PLEASE Come over and join me at the NEW CHANNEL Over the years as I have collected the British Bigfoot and Cryptid account’s I have been lucky enough to receive and find many a strange tale from across the UK.  Folk Lore and the Tales passed down the generation in stories have always interested me, and I will be sharing those tales here.

From feelings of being watched while out in the woods, or strange visitors inside the homes, The Fae and the Wee Folk, Boggarts and Bullbeggers, Werewolves and Ape men and all manner of Strange and Wonderful Creatures, like the Vulture Man of Malvern or the Woodford Ape or travel across the UK for tales like The Bog People and Shadow Stealers and Sawny Bean The Cannibal of Scotland.


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“British (Bigfoot) Invasion;” Encounter with Man-Ape in English Park.

The National Cryptid Society today released this article.

You may have seen some recent articles on the “British Bigfoot” phenomenon, or perhaps you’ve seen more talk of unknown hominids in the wilds of the UK on various social media platforms.  However, there is a researcher who has been at the forefront of data gathering and mapping of sightings in the UK.  Deborah Hatswell has been researching cryptid encounters in her homeland for decades, and has a wealth of information on those sightings on her website

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Box Hill Ape Sighting, British Bigfoot or Ape? 2012

Box Hill is a summit of the North Downs in Surrey, approximately 19 miles  south-west of London. The hill takes its name from the ancient box woodland found on the steepest west-facing chalk slopes overlooking the River Mole. The western part of the hill is owned and managed by the National Trust, whilst the village of Box Hill lies on higher ground to the east. The highest point is Betchworth Clumps at 735 ft.  Box Hill lies within the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and forms part of the Mole Gap to Reigate Escarpment Site of Special Scientific Interest. The north- and south-facing slopes support an area of chalk downland, noted for its orchids and other rare plant species.

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Morpeth Mystery Screams and Structures 2003 follow up 2017

Witness Statement: Borough Woods is a small area in the north east of england, not far from Morpeth and I guess about ten miles, maybe less from Bolam Country Park, the home of The Bolam Beast, an upright hairy Ape like creature often called The British Wildman or British Bigfoot. The Area has many different habitats to offer and Fields and small woods follow the River Wansbeck and it is an area close to the many other country parks.  I am a fellow interested researcher and work in the area itself for a while now.

So naturally, being an avid FT reader and being so close to Bolam Lake I already knew a number of people who researched here and also who had had their own experience with the Hairy Human like creature people describe, so I was regaling a couple of my colleagues with the story of “the beast” as nobody, except one or two of the local project officers, had heard of it before.  I was explaining the sightings from witnesses to this “creature” and the area itself.

At the end of the first day’s work, we were worn out and heading back to base on foot as it was a lovely evening, we were walking along the River Wansbeck, when there was the oddest noise from up the top of the site where we had been working just minutes before. We all heard it at the same time.  I can only describe it as a tremendous scream, but it didn’t sound like any animal I’ve ever heard before and it didn’t sound very Human either.  It really stood out to me as unusual and that’s what made us all stop and stand still and listen.

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The Ape Like Creature By the Stream, Southway Woods, Plymouth 90’s

Hello Deborah, I noticed your account on the two creatures at Salisbury and I wanted to share something I remember from A long time ago now when I lived In this the South West. At the time I was friends with a Lady who was a medium and very sensitive. She had a young son and he was of an age where he would go out to play with his friends in the woods and fields as most kids did back then. They were safe and happy and came home when they were hungry and tired from a good day of adventure.

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Ancient Humans & Neanderthals Had Sex, Here’s How It Changed Us Forever

Our Brains Harbor “Residual Echo” of Neanderthal Genes… “NIMH researchers have produced the first direct evidence that parts of our brains implicated in mental disorders may be shaped by a “residual echo” from our ancient past. The more a person’s genome carries genetic vestiges of Neanderthals, the more certain parts of his or her brain and skull resemble those of humans’ evolutionary cousins that went extinct 40,000 years ago.” Neanderthal DNA Is Being Purged From Our Genomes… “Another Neanderthal extinction is taking place now, and it’s happening in our genomes, suggests new research that finds natural selection is slowly removing Neanderthal genetic variants from modern populations.” Neanderthal-Human Sex Happened Earlier… “Remains of a Neanderthal woman who lived around 100,000 years ago in the Altai Mountains of Siberia reveal that human and Neanderthals mated much earlier than previously thought. One or more of her relatives were actually humans, a new study shows.”

Frequently Asked Questions About The British Bigfoot.

1. Approximately how many reported sightings are there of woodwose/bigfoot/wildman in UK.? 
We have 520 accounts so far, many are face to face encounters the others are accounts of stones thrown, running footsteps, large branches snapped and thrown, unidentified howls, growls, screams. All possible habits of our wildman
2. How tall are they?
The heights listed in the sightings vary from as little as 4 feet up to 10 feet, but that is a very rare example, most reports state, an upright creature covered in hair/fur at around 7 ft tall.

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The Maid and the Wild Man of Yallam

She stole away when the night was still,

Wearing her prettiest clothes,

Up to the beeches on Yellowham Hill,

To meet with a wild wose.

Fierce he was, and covered in hair,

With a gleam in his ancient eye.

He beckoned her into his leafy lair

With a smile that made her sigh.

At morn she rose with blushing cheeks,

And fled home to her father’s mill.

She tarried there some forty weeks,

Then went back to the woods on Yellowham Hill.

Up she climbed with a green-haired child,

And came down alone from the wose’ wild.

Harwood Farm Figure Sighting and The Harwood Forest Bigfoot Evidence Photographs

This is a transcript of a conversation taking place between a well known Wild Camper who is very well respected in the community and has camped in some of Northumberlands most remote areas and a Farmer who lives in the North East of england not to far from Harwood Forest and has farmed there Man and Boy as we say in the North.  Both Gentleman have a very good knowledge of what is moving around in nature, they are used to the sounds and tricks on the eye that nature can play. Weather can make a mess of many woods, and the guys in the North East are used to this kind of damage, so anything standing out as unusual to them is of course of great interest to me. I am very grateful to Fell Wanderer and the Farmer for allowing me to share this with you guys.  I can put you in touch with Fell Wanderer Or Neil Young if you have something similar you would like to report, as they will understand with not only their knowledge of Wild Camping but also as they has taken a number of witness accounts from people already.

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Severed deer heads found on border road


The severed heads of two deer have been found on a country road close to the Londonderry-Donegal border.

The deer heads were discovered under a hedgerow on the Bridgend-to-Coshquin road on 9 March.

They were found by local woman Siobhan Ryan while she was walking her dogs.

Her husband, independent councillor John Ryan, said the area was notorious for fly-tipping but that the severed heads were the worst thing to have been dumped there.

The discovery had upset many people in the local community, he added.

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