Questions People Ask Me About The British Bigfoot.

1. Approximately how many reported sightings are there of woodwose/bigfoot/wildman in UK.?  We have 560 approx accounts in the UK so far, many are face to face encounters and the others are accounts of stones being thrown, running footsteps, large branches snapped and thrown, unidentified howls, whoops, growls, screams, wood knocks, walking around camp, hands under tents, eyeshine,  shadowing behaviour, feeling of being watched, bluff charges, to the extent people can be surrounded on all sides and ‘herded’ out of the area, dark quick running figures, figures dropping to all fours and belly crawling away in seconds.  All possible habits of our Wildman 2. How tall are they? The heights listed in the sightings vary from as little as 4 feet up to 10 feet, but that is a very[…]

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