The Never Ending Strangeness on Cannock Chase. Hell Hounds, Bigfoot, and Giant Snakes

The Ludlow Blog reports :

Cannock Chase is an area of woodland and heath land which has been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is located between Stafford and Cannock and covers an area of about 26 square miles. Years ago it became familiar to many people when a series of murders took place here, three girls were murdered and buried on the Chase. Raymond Leslie Morris, a motor engineer from Walsall, was found guilty at Stafford assizes of one of the murders in 1968 and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He is still in prison over 40 years later as one of the country’s longest serving prisoners. However moving further forward in time a series of strange events seem to have been centred around this location known as Cannock Chase, what follows are extracts from newspapers which have reported on these strange events.

Below are a series of articles that have appeared in the Cannock Chase Post and Birmingham Post.

Panther alert on new sightings 1 September 2005

Sightings of a snarling, black panther sparked a police search this week as terrified residents steered clear of Cannock Chase.

Tuesday saw the latest in a long history of panther sightings on the ancient woodland.

Eyewitnesses have told us of a large, muscular, black cat, roughly three feet long, prowling through the woodlands near Cannock Chase Enterprise Centre.

Terrified witnesses fled as the beast came within metres of them, seeming to appear from nowhere.

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The Woodwose, or wild man, is believed to live in Yellowham Woods in Dorchester

The Dorset Echo:  Stated, As Autumn thins the leaves of the oak trees and hazel coppices of Yellowham Woods, the ancient woodland adjacent to Puddletown Forest, just outside of Dorchester, this could very well be the best time of year to spot what purports to be Dorset’s answer to Bigfoot!

The simian-like creature of American folklore, otherwise known as Sasquatch, has long been a staple of the ‘Wild Men’ stories found among the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Said to inhabit the forests of that region, with sightings spread throughout North America however, Bigfoot is now something of a phenomenon in popular culture, yet he may have a British cousin…

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Carmyllie, Bigfoot Creature seen for the third time. Leaves footprints in the snow.

This account came in to me by email, The witness kindly allowed me to share it here with you all.  As regular visitors here will no doubt already know there are a number of strange accounts up at Carmyllie in Angus on the North West Coast of Scotland.  The lady who had these encounters is a well known Scottish Female researcher by the name of Charmaine Fraser, Charmaine was one of the first people I was able to talk to who had an experience with these beings as a child.  It was very validating for me, as we matched each other word for word and sentence for sentence as we chatted, we also had all of the same questions.  So you can imagine my delight when early this year another witness came forward from the very same area.  I passed on the details to Charmaine and she too was delighted to finally have some validation.  This account I feel is very important in not only validating Charmaine’s earlier accounts, it is also rare for a creature to be seen in the vicinity of a footprint or a succession of footprints.  And even rarer still is a winter account.  As we turn to the cold season the sightings seem to die off, now im unsure if thats because we are out less, or that “they” go somewhere else entirely in the winter months.  Very early this year Steve Hevican had some very good results at Cannock Chase in the snow, but sadly no creature was sighted, so I thought as its that season again, I bring you some of the very rare Winter sighting accounts.

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Upright ‘Horned Werewolf’ in Gloucestershire or a humble Stag?

Did a crowd of weed smoking teenagers see a Horned Werewolf in a Glouchester Deer Park?? A report from Phantoms and Monsters was today released. The following is a new account I recently found states Lon Strickler:

I don’t even know how to explain this but I’m not the sort to believe in ghosts, devils, demons and cryptids…but this has changed my mind drastically.

I live in the United Kingdom and live in the countryside. I live on a moderately busy lane and have loads of fields behind my house. 5 minutes up the road there’s a hill, it’s called Cole Peak (changed for privacy) in Gloucestershire. It’s about 6 fields away from my house and 5 minute walk from the road.

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Creepy Mutant Creature Missouri, USA. A White creature with long fingers and face of a pig..

“I saw a weird Mutant Creature as a child” says a resident of Missouri, USA, who wished to remain anonymous. In a statement released today.

