Another wonderful account from one of our favourites writers Andy McGrath of Beasts of Britain website, on the many accounts that come in each day to cryptozoologist and groups almost daily now in the UK as spring approaches I wonder how many more will come in this year?

Nocturnal Isolation:
The most commonly held opinion and theory on the presence of Big Cats in Britain is that they were released by owners in 1977 after the introduction of the ‘Dangerous Wild Animals Act’ and have since thrived in what is largely an island of cattle and countryside, filled with millions of livestock and easy prey species, which are in most cases lacking natural predators. Britain is for the most part an island in darkness, with poorly lit villages and dimly illuminated towns. Even its large cities have plenty of green spaces full of cover where a nocturnal and elusive animal could easily hide out. (This is evidenced by many sightings in cities and large urban areas in recent years).

So, how do we investigate this phenomenon? Unlike most cryptids, we are at least certain of the existence of these animals’, it’s just that they are not supposed to exist here in Britain!

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Flesh and Blood Bigfoot CFZ British Cryptids, Chris Turners New Weekly Vlog.

Im pleased to announce that Film Maker and alternative media specialist Christopher Turner will be making weekly Vlogs on all things cryptid and many of the Alternative Genres. All subjects will be covered and it will include many of the UK witness themselves and researchers who will pass on tips and hints to help you get started. If there are subjects you would like discussed please let us know, in the comments below or by visiting Chris’s  Youtube channel , you will also find many research videos and the Elusive trailers. Chris will also be hosting a Cryptid Conference in May 2018 with many speakers, for information comment on the video below or contact either myself at or Chris at 


Bigfoot Tony outs Teddyboy Bigfoot’s “SCAR”. WARNING – GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!

One of the UK’s biggest hoaxers and a man who has been lying to and decieving American and Canadians subscribers for many months now is finally outed for what he is,, Watch the video yourself and see how you feel.  It would seem that The Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome is affecting many people on youtube and social media these day and I am sure people will continue to enable and help these hoaxers in a need to fit it..

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Sherwood Forest Father and Son Wildman Account 2012

This is one of the first accounts I found when I joined the early British Bigfoot Research Team with Adam Bird.  Back then the accounts were so rare we had hardly any new ones coming in, they were very few and far between, it does show just how far things have moved in the last six years alone.  Now it seems as if we dont go a week without a new account coming in.  

Kerry P: I wish to report something that I saw when I was driving close to Nottingham a few nights ago. I know you don’t have Sherwood Forest on your web page but I didn’t know who else to contact, there isn’t anyone else I feel I can speak to or who would believe me. Im a normal everyday Woman and I travel this road often and I saw something that I can not quite believe.

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Grovely Wood, Woodwoose/Bigfoot/chimera Multiple Accounts 1877 to 2013

I was lucky enough last month to receive a comment from George Prices Daughter and I instantly wanted to not only pass on my thanks but also share her Fathers Account.  For a serving soldier to make a statement that he saw a wild hairy human type creature whilst on exercise is not something we come across very often, it must of made a great deal of impact on Mr Price and I for one am very grateful he came forward and went on the record. It has made it easier for a number of other witnesses from the armed forces to come forward with their accounts also.  Salisbury Plain is an old and ancient site set in the downs. Chalk based and almost flat, the area is not well forested but it does have a small pocket of woods and the River Avon runs close by and also the River Wylye


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Poor Bessie Dunlop the Witch of Dalry. Burned for seeing a Greenman in 1576


In Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft to J.G. Lockhart esq.’, Letter 5, we find an extract from the ‘Confession of Bessie Dunlop the famous Witch of Dalry burned at the stake in 1576’ which gives us a clue as to how woodland spirits were viewed by many in the Christian World of the Sixteenth Century:‘ She further confessed that one day while she passed through Grange Muir she lay down in a fit of sickness, and that a green man came to her, and said if she would be faithful he would do her good. In reply she charged him, in the name of God and by the law he lived upon, if he came for her soul’s good to tell her his errand. On this the green man departed. But he afterwards appeared to her with many men and women with him, and against her will she was obliged to pass with them farther than she could tell, with piping, mirth and good cheer; also that she accompanied them into Lothian, where she saw puncheons of wine with tasses or drinking-cups. She declared that when she told of these things she was sorely tormented, and received a blow that took away the power of her left side, and left on it an ugly mark which had no feeling.’

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