Bush Crafting in Hensol forest. A night of Stalking and Shadowing

There are more researchers than people realise, split across differing social platforms, that are out looking and making note of strange experiences and finds they come across. I am often asked if I do this work alone, and many are surprised when I tell them of hundreds of new people who work quietly in the background, searching online or out in the woods and the community is growing daily.. As we reach out into other subjects like Bush craft and Wild Camping we tap into another source, a source of people used to being out there in the “wild” used to the noises and finds that are natural, as you will see from the reports I will release this week, we are being contacted by them, everyday a new witness from the outdoors community comes forward. This is just one of the seven reports I have taken this week alone.

Hello Deborah, I wanted to get in touch as something happened today whilst I was out Bush crafting in Hensol forest. There have been recent reports in the surrounding area of “Big dog attacks” on local livestock leaving many farmers worried. Its an area I like to camp out in, the forest is dense and thick with Spruce.
So I set up camp in a local spruce forest today with the aim of making myself some lunch and relaxing in natures banquets. It was about an hour in and I was having a good time by the fire, doing some carving and making some food. When suddenly the mood changed and I felt like I was being watched, I couldn’t shake the feeling.
I looked up to see a shadow move from tree to tree. I thought it was my friend playing tricks on me but alas as it turns out it was not. I kept watch and nothing happened, my friend didn’t walk in, but the feeling didn’t shift, it still felt like “someone” was in the trees and would pop out and shout “peepo” at any moment, I kept waiting and nothing, then in the opposite direction of the first shadow and about 10 minutes after another shadow darted across the wood land, this movement was in the trees so I couldn’t make them out clearly.
I was convinced it was my friend, who should be walking in at any moment, we had the same co-ordinates, and both walked in a taped marked out route in to the area, we have a set plan for this, and we normally communicate with a whistle, so we can meet up, whoever gets in first sets up the camp. So I kept waiting for him to finally come out of the trees laughing. Or at least hear his whistle or him trampling in,, it didn’t happen? In the end I just got on with making camp
I then felt watched again, I wasn’t looking into the trees at this point, and my head was down blowing into the fire. I just could not shake the feeling I was being watched from within the trees, I’m used to animal noises, and fleeting quick glimpses, animals move swiftly in nature, and its rare they will cause enough noise or put themselves to close to humans if they can help it.
When my friend proceeded to meet me he had to been following the path which we had marked with tape. The colours went: Red, White and Green which then led straight into the camp. He told me that he had passed Four trees in the red zone, when all of a sudden the atmosphere changed and he to started feeling as he put it “Stalked”. He described a similar feeling to me, knowing you are being watched, but not knowing who or where the feeling is coming from. Luckily I then heard his whistle so i presumed he would come in and mention at least how clever he was at scaring me, but he didn’t say anything to me?
By this point he had to locate the next tree (which in a dense pine forest is very difficult) and he began to walk faster toward the camp. He described the immediate feeling of danger and said that branches were snapping as if someone or something was making a run at him. He sped up and began to sprint toward the camp whilst simultaneously blowing the whistle to locate the exact spot where I was set up. The whole time he was hoping it was me playing tricks on him, but I was at the camp site hoping he was playing tricks on me.
We didn’t speak about it till we got home,and we were both a bit shaken up knowing it wasn’t each other. He explained after he had made it into camp and I didn’t say anything he decided to stay quiet about it so as to not freak me out. I must add that we both felt safe beside the fire. Next time I go into the woods I am bringing a bow and arrow for sporting use “Cough”
This is the area we found a suspected print in, on another camp out, bush crafting in Hensol forest. Luckily I was filming that day and was able to film what I believe is a print.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJtcT_ToZvo
For more reports like this visit the Youtube channel.

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