Colwick Country Park Weird Figure, Heavy Breathers and a Large Reddish Brown Figure Crouched on the Road Side.

The River Trent has always been one of my favourite places to be, I have fished on that River so many times with my Dad who was a very keen Angler when I was younger, and before I could fish I would play in the woods and fields around there quite happily all day until the sun set, whilst my Dad fished from dawn till dusk. There was a place not to far from the racecourse at Nottingham, called Colwick Country Park, it is one of the places I played and little did I know back then it was also a place known for its paranormal apparitions and screams from the lady in the lake who is also seen as a fleeting white figure who roams by the body of water next to Colwick Hall.  Over the decades a number of strange events and encounters have happened in this area with rumours of couples using the lanes being scared off by a strange invisible foe, so when another one came in it didn’t shock me, it happened quite close to our Nottingham Werewolf account and all manner of strange events reported in the Colwick area. 

Witness Account: I saw a totally flat, one-dimensional image of a very bulky ‘figure’ with big shoulders, and a tiny head walking along with long swinging arms, this ‘figure’ was “goose-stepping” rapidly across the trees on the opposite bank. ‘It’ crossed from left to right, appearing only briefly enough for me to be certain that ‘It’ was there.

‘It’ was similar in shape to someone wearing a heavily padded black coat with the hood up. ‘It’ had a tiny little triangular head set between basketball-sized shoulders. But there seemed no restriction on ‘Its’ movement at all. Those big old arms were swinging all the way up and down with no trouble.
‘It’ looked almost robotic, but there was also something strikingly ape-ish in ‘Its’ profile. I was looking right at ‘It’ as it dashed in and out of sight in one-two-three steps.

Do you want to know what it was like? Do you remember playing Super Mario Bros or Sonic on Gameboy in 90’s? That’s what ‘It’ looked like. A cartoon? ‘It’ wasn’t on the walk path, which I could also see clearly. Whatever ‘It’ was, ‘It’ was moving through the trees.

It would seem that whatever this witness saw it was one dimensional in origin?  And also impossible to explain or draw leaving the witness with an impossible task of describing the ‘figure’ he saw that day. Let’s have a look at some of the other strange experiences that happened in the very same area. I chose sightings that have been reported within a 5 mile radius from Colwick Hall.

The Colwick Heights Heavy Breathing Invisible ‘Creature’ 1973

I received a report from a fellow Fortean who did a number of investigations in the 70’s and the following decades and he is still working hard researching online, he shared the following account with me a number of years ago now that happened when he was out doing field investigations in the 1970’s

Weather conditions – cold, nil Moonlight, slight Southerly Breeze. Intermittent rain showers.

Equipment – 2 walkies-talkies, 1 large tape recorder and several torches.

Witnesses – John H. John C. Pete J. Graham M. Ron G. Syd H. myself.

Time of incident, approximately 12:30 a.m. till 12:45 a.m.

One of our team members (John H.) was alerted by the public that dog walkers and canoodling couples were being disturbed by something roaming the Heights at night. Couples or people on the lanes were reporting strange encounters and John wanted to do a night investigation there to see if anything untoward happened.

A short time later, on a Saturday night along with several stalwart Paranormal investigators, we set of for the area in a Dormobile van, arriving there at approximately 11:p.m. We parked approximately halfway down the lane on a short grassed field and we parked facing the way we had entered . There are two small woods, one on each side of the field, the one on our left contained a small quarry. We patrolled the area in pairs, carrying one walkie-talkie and a torch apiece. We walked down the side of each wood as well as the field area itself. Eventually it began to rain, so we set off back to the van for a well earned cup of tea or coffee for all of us, the rain pitter-pattering on the van’s metal roof.

We sat comfortably inside the van, three sat either side facing each other and the driver in his seat. It was while we were discussing something or other, that the driver shouted for quietness. The rest of us could hear nothing but the rain falling on the van’s roof. “Listen”, he insisted. We did and that’s when we first heard a faint but heavy breathing sound slowly approaching towards the right side of the van. We sat upright warily, as we listened to the slowly approaching sound. Passing by the outside of the van the deep, heavy breathing sound blotted out the rain noise falling on the vans roof. The breathing sound was that loud it drowned out the noises of the night and the rain constantly dripping onto the roof.

