Carmyllie, Bigfoot Creature seen for the third time. Leaves footprints in the snow.

This account came in to me by email, The witness kindly allowed me to share it here with you all.  As regular visitors here will no doubt already know there are a number of strange accounts up at Carmyllie in Angus on the North West Coast of Scotland.  The lady who had these encounters is a well known Scottish Female researcher by the name of Charmaine Fraser, Charmaine was one of the first people I was able to talk to who had an experience with these beings as a child.  It was very validating for me, as we matched each other word for word and sentence for sentence as we chatted, we also had all of the same questions.  So you can imagine my delight when early this year another witness came forward from the very same area.  I passed on the details to Charmaine and she too was delighted to finally have some validation.  This account I feel is very important in not only validating Charmaine’s earlier accounts, it is also rare for a creature to be seen in the vicinity of a footprint or a succession of footprints.  And even rarer still is a winter account.  As we turn to the cold season the sightings seem to die off, now im unsure if thats because we are out less, or that “they” go somewhere else entirely in the winter months.  Very early this year Steve Hevican had some very good results at Cannock Chase in the snow, but sadly no creature was sighted, so I thought as its that season again, I bring you some of the very rare Winter sighting accounts.

Witness: Hello I would like to report an experience i had a few years ago. I never really told anyone about it because, you know, talking about bigfoot makes you a crazy person in some people’s minds, but I just recently found out that there have been two other sightings near a quarry not to far from me just outside of Carmyllie, and I live very near there.

It was during the winter of 2012 or 2013, which if you recall was very intense. In Carmyllie, the snow was a foot deep on the flat ground, and many feet deep in snow drifts. I was walking the family dog down a dirt track that provided access of a stretch of farm plots. It stretches between the main road through the area, and a wooded area further that stretches further south.

About a little further than half way down the road, I saw what appeared to be an extremely large footprint in the snow. It was slightly softened by snowfall, but was clear enough to make out that it was a bare foot shape rather than a shoe or a boot shaped, and was maybe 1.5 times the length of my boot. This made it by my judgement a little longer than a foot and a half. Judging by the way it was orientated, it seemed that whatever left it was walking from the field on one side, to the field on the other, it looked like whoever had left the print was cutting sideways across the road. Considering that the road was at that point maybe 4 foot across due to the snowdrift, and there was only one foot print on it, the creature that left it must have been quite large. I tried to see if there were any more footprints around, but I couldn’t find any. I think this might have been because the snow that would normally fall on the footprint was being blown into the drifts at either side of the path, so this print was slightly more protected as it was being snowed out less than the other footprints, and thus remained clear while the others were hidden by the falling snow.

As strange as this was, I deemed that it was probably nothing to worry about. It could have been caused by any number of things, so I left it and continued on. Once I reached the wooded area at the end of the road is when the scenario became very intense. For detail, the area also had a lot of low, scrubby bushes. With the snow, these bushes could be about 5 foot tall, coming up to my neck. Once me and the dog got to the wooded area, the dog reacted, she seemed to have seen something before I did and began barking and lunging (similarly to the other Carmyllie report).  Before I saw the creature, I heard it. A sort of deep, long “ooooo” sound, which caused the dog to stop barking and start squeaking and whining in fright. Finally, just before I was about to turn and leave for the sake of the dog, and frankly for my own sake, I witnessed this great, big creature rise from behind one of the bushes. It stood easily 3 heads over the top of the bush, and seemed disproportionally wide at the shoulders and neck, and was almost black in colour. The snow also seemed to glint off its eyes, making them pop out at me slightly more than, say, a regular humans would. While the visibility was slightly damaged by the snow, this creature was only maybe 5 metres in front of me, and it still dwarfed me. It was at this point that the dog took off, and I took off after it. I didn’t look back.

Since then, I have tentatively returned to the road, but haven’t seen any trace of the creature. I generally don’t buy into these sort of things, but I suppose something like this only needs to happen once to convince you. Regardless, I’ve never told this story, and am only now revealing it due to my discovery of the other stories. Perhaps there is something in this area that we haven’t discovered yet?

The Medway Footprints in the snow 2010

Witness report:  So here goes. some 5 winters ago I was out early walking my dog before work, at about 5.45am. I took her our usual route which takes in a large field on the edge of massive urban development and countryside for several miles. Next to a moderate sized wood above the river medway. It had been snowing heavily during the night and was well below freezing. It was dark still (it being December and all). We came to the field we usually circuit which as you can see is hemmed in by a large housing estate. And got about half way round when I saw in the torchlight coming from my right a set of footprints in the snow that looked like bare feet. The snow was still virgin apart from the usual rabbit and fox tracks. The footprints continued across the field from right to left. Now my dog was snuffling them and showing an usual interest and was casting about and going a little mental. The really strange bit is that the footprints started on the edge of a massive barricade of bramble and no sign of any pathways apart from a small fox/rabbit run. No snow looked to have been knocked off the top of the bramble thicket. And no other human footprints save mine. I followed the very clear trail across the width of the field. I am 6ft 5 and have size 13 feet. These prints looked a little bigger than mine say 13.5/14 and I tried to copy the stride which was equal roughly to my own. They were broader and very deep but obviously bare foot with the toes being quite obvious. They then went down the snow covered rubble slope that is an entrance to bydews wood. My dog was still acting very excitable and following a scent she found different. I took stock and followed the trail about 20 feet into the wood where it became impossible to find.

