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(read parts 1-3 in earlier article) All the while Patch is cowering in the back, not making any noise but shaking in fear, we were all spooked but i had to find out what was going on, we had been trying work all this out for months now, the figure in the road, the invisible running footsteps, weird human shaped dark figures, and the dog’s continuous fear. I was determined to go back and look. I turned around once more and parked at the beginning of the prints. Everyone got out with me. Jon was looking at the prints and Rob was keeping watch, scanning everywhere just in case this “creature” came back. I’m reluctant to give a description on the shape and size of print as its been a long time and i cannot remember with full detail. Mobile phones with cameras were available at this time but i didn’t have one neither did Jon or Rob.

All i can say is that they were not your average footprint! As i have lost contact with the 2 witnesses i can only rely on what i remember and having recently asked a close friend who i gave an account to shortly after the sighting, what he remembers me saying about the prints we found. It looked as i remember like the print of a cloven hoof. But it was all messed up like it had been shuffled about?! It was just a mess like whatever it was was doing a dance or something. Yes i know it sounds far out but this is what we saw and experienced 15 yrs ago on a dark lonely snowbound rd in the middle of nowhere. We quickly got spooked and decided to get back in the car and go. We had had enough. I set off back down the lane, past the first sighting place past the place where it had been creeping up on us. Round a left hand bend and heading straight for a dark lane 1/4 mile away.

The windows were coming down and for once we relaxed just a little.
Shortly after i cleared the last bend. The car once again erupted in noise. ‘It’s there! Its fuxxing there’ came the screams. I quickly gathered it was behind us and according to the frantic shouting was still there. I glanced through the rear view mirror but couldnt see anything. The description they gave was that it was stood in the middle of the road behind us around 50-100 yds away. Just stood there watching. It was described as a dark humanoid figure no discernable details. Quite tall about 6′ at least. It didn’t make any noise. It just stood there in the lane watching us drive off, all one color, and human in shape, i have no idea what it was or how it made those footprints to be honest.

We went straight to the pub and didn’t play pool, we just talked about what we had experienced. We were in shock to a degree. I’ve had some scary experiences in my time but this was high up on the list. We agreed it was ‘predator like’ in that it tried to get very close to us, it’s like it was stalking us but also had a more ‘human’ like quality in that it was teasing us with the headlamp thing. One second it was there the next gone, taunting us somehow, or just amusing itself?

The prints are a puzzle although it appeared to be walking on 2 legs. Invisibility??? Perhaps there are things out there that have the ability to so blend in with there background that they become ‘almost’ invisible….a worrying thought. I talk about this thing here in the past tense as after this encounter we didn’t see it again. It sounds bizarre and unbelievable i would think the same.

Until it happens to you


This is not the only account of a cloven hoof print being reported in the UK we all know the tale of the Devils Footprints that were found on lanes and rooftops in the snow, and it is said they could be followed for a hundred miles in either direction. Some were 14ft high up on walls? Although this is an old tale there are more modern accounts of people reporting these strange prints:

Jill Wade was perplexed to find pointed, hoof-like marks in freshly fallen snow at her home in Woolsery, North Devon. The marks were similar to those in the original Devil’s Footprints which have been shrouded in mystery for over 150 years when it was believed Devon was visited by the devil himself.

Legend has it that on February 8, 1855, a trail of hoof-like marks following straight lines appeared in the snow for more than 100 miles across South Devon. It was also recorded that the tracks were seen on one side of 14 foot walls, and again on the other side, had passed through locked gardens, and over houses, as if they were no barrier.

Nearly 154 years to the day Mrs Wade a retired local government officer, awoke and looked out of her bedroom window to see the eerie footprints stretching across her garden. She says the footprints stretched 60 to 70 feet across her garden in an arch shape running from below her window to the other side of her garden. She said: “I looked in the garden and it really intrigued me. It was a complete blanket of snow there was no other marks in the snow at all. I cannot believe what I saw the footprints were in the shape of a cloven hoof.”

Mrs Wade could not account for the footprints so called in the nearby Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ) They quickly recognised that the clearly defined tracks bore striking similarities to those which appeared across South Devon in February 1855.

This is also an account like many others clustered around an Estuary, the Preston thing is a short walk away and i have been trying to trace the witness to that account for many years, so if you know this area, the Preston thing tale or the witness himself please get in touch and i can pass all the details over to Christian.

Sadly Patch has now passed on, and is chases Foxes somewhere no doubt, Christian will keep in touch, and i have passed on all your lovely comments to him.

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