Reaching the two back doors, the extremely loud breathing noise lowered in height down to the level of the foot square windows and stayed there. The back door windows were approximately a foot from the top of the doors themselves. Something was staring through one of the windows at us and we couldn’t see a thing at the window, not a sign of ‘anything’ standing there but the heavy, stentorian breathing continued unabated all the time. Ron G., sitting next to me and nearest the back door on his right, shakily raised his left arm into the air, clutching a heavy foot long rubber encased torch and holding it like a club. Well, something was better than nothing I suppose, even against an 8 foot ‘something or other’ as we guesstimated its height by the height of the van roof, before it lowered downwards slowly to peer through the window. As thats exactly what it sounded like, as if something around 8 ft in height was watching us through the window of the van breathing heavily the whole time?

This went on for an eternity or so it seemed as the long seconds passed by, listening to that loud, heavy breathing sound, our eyes fastened on the two door handles incase they began to be pressed downwards for the two doors to open. NO……. thank you. I think we all gave a sigh of relief, as the breathing sound eventually rose up to its full height once more and then turning, began to walk away slowly in the direction of the wooded quarry. We all sat dumbstruck and silent for awhile. It wasn’t till the heavy breathing was half in volume of what it had been at the back doors of the van, that we suddenly sprang into action, springing out of the van and dashing through the now opened the back doors.

In our torch lights, the wet grass at the back of the doors didn’t appear to be more compressed than the surrounding rain soaked grass? Yet something had stood at those doors for quite awhile. We then immediately shone our combined torch-beams in the direction of the slowly receding heavy breathing sound, which we could plainly hear, but nothing was visible as ‘It’ continued to slowly amble away in the direction of the small wood with the quarry in it.

Back inside of the van, we discussed the strange situation for a few brief minutes, then, with the van’s engine roaring thankfully to life, we left the field and the night behind us. Until it happened again, it was around two years later when I had been asked several times over the course of a fortnight, to visit the Owthorpe Crossroad’s area and specifically the last field on the right at the end of the lane there at 12 midnight approx. Finally, I decided to go there, being the inquisitive character I am. I ‘phoned Pete, a Nottingham fellow investigator, to see if he would join me on the little expedition. Unfortunately there was no reply to my call, but I was now determined to go come hell or high water.

The weather conditions were a light wind, intermittent bright Moonlight, with numerous small clouds floating slowly towards the East. I arrived there at 11:p.m. A small herd of approximately a dozen horses were gathered at the then metal gated entrance to their large field, curious heads overhanging the top of the gate.  After around 20 minutes of forehead and muzzle stroking, we were the best of friends. All was peaceful and quiet. A tall, thick hedge separated their field and the one next to it which I was about to enter. There was no gated entrance to this field then, just an open wide gap. Entering the field, I walked by the side of the wide tall hedge which separated it from the country lane on its left and towards the Crossroads and the Fosse Way, which again was separated from the large field by another wide tall hedge. I gave myself two hours and then I would be away.

The time passed slowly. Even in the best of Moonlight I could hardly see the opposite end of the field that I was standing in. Several cigarettes later and the time was approaching 12:30 a.m. It was then I heard what I thought was a faint snuffling sound coming from the lane behind me. “Just a hedgehog, or a stoat searching for its insect supper in the hedge bottom” I concluded satisfactorily to myself. However, the sound continued to slowly increase in volume as ‘whatever’ was making it was slowly approaching down the lane-side of the hedge behind me. It wasn’t till a dozen or so long seconds later, that I finally recognised the noise. It didn’t sound like snuffling now, but increasingly loud breathing as it slowly approached. It was the identical deep, heavy breathing I had heard at the Colwick Heights Invisible Breather incident two yrs earlier. My senses were now fully alert. As ‘It’ passed me by on the other side of the lane’s hedge, the deep, heavy noisy breathing sound was once more overwhelming, as it had been as ‘It’ stood at the back of the motor van on the Heights. But this time, there was no van to shelter in and no other investigators on site.

My reflexes and mind were in a turmoil of whether to stay or flee. But I was inwardly angry at all the Paranormal activity my family and myself had witnessed and suffered with since 1968, with no answers ever being given as to why. I determinedly decided to stay and hold my ground, but not without forming a quick escape plan if whatever ‘It’ was seemed aggressive as ‘It’ came moving slowly towards me. If things didn’t look too well I decided I would race across the field and take the long road home down the ancient narrow track at its far end. I based my perhaps escape plan on the Invisible Breather being a slow walker – thankfully.

I stood quietly, my cigarette cupped in my hand to show no light, as I heard the I.B. slowly making ‘Its’ way down the narrow lane towards the field’s open entrance, the breathing noise getting less loud. “Come on, it’s either revelation time or not” I thought desperately to myself, as the Moonlight dimmed and brightened at times as the small clouds passed overhead. It was when the breathing noise was half as loud as it had been when passing by, that I heard the horses playing up. They began neighing, snorting and stamping the ground heavily with their hooves. After a dozen long seconds or so, I heard them turn as one and race pell-mell into the distance across their field, snorting and neighing loudly, their hooves thudding as they went. My resolve to stay vanished in that instant.