Now the problem I have is the size and stride of the foot steps are certainly within human range, tall like me but not outlandish. Why would some one try walking across a field barefooted and leave to trail leading up to the tracks? Like I said it is an impenetrable barrier of thorns and brambles backing onto a housing estate. The photo show the field (the brown bit) and the others show the context in respect to surrounding environs. The trail started from the right of the copse in the middle skirted round it and into the woods on the left. Like I said they just sort of started on the edge with no sign of disturbance around.

Footsteps following through the snow, The Lairig

Alastair Borthwick recounted the experiences of one of his fellow climbers up on the Lairig:   “The climber was alone, heading over MacDhui heading for shelter at the Corrour bothy on a night when the snow had a hard crisp crust through which his boots broke at every step. He reached the summit and it was while he was descending the slopes which fall towards the Larig that he heard footsteps behind him, footsteps not in the rhythm of his own, but occurring only once for every three steps he took.

“I felt a queer crinkly feeling in the back of my neck,” he told me, “but I said to myself, ‘This is silly, there must be a reason for it.’ So I stopped, and the footsteps stopped, and I sat down and tried to reason it out. I could see nothing. There was a moon about somewhere, but the mist was fairly thick. The only thing I could make of it was that when my boots broke through the snow-crust they made some sort of echo. But then every step should have echoed, and not just this regular one-in-three. I was scared stiff. I got up, and walked on, trying hard not to look behind me. I got down all right – the footsteps stopped a thousand feet above the Larig – and I didn’t run. But if anything had so much as said ‘Boo!’ behind me, I’d have been down to Corrour like a streak of lightning!”

A Reddish Brown Creature, Cotgrave Bigfoot December 2015

This account was forwarded to me by Thomas Marcum a well known researcher in the United States and a long time friend of mine, he sent this sighting account to me on the day he received it and I was very grateful that he did.

County: Nottinghamshire

Date of Sighting: 27 December 2015

Time of Day: 1:00am

Nearest Town: Nottingham

Length of Sighting: 3 seconds

How many Witnesses: 5

Any Photos/Videos: No

Describe sighting in detail:
I was driving home, going along the Owthorpe Road, from a Christmas party and was heading towards the A46. I was approaching a corner, the one just before the Eton Park nursing home, when the headlights of my car highlighted something stood in a layby.  It was about 6 foot tall and covered in a reddy brownish hair.  My whole family saw it.  It had dark eyes and had a human face.

I don’t want any help but felt that I should share what we saw in case there was a large cat on the loose. A large upright cat is the only thing I can think of to explain what we saw. My son says it was not a cat but a monster.

Compton Woods Creature Jan 2016

Witness Account: Phil. 

I was out today in the car, a normal everyday trip, I still had my work gear on, and the dog with me, it was cold and windy but a really nice day, so I figured a walk in the woods would do us both the world of good. so we set off on the short 2 mile ride.  I pulled up in the car and went to get the dog out and she refused, she’s never done this before and it seemed strange but I just thought sod it to be honest, I had my model Rock Crawler truck in the car and decided to just spend some time using that in the hopes she would change her mind. the woods is split by a country road with an offshoot that is sided by big banks. I usually go on one side of it but this time I decided to go in the opposite direction.

I was running the truck up and down and generally having fun, for about 10 mins still in my hi-vis jacket and cap and the trucks whirring away making a racket, so I keep my earphones in and just decide to stay out for 20 mins or so, and unwind. Then I heard strange noises, loud enough that I could still hear them. I took the headphones out, thinking it was wind and heard wood cracking, I presumed it was a tree breaking in the wind, but it just kept happening, crack, crack, crash, so im starting to become confused, if it was deadfall from the wind, why is it happening over and over, I just couldn’t make it out. I realised it was coming from the other bank, along the new cut for the power lines, so the path underneath them was cut well back and a few trees had been removed, so I thought it might be workers or something, but then it stopped, and im just about to put my earphones back in and I hear a really strange sound, and I know how ridiculous this sounds but almost like really loud flatulence but much much louder, so loud I ducked as I thought it was an engine or something above me, I have no idea what that was at all, I decided to start back towards the car so I start heading downhill,im running the truck up and down and a movement in the corner of my eye made me look up, and I saw something dark about half way the height of the tree trunk move back behind the trees, it was a pine tree that had been coppiced or damaged as its trunk had split into 3 parts. It was really quick, but I could make out a head, arm, legs, all black not shiny or anything just matt black, and it moved really fast, I was so shocked I just stood there for what felt like 20 mins frozen, scared rigid but unable to move, I couldn’t take my eyes off that trunk, i thought something un-human was going to come out from behind it, I just stood there, I dont think I even blinked, eventually I realised I had to go and look or run, I dont know how I did it but I looked around and found a large thick stick, I was so scared i’d dropped the truck remote on the ground without realising, I carried the stick and circled the trees and there was nothing there, nothing, and then I realised he/it could of walked backwards into the trees without me seeing him from where I was stood. iv been out a million times and today changed everything for me, whatever I saw was not human, it wasn’t huge I guessed around my height 5ft 8 but it moved so swiftly and was gone. The ground had heavy leaf cover, so I couldn’t see if anything had been walking through, but I will never go in the woods again without keeping my eyes out for anything like that again. I did notice in the area some sticks and i have photographed them as they seemed so out of place.

Until Next Time,  Deborah.  Merry Xmas everyone.

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