Yowie sighting reported north of Roma

AUSTRALIAN Yowie Research has shared details of a reported sighting north of Roma on Monday.

It is understood the witness was driving slowly to avoid kangaroos about 15-20 km north of Roma on the Carnarvon Highway when she noticed what appeared to be a large rock on the side of the road.

As the female driver approached the area she realised the rock was actually a hairy creature of about 152cm (five foot) standing beside a dead kangaroo.

A witness sketch of the creature spotted north of Roma. Picture: Australian Yowie Research

A witness sketch of the creature spotted north of Roma. Picture: Australian Yowie Research

She described it as having auburn hair.

The witness submitted a sketch of the creature to the research group, which was shared on Facebook to a skeptical audience.

In the post comments, Katrina Ayers said she had lived in the exact location for a long time and had never seen one.

Is Mokele-Mbembe Really a Dinosaur?

It’s not quite as famous as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster—at least, not in Europe or North America–but Mokele-mbembe (“he who stops the flow of rivers”) is definitely a close contender. For the last two centuries, vague reports have circulated of a long-necked, long-tailed, three-clawed, terrifyingly huge animal residing deep in the Congo River basin of central Africa. Cryptozoologists, who have never met a supposedly extinct dinosaur that they didn’t like, have naturally identified Mokele-mbembe as a living sauropod (the family of huge, four-legged dinosaurs characterized by Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus) the last straggling descendants of which went extinct 65 million years ago.

Before we address Mokele-mbembe in particular, it’s worth asking: precisely what level of proof is required to establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a creature thought to have been extinct for tens of millions of years is still alive and flourishing? Second-hand evidence from tribal elders or easily impressionable children isn’t enough; what’s needed is a time-stamped digital video, the eyewitness testimony of trained experts, and if not an actual living, breathing specimen, then at least its rotting carcass. Everything else, as they say in court, is hearsay.

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The Elusive “hidden people” of Iceland

According to a 2007 study by the University of Iceland, an estimated 62% of the nation believe that the existence of elves is more than a fairy tale.

When she was nine years old, Jófríður Ákadóttir was punished for disturbing an elf. Or at least, she believes she was. “We would play in this field between apartment buildings in Reykjavík,” the Icelandic singer/songwriter told me. “There was one rock bigger than all the other ones that towered over the field. We were certain it’s an elf rock, and you shouldn’t disturb the elves. It was twice my size, and with some struggle I managed to get up there. My friends warned me it was a bad idea. And then as I had my moment on top of it, I jumped down and as I landed I bit the inside of my mouth so blood was pouring out of it. I ran home crying, and never touched that rock again.”
Ákadóttir’s story is hardly unique. Iceland is a country riddled with stories of elves (smaller, human-like creatures with pointy ears), ‘hidden people’ (interdimensional human-like beings, called huldufólk in Icelandic) and fairies (if you’re thinking Tinkerbell, you’re not far off). They’re believed to be peaceful creatures, co-existing alongside humans and indulging in the same day-to-day activities, including fishing, farming, raising families and – if the legends are any indication – occasionally lending a helping hand to humans who otherwise would die without intervention.

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I saw Bigfoot in Brazil. Criatura estranha vista pelo motorista de caminhão

Eu vi Bigfoot no Brasil. Mr. Luis B.T., a well-known jeweler and native artisan of the 9th Region, retold a strange experience that befell his son-in-law in the winter of 2006.

Luis’s son-in-law, a truck driver with an erratic schedule, could not believe what he was seeing on the road in June 2006 near midnight between a stretch of road from Los Angeles to Muchén. On that day he wasn’t carrying an assistant, so there are no other witnesses to his observation. But he does remember driving at an average speed without any further remarks. Suddenly, on a particular stretch of road on which no other cars were present, he noticed that there was a strange animal on his right, on the blacktop. It was very still and had the appearance of an ape, with short arms and long legs. He managed to hit the brakes about 10 meters from this animal, but the simian creature did not make a move and slowly turned its head toward the truck. That’s when the driver noticed that its eyes were sparkling red, and that the configuration or fur on its body was very odd, covered by something similar to short whitish feathers.

The trucker felt a shudder of fear, faced with such an strange situation. He stopped the engine and allowed several seconds to elapse, with the creature staring at him as he quaked with fear. The animal walked slowly and crossed the road, never taking its eyes off the driver. As the witness recalls, the simian entity was thickset, stood approximately over one meter tall, had a head proportioned to its body and a large muzzle. It made no sound whatsoever. At no time did its extremities touch the pavement and it maintained itself upright throughout, like a small man.

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Did a Trail Camera Catch a Picture of Bigfoot?

The Crypto Crew published a very interesting image of a strange creature in the snow.  Titled Did a Trail Camera Catch a Picture of Bigfoot?

Thomas Marcum states “I ran across this rather interesting trail camera photo today. There appears to be a black upright figure in the image. I do not know very much about this picture or who for sure it belongs to. The only name I could find associated with it was an Amanda Young”

Could this be a real Bigfoot? or is it just something else. I will attempt to enhance the picture and tell you more about the back story, even though I don’t know much about it.   So, apparently this was taken somewhere in northeast Ohio. It was from some kind of hunting club and one of the members captured this image on trail camera. It is my understanding it was captured in December, I’m guessing, of 2017. The picture was share and finally made it’s way online. I had never seen the picture before today.

Here is my attempt at some enhancements.

First I just zoomed in on the figure and sharpened the edges. There appears to be a head,shoulder, and arms. We really can’t see any legs, maybe it was crouched down?


Next I did a re index of the image. This show us that the color of the figure is uniform.  It also gives us a little hint of possible legs. As for the face, it could just be the snow causing it to look like two eyes and a nose in the picture.

I zoomed in a bit more and sharpened the photo. It appears the figure is sitting down. It could be just snow but it looks like two white eyes and a downward turned mouth. Could it be a hunter in a face mask on?

One last enhancement. I inverted the colors, it kind of makes an negative image of the picture. If you look it appears the legs are in an awkward position or possibly sitting with the legs crossed. You can see a bit more of the shape of the left arm.

Now I have no idea if this is an image of a real Bigfoot or if it is a hunter  If you have more information on this possible game camera image of a Bigfoot, then please let us know.