The Night Visitor. A Seven Foot “Ape Like Man” Came into the Room

I was contacted by a wonderful Lady who had an amazing experience some years ago and she allowed me to share it here with you all. 

S: This happened to me some years ago now, and until hearing other people share their encounters with similar beings I felt it was time I shared something that happened to me when we lived in a flat in XXXXX Park E12.  It was my husband’s place before we married and we lived on the Top floor.  In and old Victorian terraced row of houses.  My husband was older than me, and he worked nights on the railway back then, so I was often alone at night. At the back of flat was the kitchen and bathroom, and a really old balcony that looked out onto the back garden, it was in a bad state of repair, so my Husband took it down and dismantled it because it was rotten and dangerous. Before we got a new one, we just had a ladder up to the back. The balcony was above the ground to first floor back door. So this night I had gone to bed as normal and I had a dream that felt so real.

So, my dream – I dreamed one night a few of us were sitting in the lounge, and a seven foot ape like man came walking into the room. We all sat on the sofa terrified. Everyone of us scared to death as he walked around us.  My hair on my neck was tingling. I was whispering to the others “don’t look up, don’t look at him” and nobody did. He sort of circled us, then he melted into the corner opposite the door.

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The Henley Invisible Tree Snapper. “it moved through that canopy unseen”

Hello Deborah

Before I recount a second hand story, I’ll give you some background on myself.
I’m new to this subject after being drawn in by videos on You Tube and on channels like ‘impossible visits’ and ‘sasquatch chronicles’. Something of a personal interest to me are the stick and tree structures as I am a tree surgeon by profession, but not just because of my work.  I have also spent many months camping and working in woodland areas when I was younger, so I would consider myself a good judge of what may or may not be ‘natural.  Im used to weather damage in the woods and natural rot and disease.

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Ben Nevis. Wild Campers Report, Something Walking around the Tent & Blood Curdling Screams.

These are a collection of Accounts from the Ben Nevis Mountain range.  An area with multiple accounts, far too many to mention here.  If you would like to view more of them visit British Bigfoot and other Creatures Map

Footsteps in the Night

Some years ago now myself and my friends decided to do a wild camp at the campsite at the foot of Ben Nevis and walk the mountain the next day spending the following night sleeping rough on the mountain, which I thought would be a nice little adventure and give us something to talk about for years to come.  Our first night’s camp was pretty uneventful.  The second night things changed!!!

Sleeping in a damp cold bivvy is not at all pleasant.  I did finally drop off to sleep but I woke up for some unknown reason in the middle of the night.  As I lay awake I could hear footsteps walking round us.  At first I was quite interested in this, as I thought an animal of some description had paid us a visit.  But as time went on I began to realise this was definitely a two legged creature,  with quite purposeful steps.  The footsteps, by now, were really close – only a couple of feet away, and I started to get the chills and had a massive fear come over me from nowhere, I was on high alert instantley.

The Trail Down Ben Nevis at Night

Given my colleagues were also only a couple of feet away, I had no real reason to worry as they (apart from anything else) are big and very strong.  Eventually I calmed myself and drifted off to sleep.  I remember waking up at around 0:600 hrs with ice covering the outside of the bivvy.  I decided to pack everything up and walk to the campsite for a well deserved lovely hot shower.

The other two eventually packed up their equipment and followed me down the mountain.  Dean complained heavily about my kicking him in the head as his bivvy was on the ground at my feet?  Simon complete with smoking jacket and cravat said he slept like a baby.  I only briefly thought in passing about the footsteps creeping round us during the night, but put it down to being over tired and possibly being awoken in half slumber where dreams can get mixed up with reality and therefore didn’t feel it necessary to tell the others.

Having got ourselves nice and clean with warm dry clothes it was time to make our way back south. The drive was, as usual, monotonous, especially when we arrived at the M6 motorway.  By then we had run out of things to talk about until Dean said “did you hear any footsteps walking round us last night?”  and at this point I realised I hadn’t dreamt it after all.

Ben Nevis at Night

We discussed this for a while and none of us could explain it, Simon simply did not hear it as he slept right through and Dean, to this day, has never given it much thought.  I still have no idea what it was, and, as this was some years ago,  will never know, only that it was a strange experience.

We had a safe journey home and true to his word Dean has never walked up a mountain again.  For my part, it was something I wouldn’t have missed for the world and I look back on that little adventure with such fond memories.  I still have the bivvy bag and have not slept in it since, simply because the opportunity hasn’t arisen.  Simon given he didn’t hear the footsteps has not given it a second thought.  Writing this I still get the chills about who, or what, it may have been.

Trish Haill  Original Source

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Police hunt ‘criminal’ Chimp like creature. Hackney 2002

Police in London are hunting a chimpanzee like creature reported to have broken into a flat and stolen a mobile phone and electrical equipment.
Officers received reports of burglaries at 0745 BST and 0840 BST on Sunday at separate addresses in Gore Road, Hackney, east London.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Only small items of personal property, a mobile phone and parts of a stereo system, were stolen. It’s weird – I don’t know whether to believe it or not

Victim, Tony Morgan stated “The caller of the second burglary confirmed to police he had seen an ape disappearing from the premises.”