“I recently went to a reunion of our high school and met her friend ash, which at school we were bosom friends.

We talked about different topics, and then she suddenly asked “do you remember the beast, with a snout like a pig we saw?” I looked at ash first with incomprehension, then shock.

As it turned out, I completely forgot about this event. I was so scared that my memory tried to completely erase that horrible memory from my mind and I remembered it only when ash asked him about.

Before my family and the ash family lived in the remote countryside, where there was only dirt roads. Passed near the national Park boundary, and the nearest town was 25 miles. It was 2003 and I was 13 years old.

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Mikes werewolf journal. The Mother Wolf Was Watching!!

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Images mentioned in the article can be found here

Werewolf Journal

Note-This journal log covers two field trips done over the last two weeks.

Date- 18.5.2018

Weather- Clear and sunny

Temp- 4c

Start- 06.05 hrs

End 07.20 hrs


Some activity today, in what I used to call zone 2 (Training area). I think it might be Wildman and not the usual suspects. As there was a lot of tree sign  (I took some photos) and saw three Deer,  I also saw something else of which I’m not sure. Firstly I heard some sounds to my left, this is when I saw the deer, so I didn’t think anything else of it, but a few minutes later there was the sound of something moving to my left and it wasn’t Deer this sound was different, so I stopped.

I knelt down and about 50 meters to my front was a dark shape using the cover of the trees and shadows cast by the canopy of the tree, the shape was a lot darker than the actual  tree, but I couldn’t make it out clearly, so I decided to move toward it during which time it moved off to the right and disappeared back into the cover. I walked over to the area where it had been but I couldn’t see a trail of where it had retreated to or gone. During the whole time the birds kept singing which re-assured me, so maybe it was a Wildman and not the usual furry friend.

Date 24.5.2018

Weather- Overcast, warm (It had rained hard during the morning hours)

Temp- 13.5c

Start- 13.35 hrs

End- 15.15 hrs


Today I visited the rear section of Nuney Woods, zone 2; this is where I had seen the figure/shape that used the shadows to hide and moved off to the right from the 18.5.2018. Well today’s visit had a big surprise for me (Photos taken) trees just piled on top of one another almost like a balancing act; really quit a bizarre sight to see. I found two dens and at least one of these dens was in current use. I did my usual sit down and waited 15/20 minutes and the birds slowly went quiet, sure enough I started to have the feeling of being watched from my front and to my left. Normally I feel nervous or have a slight case of the jitters but today I felt safe, not a false sense of safety but really safe (Not sure why?). I stayed sat down for a good 40 minutes or so but after a while I decided it was time for home, overall a very good afternoon.

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Bigfoot In Omaha. “Lets get home. I just saw a real big one run across road!”

Thomas Sewid Reports.

As we know I refer to all of North America as Sasquatch Island. Team member Lucas White on Omaha Indian Reservation just spoke to me and gave his field report from last few nights and days of investigating with gear we sent him home with from Seattle.

Night before last he and his 16 year old son he’s training up went out all night. Right by town they were set up on a road. His boy came back to where Lucas was and said, “Lets get home. I just saw a real big one run across road!”

Lucas went over and heard something and then saw eye shine in FLIR. At daylight he found some tracks and his knife is 10″ 1/2 inches long. See pic.

He played some audio on his cell phone external speaker of Sierra Sounds and got some answering calls. He’s finding they are coming into a certain area of town after 12:00 at night. Remember, many people leave scrap foods out for the Ci’tonga.

The picture of trailer freezer lock shows how probable Ci’tonga trying to open door where game meat is stored during hunting season shows how strong they possibly can be? I saw this trailer and took photos as well when I was on Reservation last year in June.

Lucas is finding lots of activity, but it can be expected on his Indian Reservation. If anyone is interested in driving there and getting him to guide you day and night he’s permitted by his Tribe to conduct his Omaha Sasquatch Adventures. Contact me to arrange your expedition.

I have lots of confidence that Lucas and his boy will be getting us more pics and video. I attached video from last week when the two came across this Ci’tonga walking along edge of field from left to right just right of big tree.