Cannock Chase Meet 13th July 2019 2pm GMT

“When the dark night falls, Enter the woods at your peril, For inside lurks something much worse than the devil. Avoid at all cost this gathering place, Where at midnight the Pig-man roams wild on Cannock Chase….” I will be in the Cannock area on Saturday 13th July. Myself and My Husband are on holiday that weekend and we will be camping on a site about 5 miles away, so I am still looking for the ideal place to meet. I will let every member of BBR know and hopefully some of them can join us on the day. Anyone is welcome as long as your open minded and accepting of other people’s beliefs. Friendly Dogs and Children are welcome and any ability. BBR is a melting pot and we all learn something from each other, sometimes without even realising it. I will of course try and get to Yorkshire and the North East this Summer if our finances allow. Ideally I would love to visit every County and get all of us chatting across the country but I haven’t won the lottery yet.

This is an informal visit and completely free, there will be something for all abilities. I will meet and greet everyone and provide you with a map and an account of every sighting on the chase to date. Feel free to wander off alone or in groups, I will be able to do a short walk but will mainly be sitting in camp with the less able bodied boiling water. I can provide Tea, Coffee and Fruit Tea for everyone for a small donation on the day, but if you have a dietary requirements please bring what suits you best. If you have a camping stove or useful kit please bring it along and any supplies you may require. Some members will be camping over on the chase and others will leave as the day goes on. I will be there from 2 pm until 6 pm as it’s my wedding anniversary weekend and I will be on holiday with the hubby. 41/2 hours is a long time with my condition so I’m sorry I can’t be there for longer. But if you and some others would like to stay later for a look see i’m sure there will be lots of others who would like to join you. Make a night of it and see how the atmosphere changes. A cheap torch or head light is easy to slip in your pocket and invaluable when the light fades.

Don’t worry if you are not a member, come along anyway and see how you feel, memberships can be bought on the day for £2.99 all proceeds go to further meets. Anyone requiring merch or books let me know as soon as possible so I can order them in. I would suggest you bring a chair if you have trouble bending and getting up and down, I usually use a folding chair and that helps a lot and is easy to carry. We can bring blankets for anyone who struggles with the cold, but hopefully mother nature will shine down on us.

People have asked me to find a cafe or pub to meet at, but others would like to donate on the day for travel costs and beverages and just have a brew in camp. To cater to all I will have a handy print out showing all the cafes and pubs close by for anyone needing them. Ideally I would like to find us a car park or an easy parking spot with an easy way in, then anyone wanting to wander into the thicker part of the woods will be able to find us easily on the way back. If you know of a suitable place please let me know asap. Anywhere on the chase as long as we can park close to a wooded area for the slower walkers.

Feel free to come and go as you please. I will leave marker points from the Car Park for anyone arriving late. I won’t be too far in there so we shouldn’t be too hard to find. An RSVP at would be awesome as it allows me to know how many people will be arriving and I can provide contact info if we get split up at any point and provide any info you may need before the day.

Do not worry if you are a witness and would prefer to remain anonymous. I only use names when I introduce people, and it is up to you on the day whether you share or not. It will be an ideal place to share if you feel you can as many others share their experiences. I will try and see everyone on an individual level if possible for a chat and a brew.

I would now like to take the opportunity to thank everyone of you for helping me in this quest. The community we are building together was something I thought impossible. You have shown me that no matter where you are in the UK there is someone in your town interested in the same subjects as you and in some cases may very well be a witness or an experiencer of the paranormal and other worldly subjects. Deb Donate…

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