Child witnesses to the British Bigfoot.

Plas Dol Y Moch Giant Ape Creature 1966

Ray Moore Witness Account: Plas Dol Y Moch outward Bound centre.

It would have been about April May 1966 not too cold not quite summer, I was 13. It was my school’s turn for the third year to have Plas Dol Y Moch outward Bound centre for a week, it had been gifted to Coventry Council by an old widow for disadvantaged kids to allow them to experience the wilds of the countryside and is still functioning to this day.

We would go canoeing, rock-climbing, abseiling and all that stuff, it was great. Also we were taught Orienteering, finding our way in the dark through woods using a map and compass.

So this night we were paired up and given instructions on how to use them to navigate the woods at the back of the Centre (which was a huge Manor House affair) me and my mate were first to set off through the woods, it didn’t take long to get through maybe half an hour. So we come to the path that leads back to the centre down a steep slope, this is when something very big came crashing through the trees and bushes to our right, me and my mate just stopped dead still and looked at it, it was sort of roaring as I remember, it was like a huge black shadow, it was that fast, but you could tell it was thick and bulky. We just dropped all our maps and stuff and ran like hell back to the centre and aroused all the staff to what had just happened. The funny thing is they believed us straight away and called the police, not once did they show any doubt at what we were telling them especially as my mate described it as a giant ape, the police questioned us very sympathetically and organised a search, I don’t know what happened to all the kids about to follow us through the woods, in fact we never really talked about it, strange as it seems.

I or my mate back the had never heard of Bigfoot or any such things but I did have a deep interest in UFOs as I had stood underneath a large golden one when I was about eight or nine.

The previous day we were all taken to a local church to see a giant hand print left in a rock said to have been thrown at the congregation as they left Sunday mass, we all took turns in putting our hands into the print to gauge the size, as I remember it was pretty big, this place took me years to find out the name of the village and church its Maentwrog, Twrog’s Stone!!

The Henfield Humanoid Thing (did he throw a squirrel at us) 1990

It was September 1990 and I was around 16 years old. It was the 40th birthday party of the mother of my best friend. They were caravaners who camped often and had obtained use of a field behind a pub to put up tents, caravans, BBQ etc for the weekend. The pub has quite a large beer garden so the field would have been quite a way behind the pub, very near to the River Adur.

My parents were also attending the party but I was actually staying the night with my friend in an awning attached to her parents’ caravan. I will admit we did consume some alcohol (underage obviously!) earlier on in the evening but it was lemonade mostly and by the time the incident happened I was completely sober. I have an exceptional memory for silly small details and can remember the evening very well, even down to the white cut off jeans I was wearing that were from Gap in Brighton and also a flowery shirt that I got caught on some brambles in a ditch and ripped the back open.  After my friend and I had settled down for the night – giggling and talking as girlies do – we heard some commotion outside of the awning. We heard a few twigs and things falling down on the canvas tent roof. It was a bit scary as it was very late and very dark.

We then heard an animalistic growling sort of noise and a large thump and sort of squeak. It sounded like a small animal being thrown at the roof and immediately afterwards (bare with me on this one) I thought of that episode of Blackadder the Third with Amy the female highwayman-type who hates squirrels and shoots one out of a tree and it squeaks as it falls. I even joked and said to my friend ‘that sounded like a squirrel hitting the roof’. When I looked outside I saw someone/something standing up a tree with its arms above its head. It was a very dark, very broad with a humanoid shape and I could just see one continual colour of darkness ie: couldn’t see clothing, no visible eyesor facial features etc, just the outline of a broad shouldered human shaped thing up a tree. I am short sighted though so would not have been able to see detail like hair. I just remember it being very dark in colour and it emitted a sort of guttural sound that sounded like ‘wer’ (to rhyme with ‘her’).

There were other people camping in the field and it could have been someone maybe playing a joke but it really didn’t look like a ‘normal person’ to me. I was terrified and immediately stuck my head back into the awning. When I eventually grabbed my glasses so that I could have a proper look, it was gone. I didn,t hear it get down and go.

For me to be able to see it without my glasses must have meant it was pretty big and relatively near, but distance is not my forte I am afraid! My friend asked what it was but this is where my memory fails me (which is unusual for me) as I cannot remember whether she looked too or relied on my description. I think we just both went to sleep thinking we were dreaming but when we woke we both remembered it.

We do still talk about it from time to time and she says often “do you remember when that funny thing threw a squirrel at the roof at my mum’s.  Its something i thought about often as the years have gone on, and to be honest until i saw your site i didnt realise other people had seen them too.  I just wish i had gotten a better look at its face, but maybe to a young girls it was a blessing in disguise that i couldnt…..

Area check: on doing an area check i realised that although this was a pub it wasn’t your usual local, set on a country road, with many overgrown hedgerows, fields and woods behind, it was quite an empty area and could easily be used moving between the coast and the South Downs National Park.  There are also four audio account of howls growls and screams in the area also.

Cantern Brook Woods Grey Hairy Thing 1980’s

I was contacted by a witness from the Cantern Brook area of Shropshire, who lived in there as a small child, he explained “as children, we would all play in the woods close to home and on a number of occasions my friends (at least 5 that i can recall) were frightened away while cutting and collecting wood to build dens, each of my friends described the same “creature”.  “A huge grey figure appeared and chased them screaming to the edge of the woods and stood watching them from the edge of the trees”

They are very old woods with the remains of a Saxon mill and large Oak trees, the stream is some 20m down a steep drop. No children will play down there any more due to local tales like this.

