Cannock Chase part 4. Bigfoot sighting on Cannock Chase. And F.O.I figures for Staffs Area

An interesting account sent in to the Birmingham Mail in 2013 speaks of a strange Human Like  type Creature See Original post.  AFTER recent events worldwide regarding Bigfoot, interest in Cannock’s very own alleged sasquatch has heightened, The sunday mercury was approached by a Cannock chase resident who claims to have had a very strange encounter in the  Staffordshire forest… And a look at the Freedom Of Informations figures for beasts and creatures in the Staffs area between 2008 and 2017.

Upright Human Figure, Staffs 2013

“Last year around June time, me and two other friends were supposed to go to a 24-hour basketball event for charity. Us being lads we decided to skive and go and sit down the lane in my car, and do what typical teenage lads do.
“Anyway, so me and two others were parked up in a little pull-in, down a lane in Gentleshaw not too far from Burntwood, Cannock. We were parked in this pull-in facing the road, with trees either side of us, and a gated-field behind. It was around two o’clock in the morning and we had the interior light on in the car, when my friend in the front passenger seat said he could see something moving outside, on the right side of the car.

“We turned off the interior light to get a better look and could definitely see something moving in the trees in the distance. Our first thoughts were a person or an animal, all we could see was something large moving around. This thing must have been about 10-15m away. (I didn’t exactly have time to measure!) I turned the car headlights and hazard lights on, to see if I could see anymore. This thing was the shape of a human, but stood about 7-8ft, it was hard to tell with it being dark and such a distance away.

“At first sight it was crouching, not completely to the floor, but approx half way and facing directly at the car. It was too dark to see whether it was staring at us, but im guessing it was! As soon as it realised we had seen it, it stood up straight, hesitated and ran towards us. Well as you can imagine I wasn’t sticking around. This thing was definitely not human, it was huge! It wasn’t just tall, but broad and stocky too. I haven’t got a clue what its face was like, or its skin or fur, or whatever it had. It wasn’t light enough.

“My back passenger darted to the other side of the car, and nobody said a word. As it came towards us it was rustling big bushes, shaking pretty big trees, it was just like in a horror movie. I drove out of the pull-in and turned left down the lane, this thing was keeping up with the car, but in the trees. I was trying so hard not to look in my mirrors, but I could see it in the corner of my eyes, I don’t know whether it was flying or jumping or what. “Its strength and quickness was unbelievable. Obviously I wasn’t thinking that at the time, I just wanted to get the hell out of there! I drove to the bottom of the lane doing about 80mph, and it just vanished as soon as I came up to a pub at the bottom of the lane.

I didn’t stop until I entered a residential area. ”The fear was unreal, I have never been so scared, and didn’t think I would ever experience anything that would scare me so much. I felt physically sick, cold and shaky. I just didn’t want to believe what I had seen. None of us discussed it, I think we were all in denial! I completely blanked it from my mind after that, and didn’t discuss it again until 3 days ago, when the front seat passenger brought it up in conversation, and now I can’t forget about it. “I hate reliving it, but I thought I would let others know of my experience. I’m not asking you to believe me, because to everyone else it probably seems so far fetched, but I know what I saw and so do the other two lads. Im not at all saying I saw “bigfoot” but I know 100% this thing was not human. I know other stories say the thing they saw had red eyes, but I didn’t see red eyes, I wasn’t close enough to see. Glad I wasn’t too.

“What haunts me now, is… What would its face have looked like? Where is it now? It must have been watching us, and what would it have done if we didn’t get away?”

The Ranton Ape Man

The very first account of a man-beast in the area dates from way back in 1879, when a creature described as being half-man and half-monkey was seen on a lonely stretch of road at the town of Ranton, which is situated only a few miles from where the Cannock Chase stands.  “On January 21st 1879, a labourer was employed to take a cart of luggage from Ranton in Staffordshire to Woodcock in Shropshire. “He was late coming back. His horse was tired, and could only crawl along, so that it was late at night when he arrived at the place where the road crosses the Birmingham and Liverpool canal. “Just before he reached the bridge, a strange black creature with great white eyes sprang out of the plantation by the roadside and alighted on his horse’s back.” When the man recovered from the fright, he returned home and excitedly spread the story.
A few days later, a policeman came round to his house and told the frightened man: “That was the Man-Monkey sir.”

More than a hundred years later, specifically in 1995 a brief sighting was made by Jackie Houghton, who saw a “huge and lumbering hair-covered creature” in the early hours of the morning near the small, picturesque village of Slitting Mill, which is situated in the heart of the Chase. Similarly, in 1998, the following account surfaced from another witness:

“It was a star filled night, clear, but dark and we were all in the car driving home, happily chatting and joking. Suddenly we all fell dead serious, the people in the back sat forward and we all pointed to the same shape. It was a tall man-like figure, sort of crouching forward. As we passed, it turned and looked straight at us. In my own words I would describe it as around six feet eight inches tall, legs thicker than two of mine, very strong looking and with a darkish, blacky [sic]-brown coat. I just could not explain it and I still get goosebumps thinking of it.”

In Search Of The Wolf-Man Brocton

Another report involved a group of 3 teenagers who, whilst stopping for a cigarette break on a popular car-park near to the village of Brocton (a place that describes itself as the Gateway to Cannock Chase), The teenagers in question witnessed the understandably terrifying sight of what they described as an “oversized, upright, wolf” rummaging through a litter bin. Luckily, at a distance of around 20 meters, the creature didn’t notice them and soon moved on.

Another young lady named Heather gave this account to the Staffordshire post.  Heather I used to  go to Staffs uni and one of the 2nd year students who is a Mum of a teenage boy, we were chatting one day when she told me about a weird experience her son had had down there on the chase.  This happened to her son and mates one night when they were out wasting time as teenagers do, they all went into the woods to explore the place and hang out, they had been there a while when her Son felt the call of nature.  He went off to the loo in the bushes and while he was there he thought he saw a glimpse of an animal.  Just a normal badger because it was black in colour and had a white stripe down its back. He watched it while he was peeing until  it the stood up to about 7 foot in height and her Son ran bk to his friends, he did turn around as he was running but whatever it was didn’t follow him.

The two girls that were in the forest with them giggled at him, and thinking he was making the whole thing up they went to investigate this ‘werewolf’ he had seen.  They walked off into the direction he had come from and to their delight they found it.  Delight turned to fright as it rose up and it chased them out of the woods and they ran back to the house.  The creature never left the tree line, they could hear it in there but it wouldn’t come out of the bushes into the light, so they couldn’t get a good look at it. 

Reading the above accounts it is no doubt not a shock to anyone to realise “something” is moving around down in Cannock and being seen by many different witness.  In 2017 an unnamed source applied under the freedom of information act for any “beast” or “strange creature accounts were ever reported to the Police in the Staffordshire Area between 2008 to 2017.  As you can see from the image provided that the numbers reveal some very strange “references” within 17 hrs this Document was declared “false” as they had checked every single one of the thousands of results thoroughly in that short amount of time, if you facture in normal working hours in real time it means everything was checked within an afternoon? all thousands of  accounts by the Govt representative who provided the information?  In future to apply for this information it would mean we have to ask for if a sighting has happened on a certain, day, date and time, which in essence makes it impossible to reapply.  This is just for the Staffordshire area.  How many other areas of the UK also have these kind of reports?

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