A Very British Wildman. Is this an image of the UK Bigfoot? and the NE Accounts

Many people world wide are used to seeing strange images from across America or Bigfoot faces and Sasquatch images posted in every facebook group or forum, but what most people dont realise is, behind the scenes away from all the hoo haa there are hundreds of people putting time in on their own pocket, spending hours if not years out there, week in week out, sometimes in the worst weathers. Trying everything and anything to get the job done, To find the evidence mainstream science demands.

Some of them have many scary encounters, some never go back in after the experience or hours of unappreciated time and effort, but there is a small core of die hards who go back time and time again, they get objects thrown at them, they become surrounded in the dark, followed back to the car and sometimes even home, bluff charges and out right shows of aggression are shown to them, and they do this because for them it’s not about facebook or youtube, its about gathering evidence to prove what’s out there.  Sometimes if we are really lucky they share their evidence and finds with us.  And today Im pleased to be able to share some images sent to me by one of Britain’s Leading researchers and who also happens to be one of my long time research partners and someone im honoured to call my friend.

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Highlands Research, Looking for the Kilted Wildman. The Walkabout Man series.

We are very lucky to have a researcher in the Highlands who  shares his adventures with us. Walk the hills and Bens with him as he takes you to some of scotland’s wildest places in search of the Scottish Wildman.  Scotland is home to more Bigfoot reports than the rest of the UK, with ample habitat and an abundance of food there would be no hardship in living out the warmer months there, with huge underground cave networks, and mountains and Glens I for one have no doubt, that if the British Bigfoot is anywhere Scotland is one of the last vestiges for them.

Monday’s solo walk. Was Stunning, just stunning, no wind and it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.  Soon after I took a few videos my battery went – the facia of my phone is coming away AND I was too bloody excitable taking photos and videos to keep an eye on the residual power!

I’m devastated because as soon afterwards I found what I believe to be a small footprint at the side of the logging road, one I walked up for a couple of hours. It was the exact size of my Mora knife, width was the blade plus a thumbs width into the handle. I could make out toe impressions at the front and the pinky toe splayed to the left. The spot is just above a ditch with a very small running stream right next it. There is a further steep slope (roughly 4 to 5’) at the tree line.

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Scottish Research Trip May 2018. British Bigfoot Day Investigation

Myself along with Chris Turner, Darren Howe, and Rob Leigh visited the areas of the Sightings and a number of Forested Areas along the River Tay, Before travelling North to visit Isabella at her habituation site. It was a very long drive North but worth every hour just to see not only Isabella and thank her for sharing her wonderful Journals with me, but also to see the site and to walk where our Forest Friends have walked. There are not words to describe how beautiful this area was, and how easy it would be to hide away unseen in any number of thick forested areas, streams, brooks and burns abound with multiple food sources and wildlife. Travelling South back to our base camp we visited a number of the woodlands to see how diverse they were and we were not disappointed. There were many Hares running the roads and lanes, along with Deer and Pheasant, Grouse, Geese, Boar, Squirrels and Pine Martens to name just a few, along with well stocked Rivers and Lochs, High Mountain ranges and rich deep Valleys it is no wonder this area is one of the oldest areas in the UK to have Lore and written accounts of our Wild Folk. We continued South along the Green Corridor in to the Lake District and the sighting areas there.


Meet The Researchers.

Deborah Hatswell: Worsley Area Lancs: Researcher and blogger from Salford in Lancashire.

Gordon Mackay: Polkemmet Area. So this is who I am
As you can see from my photo collection the 2 most beautiful women in my life is my wife and my mother. However I would be happy with Bigfoot in my life to. But they haven’t revealed themselves yet. But I enjoy looking for them and there signs. Am new to all of the Bigfoot community so am looking to learn as I go along. I also enjoy the nature when I am out Bigfooting. So even when I find nothing of Bigfoot signs I still have a go time. Thanks Gordon Mackay