Clay Lane Shadowed through the Woods and a Shadowy, Human Shape with Long Arms and Legs

A young man using The Clay lanes area of Pembrokeshire one night to go jogging, said that while running he thought he heard an animal running alongside him matching him pace for pace next to him in the hedge. He said that such things did not normally concern him but as he ran he realized that this animal was not only quite large due to the noise it was making but also it was very near him and deliberately keeping up the pace with him. The gentleman decided to sprint the last stretch of the road and headed up to the comforting light of Merlins Bridge and when he reached St Marks school and looked behind him he saw peering back at him from the darkness a pair of large golden eyes. The eyes blinked and vanished. Was this just a curious unknown animal or a shadowing creature, concealing itself in the bushes and shrubs along the roadside.?  Also on the same road as the possible shadowing creature, are a number of strange accounts. Most of these accounts were sent in to the Pembrokeshire Paranormal Blog and reported as shadowy ‘ghosts’

Mr Taylor wrote into the blog to explain his situation when using Clay lanes on a holiday excursion. “We have visited Pembrokeshire many times over the years. Pembrokeshire is one of our favourite destinations and we have family in Saundersfoot with whom we stay with. I am very familiar with the area but I had not visited HaverfordWest Castle. My wife and two daughters enjoyed our trip to Haverfordwest very much and we took the road (Clay lane) to the Pembroke Road to continue our trip.

It was not late at all, maybe 8 pm. It was on that road that we travelled up a steep hill and down onto a country road. On our right was a field with what appeared to be a ruined church which upon research was an old house (Haroldstone house). I was tempted to get out and grab a picture of the ruin when my Wife shouted to slow down and in the road was the figure of a person. I stopped and my Wife and two children watched a ‘blurry figure’ walk from the middle of the road and disappeared into a gap into the hedge (left to the right). The figure was very tall and was definitely in front of us. There was no discernible features just the blurry outline of a very tall figure (Over 6 foot maybe taller). You could see the arms swinging as it walked. It was not dirt on the windscreen or shadows cast by the trees or an ordinary person just crossing the road. There was an actual shadowy object crossing the road. It was very unsettling and my children particularly the youngest was very upset by the sighting. I am not one for the paranormal but to see something like this in the daylight with my family has obviously opened my mind to such things. I am ashamed to admit that I did not get out of the car to see where it had gone and the incident happened so quickly that I did not get a photograph.

A little further along Clay lane is an account: From the Paranormal Chronicles website, headed up by investigator Gavin Davies, who has received three reports from motorists claiming to have seen a ghost running across a well used A4076 road which connects Milford Haven to Haverfordwest.“The road, which runs through Johnston has been a hive of strange encounters that now puts Clay Lane as one of the potentially most haunted road in Pembrokeshire,”

The first report of strange activity came from two ladies who were travelling towards Haverfordwest at approximately 7.30pm in the evening. The driver stated they were heading towards Dredgemans Hill when a ‘dark shadow’ ran in front of the car.“The lady described the figure as a ‘shadowy, human shape with long arms and legs,” said Mr Davies.“She said that it was so sudden and she was so shocked that she slammed on the brakes thinking she was going to run over a person. But  the shadowy shape vanished. “She believes that the figure had not made it to the other side of the road and was a ‘blink and miss it’ experience.

Mr Davies said four days later two Women were travelling to work in Haverfordwest from Milford when they had a similar experience.“This time this was outside of Steynton, Milford haven, just after 6am. Both ladies wish to remain anonymous due to their profession, they both stated that after the traffic lights and past a well known pub in the area they saw a ‘tall shadowy figure’ on the right hand side of the road as you travel to Haverfordwest. They said it is not uncommon to see people on the side of the road as there are many workers up at that time of day waiting for lifts and they took no further notice other than how tall the figure was. As they continued their drive they claim the tall figure “darted” across the road at astonishing speed and disappeared into the road. The driver “slammed on her brakes”expecting to have hit someone or something.

The passenger left the car and there was no evidence of an accident or of a person or animal on the road or anywhere near the car. They continued their journey, both confused and shaken up and when they safely arrived at their work place they told a senior college of their experience . Their colleague casually told them that it was a common occurrence and a well known paranormal hot spot and others had seen a strange figure at that spot. The ladies have said that since the event they have not witnessed any further activity but are very mindful on their morning journey that there is something not quite right with that part of the road.

Another person contacted Mr Davies with this account: My colleague and I were working nights and driving from Milford to Haverfordwest. It was about 2 am and we were just approaching Johnston. As we did I saw a very tall lanky dark figure run straight across the road into the hedge! We stopped and got torches etc but there was no where it could have gone. It literally disappeared into the hedge. Some paramedics then stopped and told us about the road being haunted. The figure had long arms and legs and ran very quickly.

As you travel down clay lanes you will come across the ruins of the 13th Century mansion of Haroldston, It is the stretch of road by the footpath entrance to the ruins that is said to cause the most alarm. Over a dozen witness accounts have described an overpowering sense of dread while walking the road late at night. They have experienced a sense that the night is enclosing in on them, that it becomes unnaturally cold and some claim that they have heard their names called from the blackness.

On September 14th 2018 at approximately 10 pm, two people in a car reported witnessing a very odd anomaly and they reported it to Pembroke Paranormal

Statement 1: “At 10 pm I and a friend  were driving down Clay lane from Merlins bridge side. Not far along the road, we saw a big bright white light probably the size of a beach ball about 30ft in front of the car. It was on the left side of the road on a right-hand bend and just disappeared into the hedge. There was no glare as if it was a torch etc, it was just a ball of light. There was no opening in the hedge for a person to have stood in either. When we got home we checked the dashcam footage and for some reason it hadn’t recorded the light event? It was far too bright not to be picked up on a camera normally so I dont understand what the problem could of been?

We slowed down where we saw the light coming from and there was nothing there at all. It was barely past St Marks School. We were Just at the beginning of Clay lane really when it gets completely dark after the houses on the Merlins bridge side. We even turned around at the little right-hand turn lane a little further on to keep trying to find an explanation but there was nothing to explain any of this. The light didn’t correlate with coming from anywhere but the road. My friend and I both vape so we have the windows open. there was no sound whatsoever. I shut the windows and locked the doors quickly after that!!

The light that we saw wasn’t in the sky it was in a person shape, a person head height if that makes sense. When we watched the video back, you hear me saying what was that? Then my friend said I don’t know. We see in the video that he slows right down at the exact point we saw it and there was nothing. It recorded the car drive buy not the light itself but as I mentioned it was far too bright not to have been picked up. All I had was a really bad headache afterwards but to be honest, I was in shock seeing that and It’s hard to know if I brought it on myself from getting worked up”?

Statement 2: I experienced a strange experience when driving with a friend close to Merlins bridge. This was around 10.15 pm tonight,  I put my lights on the main beam and as we got around the first corner ( From Merlins Bridge side to Haverfordwest) there was a floating ball of light about the size of a football on the passenger side of the road about 10 feet in front of us, we could see it was clear as day, we both noticed it, thinking it was a torch or something I slowed down and the light went sideways left into the hedge, it was a full hedge with no gaps so it couldn’t have been a person, I’m still in shock.

We turned around and headed back and did the route again and saw nothing, we went back to my house and looked at your website and seeing the two reports of a white light in the exact same location we were shaking and had goosebumps, I have a dash cam and looked at the footage but whatever it was has not shown up on my recording. I don’t know what this is but being a bit sceptical I am excited to find out!

Do you know this area at all, or know of any strange occurrences around the Clay lanes area?  

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