Tunbridge Wells Golf Club Bigfoot Creatures.

AN APEMAN standing eight feet tall and with “red burning eyes” has
been spotted lurking around woods … in Tunbridge Wells. Reports claim that a “hairy beast with demonic eyes” has been seen on the 200-acre Tunbridge Wells Common in Kent several times in the past. According to local community website Tunbridge Wells People, the Kentish Apeman – or British Bigfoot – was first seen 70 years ago during World War Two, but has “now returned”. It states that the last sighting took place on the edge of the woods when the “beast” roared, scaring off a man walking home through the woods. The witness said the apeman was “covered in hair” and had “long arms and stood at around 8 ft tall”.

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Nick Goff hunts for Dog Man Creature at Drakelow Tunnels.

Nick a former Ghost Adventures host visited the tunnels to do a 72 hour investigation in to the strange activity noted by visitors to the Drakelow Tunnel system,  Built to house munitions the tunnels workers disturbed an ancient barrow (burial mound) during its build.

Many people believe this is now the reason the tunnels are haunted by dark figures, stones thrown, evp’s and on occasion half man half dog like creatures have been reported crouching in corners.  Surrounded by woodland and close to the River Severn this is a spooky place indeed.

‘Bigfoot’ Sighting in England, Claims Local Man

A man in England was surprised by a monkey-like animal he says came out of the woods in the county of Suffolk.

Bury St Edmunds resident Geoff Knights says he was looking for “big cat signs” in the Offton woods, near Stowmarket, when the creature showed up on Aug. 14. “I have seen one big cat and several pug marks too,” Knights, also known as Crabtree, said. “Then I heard it as clear as day.”

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Explorer of abandoned buildings from the city of Kursk may have found the remains of a creature about which science knows nothing. The amazing find was made in an abandoned building of his native city, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.


North Wales Little Folk. A Man Dressed in Green. Welsh Pixies

This report came into me through youtube and the witness kindly allowed me to share it here with you all. The account is in his own words and as you will see he would really like to know if anyone else has ever witnessed a similar type of figure?

Witness Report. I would like to report a strange experience that happened some time ago now, I have never forgotten this incident and Im happy for you to share it.  I was with a few friends many years ago, driving around north wales at about 5am we were driving on the country lanes, and right in front of us a small man who stood about 3 feet tall appeared from a bush at the side of the road.

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Very Strange Finds at Cannock Chase


A gentleman who was visiting Cannock Chase in Staffordshire came across some very strange finds.  He contacted me by email and kindly agreed to share the images of the finds he came across that day, “I had also heard wood knocking in this area, it didn’t sound like a woodpecker, a much slower and a heavier sound of something being struck. I would be surprised if it was children responsible for the structure as the location is quite off the beaten track, away from the well trod areas of Cannock Chase. The collection of bones (sheep or deer?) was kind of bizarre too I can’t see a reason for them being there inside the structure.

The old dolls head was found lying in the dirt nearby. The immediate area had a sinister feel to it, quite an unnerving atmosphere for some reason. There is quite an extensive series of old mine shafts under this location. As for the pugmarks/footprints I found those at the Shoal Hill common a site unconnected to the other pictures, possibly a big cat? there was only the one print visible.

The Ryvoan Tarf Boffy Terror 2005

This Account came in through the Outdoors Magic camping blog and happened around August 2005:

This is the account written by the witness themselves, “I had a really spooky experience one Sunday night. I had been out on the Cairngorms alone and I decided to spend the night in Ryvoan bothy which I had never visited before. I reached the bothy after dark and it was empty. I sorted out my thermarest, sleeping bag and bivvy bag and read for a while by my head torch light before turning in for the night. I was awoken at 2am by the noise of loud conversation which seemed to be coming from outside and I went out and investigated with my head torch but there was no-one to be seen.

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