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Donkley woods, Kielder reservoir, Strange Figure

I was contacted by Gentleman today who is a regular bushcrafter and wild camper Fell Wanderer, he has been in contact with a fellow outdoorsman P, who was camping with a friend at Donkley woods in the North East of England, this is a small wooded area on the banks of the River North Tyne close to Kielder reservoir. As many of you know Kielder is one of our hotspots for sighting accounts here in the UK.  The British Bigfoot subject is new to so many of us that I thought it might be useful for me to share some of the things that are sent in. So over the coming weeks im going to be sharing some photographs and videos that are sent in to me every month. I think a lot of us have finds or shots we are really unsure about, and sometimes presenting them for analysis can seem very daunting, not only do things get taken out of context or misinformation is given by so many, a lot of us are really unsure what we should do with them.. So the things we find sit unseen by the majority of other researchers. Like this photograph today,, nobody is making any “bigfoot” claims here, they are simply saying, I dont remember seeing anyone else out there that day and this picture seems to show a “figure of some kind” walking away.

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Russian Man Calls Police to Protect Him From Werewolves, Shoots Them Instead and The Russian Wild Boy

Life in a secluded Russian village can be boring, but when boredom threatens peoples’ lives – it’s not funny. Fortunately for a Russian police officer – a man with a gun was not a sharpshooter. Original Source

The police department in the Novgorod region of Russia must have been surprised by the request for help from one of the villagers, who claimed that his house was “surrounded by werewolves.” Despite the absurdity of the story, the police decided to check up on the man. However, when they arrived at his house he shot and wounded one of the police officers, barricaded himself inside his house and continued firing at the law enforcement personnel.

READ MORE:  Be ‘Were-ry’: Yorkshire City Terrorized by Werewolf ‘Old Stinker’

According to the local police representative, Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR) had to storm the building using stun grenades and successfully apprehended the 52-year-old gunman. The man will face charges for assault on the police officer, who was transported to the hospital in serious condition via a helicopter.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The British Bigfoot.

1. Approximately how many reported sightings are there of woodwose/bigfoot/wildman in UK.? 
We have 520 accounts so far, many are face to face encounters the other are accounts of stones thrown, running footsteps, large branches snapped and thrown, unidentified howls, growls, screams. All possible habits of our wildman
2. How tall are they?
The heights listed in the sightings vary from as little as 4 feet up to 10 feet, but that is a very rare example, most reports state, an upright creature covered in hair/fur at around 7 ft tall.

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Afan Forest Journal of Events, Howls, Dogs scared, Structure and Wood Knocks.

This account came in to me just in the last two weeks, and like most of the emails I received it was from a person who is used to being in one area a lot and they suddenly notice changes that stand out, unsure where to look for advice they look online, luckily this gentleman saw some of the work you guys have put in out in the field and many of the things we are finding we are unsure whether to dismiss them or not, there is a fragile line between what is claimed as Bigfoot structure and what is mis-identification or word of mouth? So in the hopes of helping get some answers I have reached out to as many bushcrafters as I can in the hopes we can weed out what is bushcraft and whittle down some of the things we need to be looking for. Like all accounts this is in the witnesses own words as he typed them.

Hello Deborah

I messaged you as I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about man made, or  woodcraft that I have found when I am out on my daily runs with my dogs, these look odd to me compared to normal bushcraft? I usually take them into the Afan Forest Valley,  I make two runs each day with the dogs, probably five days out of seven we visit this area, so Im used to being in the forest, the sounds and usual finds, but as of late I have noticed some strange things going on and some strange finds, as I mentioned earlier I have found some structures and snaps that I can’t put down to the usual weather or bushcrafters.

As I have three big dogs and they are too strong to take out all at once, I have to rotate the walk. So I spend a good few hours a week in the woods and my house looks over the river and into the forest, which is totally dark at night. You cant see into the treeline when it’s dusk or dark. There have been a couple of times when I’ve been out in this area when we were confronted with the strong smell of sulphur inside the woods, it is a horrible stench that doesn’t seem to be from the ground or any source I could find. This week I have found the most unlikely piece of woodcraft, which is a tree stump, upturned by the wind?  which has a pile of broken branches piled against it to provide a small shelter, not randomly like the weather would do but in they had been stacked to lean against the tree. (see video below for all structures)

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On September 5th, 2012, Cryptozoologist Dr. Karl Shuker received some photographs of a possible werewolf paw. According to Ben Coult in England, he found the strange hand in the middle of the road while bike riding with his friends in Durham county. Ben said a number of people looked at it, including an ex-taxidermist, but no one was able to identify it.

Here is Ben’s story: “I have an interesting artefact that I found about 15 years ago and was wondering if you would be interested in me sending you through a few photos of it?

“Firstly let me assure you that I am fairly well versed in the subject, having read Heuvelmans and Sanderson for years, and was recently referred to your website by a friend. Also I have a solid upbringing in local natural history and many contacts in that field.

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