Reddish Brown Creature Cotgrave Notts Dec 2015 reported to Crypto Crew

Nottinghamshire 27 December 2015, 1:00am

How many Witnesses: 5

I was driving home, going along the Owthorpe Road from a Christmas party and I was heading towards the A46. I was approaching a corner, the one just before the Eton Park nursing home, when the headlights of my car highlighted ‘something’ stood in a layby. ‘It’ was about 6 foot tall and covered in reddy brownish hair all over. My whole family saw ‘It’ as they were with me in the car at the time. ‘It’ had dark eyes and a human face.

I believe the yellow circle in the picture above is the exact area where this even happened.
I don’t want any help but felt that I should share what we saw in case there was a large cat on the loose or something. This is the only thing I can think of to explain it. My son says it was a monster.

A Nottingham Werewolf, Bilborough 1994

I wanted to contact you Deborah as I have carried this with me for decades and whenever I have tried to share it I am never believed. It happened close to the Harvey Hadden stadium in Bilborough Nottingham. The area has changed a lot over the years as it’s all been built on now but at the time it was all open fields and a nice place to be.

Well it all happened about 24 years ago now, I live in Nottingham and I am a very open minded Person, back then I was going out with a girl and I always walked her home at night going the same way every time, we would walk through a path and then we always walked down a long cut through. We did the same walk every time and we never had any problems, until one night I had walked her home and I was returning to my home for the night.  Im not the sort of person who scares easily, but this changed my perspective on things after it happened and I have never been able to forget it.

I was going through the cut through just minding my business then I heard a blood curdling growl I just froze. I was so scared, then I turned around and I couldn’t believe what I saw, this ‘thing’ I was looking at was about 7 ft tall, with a heavy build and black fur all over ‘Its’ body, now I am 6.8″ and I am scared of no man but this ‘thing’ scared the living hell out of me. I started to back up bit by bit and ‘It’ just stood there and looked at me, then ‘It’ started to come towards me and I ran like mad, I dont think I have ever ran that fast in my life before.

I knew ‘It’ was behind me all the way, I could hear ‘It’ breathing and running. How I managed to get home I will never know, but somehow I did. I came flying through the front door and I was as white as a ghost, my Dad asked me “what’s happened” and when I told him he said “it was the dark playing tricks on your eyes” After about week or so of him keep saying this I thought he was right so I left it at that.

I was so wrong though as year or so later I was walking over the place with my girlfriend’s Brother, it was a foggy night and we were just walking along and then just out of the blue he said “what’s that” I couldn’t see anything and said “what are you on about” He then pointed at this crouched ‘thing’ I literally could not believe my eyes, ‘It’ was moving through the fog swiftly, then ‘It’ stopped, and that’s when I heard that growl again and we both set of running, we ran like mad. I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw ‘It’ and I had convinced myself it was the darkness playing tricks, but not the second time, how do I explain this away? who can explain it to me as it feels like no way can.  I believe what I saw, ever since that night I’ve never walked that way again. And we have never talked about it to the lad I was with not even when I see him now. And I still think about those nights to this day Deborah, it still scares that much. I’m not nuts and I know no one will believe me but I saw a Werewolf and I will go under a lie detector test if you could arrange it to prove I’m not lying.

This ‘Creature’ that I saw was crouched over on all fours and ‘It’ was still huge, at least 5 ft high and if ‘It’ had stood up to its full height I think ‘It’ would be at least 7 ft tall. ‘It’ was very broad across the chest, the width was bigger than mine and I have a 50 inch chest. ‘It’ was massive and all black in colour with longish arms, and ‘It’ was very dark and hair covered, but im sure it had a ‘dogs’ head. I do remember ‘Its’ eyes, I will never forget them or the colour as they were yellowish. To be honest I was so terrified I dont think I will ever forget that night.

It would seem to me whatever is moving around the Owthorpe Road area has been doing so for a number of decades now, and these are just the reports that we know of, I wonder if there is anyone out there who has experienced something close to Colwick Hall or along the Owthorpe Road  who thinks they are the only one to experience anything there.  The witnesses mentioned here dont know each other, they have never communicated at any point, yet all of the experiences happend very close to each other, close to the Owthorpe Road and the surrounding woods and Quarry, over a period of  40 years.

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