Sevenoaks Ape Face at the window Sightings 1978

Witness Account J. Smith October 1978 I lived in Sevenoaks, Kent in a street with a series of houses which was laid out in an oval. The street itself has around 40 houses or so and then fields to the left and countryside, woodland for a few miles at the back. The countryside was pretty thick in places with pine forests and then oaks and birches, it was quite diverse. So I guess you could say I was on the outskirts of town.

I was 10 at the time and it was a Sunday night and I was waiting to watch How the West was won. It was a pretty cloudy and foggy and a still night that I can remember. I went to my kitchen to make a cup of tea and in our house we didn’t have at the time double glazing, it was a one sheet glass window with metal partitions so when we had to cook or boil a kettle and it was cold the condensation would occur and settle on the glass.

I waited in the kitchen for the kettle to boil and out of the corner of my eye, a face appeared in the bottom pane. At first I thought it was just my reflection and then I looked again closely. This time the face pressed itself hard against the window. It was a sort of chimp and human style face?  it was youngish I would say. I pretended I didn’t see it, but I was absolutely terrified. I left the room and sat down motionless I couldn’t say a word so I decided at the time to draw it, and did so straight away. As an addition to this, the face resembled that of a chimp, with short snout, black/brown eyes but with human type hair everywhere..

Cat Wood Bigfoot’s and ongoing research. Howls Figures and Footprints

Shaine Winfrow: When I was 14 years old, I was out in the woods close to home a place we went to all the time, doing the usual boy’s games, and on that day I had gone with my brother and a friend and we were messing about as usual for a while and then we decided we would make a rope swing.  It didn’t take long to make the rope swing and start playing on It.  I should say we were in Cat woods in Sheffield.  I have always called it this but it doesn’t show up on maps under any name?  It must just be a local name I think.  Any way we were swinging and making a racket but over the top of that we could hear some thing coming close to where were.  At this point we couldn’t see it just hear it, and whatever was howling was getting closer.  We were looking around everywhere to try and see what it was and then we looked up the tree where the rope swing was but much further up in the tree branches above our heads and we saw something standing on the branches there, it was black and grey and stood on two feet, one foot placed on each the branch, we also saw a smaller one across from us that was the size of small child, we ran so fast out of there we went back a day later to get the rope swing but it was ripped apart in pieces and covered in black and grey hair we never went back there again.

The Ivy Den Creature Sighting 80’s. It had Red Eyes.

Witness Account: Dave and I were about 9 or10 years old when we were in what we called the ivy den at Hackenthorpe in Sheffield. I was sat on a tree swing over a stream when suddenly my friends and brother get up and ran across the stream and up the bank then off as fast as they could go without saying a word to me. Im just sat hanging on the branch. When I looked down the stream to see why they ran, I saw a 6-7 ft dark figure with the brightest red eyes and it was running up the side of the stream about 20 feet away coming in my direction. Then this thing jumped across the stream with ease (which was to wide for anything normal to jump) heading straight towards me. I dropped off the swing and legged it across the stream, running hard. Then I fell trying to get up the banking and as I turned to see where “it” was and it was just stood at the other side of stream staring straight at me. I set off shouting HELP!!!

When my friend heard me yelling he came back in there and got me and helped me to get out. During the 1-2 minutes this was happening “it” never made a sound, no thumping of running feet or no sound when it jumped and landed, this was my second sighting of this “thing” and I have seen a dark figure quite a few times since at work and while driving, “it” was up the side bank to the side of my car.

The Carmyllie Bigfoot/s 81/82

Charmaine Fraser’s Account: These experiences happened at my grandparents property they out in the Carmyllie Forest and we spent a lot of our childhood there, at the farm house, it was very heavily wooded back then and there is a quarry and steams, my brother currently lives there.

The first incident took place during the day when I was sent out to get the newspapers that got delivered to the neighbours at the bottom of the road. I was with the dog and we were coming down the long path that leads to the track running past the bottom of the property and out on to the farm road. Just before I got onto the track the dog stopped suddenly and started to growl, whine and bare her teeth.

I remember seeing the hair rising on her back, but I carried on past her for a few paces ending up on the track. I just thought she had heard a fox or something and that had her spooked.  I carried on to get the newspapers and I looked up at that moment and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,  I saw a large black figure further along the track standing with its back to me.  I dont think it knew I was there or just it wasn’t bothered by me being there, It was reaching up to a branch on a tree, and just carried on as if I wasn’t watching.

It was at the side of the track and was very tall, and it had a thick build with no neck and wide shoulders, it was hairy all over.  I remember standing in shock for a second or two before screaming and turning to run back to the house, as I screamed it slowly started to turn around but I didn’t hang about to see its face. Needless to say my reports of seeing a monster were not taken seriously and dismissed as it probably being a neighbour. I can’t give an exact year but I was around 8/9 years old (This is an estimation as I remember drawing a picture of it in primary 5 at school) so that puts it around 1980/81 and I don’t have an exact time of year but the leaves were out on the trees so it would have been sometime between early summer and Autumn.



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