression it was getting agitated. It clapped its hands very loudly and started making grunting sounds. My husband noticed its hands were very big, almost too big for its arms, he described the arms and hands almost like bedpans in comparison to size. He said it then started moving its hands, a little like sign language. Then suddenly they heard a loud wailing coming from another part of the trees and at that the creature turned and ran away, still making this odd grunting sound. I don’t expect you to believe this story but I swear it is true. My husband didn’t want to report it. But I found this blog and all the similar sightings so thought I would contact you. Maybe you can shed some light on what he saw?


My husband and his friends are very down to earth rational men, But John was as white as a sheet when he came home, he has played gold round these parts for years and years, so to see this was just shocking, he was so shaken up i thought at first he had come across some trouble or mither from someone,, when he explained what had happened I believed everything he said, I had to make him a sweet drink of tea to calm him down.    Thank you John and Jade Lewis for this account.

Figures in the woods Pendleton 18/3/17

Rob: There is area here close to home, that I feel is important to the forest folk and a hidden gem in the Urban Jungle of the North West of Britain.  Tucked away are many little pockets of unused land, thick with shrubs and trees, left to nature and seldom visited by people other than to walk the dog and they usually stick to the path.  We call these the green corridors and it was whilst chatting between ourselves and other researchers, we decided on this exact spot as we felt it had the correct “feel” to it, and all the things we look for when out searching for any clue at all, there is plenty of cover, food sources, and water and probably an isolated area not frequented by humans at night, with the old empty canal working like a secret route in and out, and the marshy area at drinkwater is not for your average walker, as the Irwell slowly winds its way up through the Kersal Dale and on to its source at Its source is at Irwell Springs on Deerplay Moor, approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) north of BacupWhere the Wildman of the Peak stories abound.

I went to Area A today and it was very wet as it had been raining for the past 48 hrs, but I’d had a busy day in town and needed to clear my head, so I set off with my young son for an hours peace and quiet.  We were out for a while in the rain just enjoying the day, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a Grey Figure, only for a split second and it was gone, it was across the flat grassy ground to my NW position, I could see it clearly and I wasn’t scared at all but I waited until “it” had moved off before making my way over to where it had been standing as I had my young son with me.  I waited long enough and made my way slowly over the grassy area and saw to my shock there was a ditch where the “figure” would of been standing and the “figure” must of been 8ft tall in order for me to have seen him?  Im standing there in confusion, how can I have seen someone that tall, and where did he go? I can see from my raised position in the area he would of had to walk out and I realise this too is an embankment, and on normal eye level it gives the illusion of flatness.   As I went to point this out to my son, there was high wail, a long drawn out ooooohhhhhhhh and the crows set off flying and squawking in unison. My son said he had also seen a figure too, and I assumed he meant the one I had been looking at, but on comparing notes I realised the figure he had seen was dark and smaller?  The crows continued to make a ruckus and we set off back to the car, not scared but a little confused and the adrenaline was rushing.
The area itself was off the canal and wooded, it not quite dusk and although wet and misty I had good light as it was only around 5pm, I found a spot within the small wood, where a circle of pine trees grew, and in the middle of the circle was this tree, a small Oak tree just there by itself, this little spot felt magical in a way and the tree seemed significant or important to me somehow, and I did feel watched. It was almost like lots of unseen figures were around me, and it felt like they were just moving silently all around us, although I couldn’t see them it was something I felt strongly about, neither myself or my son felt in any danger and to be honest it was an uplifting experience. I will be returning to the area again and hope for many more interactions.

There are three more accounts from this area but the witnesses are not prepared to go public, needless to say, Buile Hill, Drinkwater, Ellesmere, Clifton Country park and ofcourse the Irwell Valley Country Park seem to be home to a large upright hairy Wild Man of some kind.  It is certainly an area worth visiting if you are interested in the British Bigfoot or Salford Wild Man accounts.  There are also underground river and canal tunnels such as the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal Tunnel underneath the Great Northern which joins the Rochdale Canal and River Irwell. (see above)
Artwork by Deborah Hatswell and Warren Port
Original sources for accounts. The Crypto Crew
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